Path of Exile: Harvest introduces Oshabi and the Sacred Grove

Path of Exile
Path of Exile (Image credit: Grinding Gear Games)

What you need to know

  • Path of Exile is a free-to-play Diablo-like game on PC and consoles.
  • The next expansion is called Harvest.
  • Harvest is expected to launch in June and adds a new area and character named Oshabi.
  • You can download Path of Exile for free through the Microsoft Sotre.

Path of Exile is a third-person action game along the lines of Diablo III. It features a lot of level variety, customization, and more. It also keeps on getting new expansions every now and then which further enhance the experience.

Today, developer Grinding Gear Games revealed the Harvest expansion for the game. Just like past content, it's all free and there are no pay-to-win mechanics. All of the microtransactions are cosmetic only and add items like skins and non-combat pets. Harvest launches in June and contains the Harvest challenge league and revamps many areas of Path of Exile. In Harvest, players meet a new character called Oshabi who was cast out by the Azmeri, a simple people who condemn superstitious activity. Oshabi's interest in the powerful potential of the land makes her lose touch with the practices of the Azmeri and begin a quest to find her own identity.

Seed Caches are a major addition to the game you can plant them in a new area called the Scared Grove. It's almost like a new activity because you have to grow them and defend them against monsters. There are a number of tiers so even high-level players will find collecting and planting Seed Caches rewarding.

Harvest also brings with it a number of balancing changes and tweaks to visual effects. It looks like quite a substantial content drop and we can't wait to play it in June. This update will hit Xbox One next week, so it's only a short wait.



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