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How much you really pay for those new Microsoft Windows 10 devices

On October 6th, Microsoft hosted perhaps the best event ever in the history of the company. During the Windows 10 Devices event in New York City, the software giant introduced a bunch of new devices more that it talked about its operating system.

As expected, Microsoft unveiled its new flagship of premium phones, including the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL handsets featuring the latest on Qualcomm Snapdragon processors with 3GB of RAM, and of course Windows 10 Mobile, which brings amazing new features, such as Windows Hello and Continuum.

Also, there is a lower-end Lumia 550, which is a mid-range phone with great features. While it will come pre-loaded with Windows 10 Mobile and great hardware for its low price, the handset won't include support for Windows Hello or Continuum for phones.

Additionally, the company unveiled the Microsoft Band 2. This is the second generation of the fitness tracker with a lot of improvements. For starters, the band now features a gorgeous design with a curved display. The new band also comes with all the same sensors found in the previous generation, but with the addition of a barometer to measure elevation.

It's been a great year for the Surface Pro 3 and to continue with the momentum during the Windows 10 Devices event, Microsoft introduced a refreshed version of the tablet, the Surface Pro 4. Like its predecessor, the new tablet is beautiful all the way around. It features the same characteristics, such as design, size, and kickstand, but there is a lot more. The Surface Pro 4 is now thinner, lighter, and faster. Thanks to the latest Intel 6th Generation processors, Microsoft was able to build a more powerful tablet and with a thinner bezel, which allows the company to fit a larger 12.3-inch display with 60% more pixels.

Finally, the company introduced the Surface Book, which is the first laptop built by Microsoft. The craftsmanship of this device is amazing, and it packs a lot of power. The 13.5-inch display laptop has been designed to offer the best performance possible with an optional secondary custom graphic processor from NVIDIA. Perhaps one of the best features is that you can transform the laptop into a tablet by ejecting the display from its base. However, if you want the device to last the claimed 12 hours you will have to use the device in "draw" mode (flipping the screen around and inserting it back into the keyboard base). In tablet mode without the base, the Surface Book battery life will only last for about 3 to 4 hours.

As you can see, there is a lot going on. With so many new products with different models and different configurations, it's time to figure out how much money you will be spending to the get full experience for a particular device.

Note: Obviously, all our math here is being done in US Dollars, and it does not account for overseas variations, taxes or potential sales/bundles that may be offered. As a result, some of the figures here should be taken as a broad look at the costs, but regional variations will likely exist.

Let's do the math

Lumia 950, 950 XL, 550

Let's begin with the Lumia phones. The Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL will be available unlocked through the Microsoft online Store for $549 and $649 respectively. Up to here there are no surprises, but these new phones also support the new Windows 10 features, such as Continuum and Windows Hello. While the handsets come with the elements supporting Windows Hello, if you want to have the complete experience, you will also need to buy the optional Microsoft Display Dock for an extra $99.

In addition, if you want to use Continuum, but you don't have an extra display, keyboard and mouse, you'll have to buy them separately as well. You could be looking an extra $300 (if you choose a 1080p Dell 27 Monitor (S2715H)) (opens in new tab), and $99.95 for Microsoft Designer Bluetooth Desktop (keyboard and mouse) (opens in new tab).

If you want to get the full experience with the Lumia 950, you could be spending $549 for the phone, $99 for the Microsoft Display Dock, $300 for a 1080p monitor, and $99.95 for a keyboard and mouse combo. This brings up a total of $1,047.95 and if you want a wireless charger, you will have to spend an additional $45.99 (opens in new tab) which brings up for a grand total of 1,093.94, plus tax and shipping cost (if applicable).

For the Lumia 950 XL will be exactly the same, but we will have to add an extra $100, which is the difference in prices between the two phones. It could bring a grand total of 1,193.94, plus tax and shipping cost (if applicable).

Note: You can always connect a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse to both phones and extend to an external display using Miracast technology with a $49.99 dongle, which you can also buy from the Microsoft Store.

Now, if you want to go with the Lumia 550, things are going to be a lot cheaper. Only $139, as this low-end handset doesn't support the security feature Windows Hello or Continuum.

Microsoft Band 2

The Microsoft Band 2 should be a little bit less scary on price. The new fitness tracker from Microsoft is going for $249.99, plus taxes and shipping cost (if applicable).

If you're planning to buy the Lumia 950 or Lumia 950 XL and use it with the Microsoft Band 2, you'll be spending approximately $798.99 or $898.99, depending on the model you get. However, if you also want the Continuum experience, and you need the accessories, you will be spending around 1,343.93 for the Lumia 950 + the Microsoft Band 2, and 1,443.93 for the Lumia 950 XL + the Microsoft Band 2.

Surface Pro 4

The Surface Pro 4 is a much powerful tablet than the Surface Pro 3, and just like its predecessor, the new device comes on different configurations to fit customer needs and budget.

Surface Pro 4 comes with three different Intel processor models with up to ten different configurations.

Surface Pro 4 starts at $899 for the Core M processor with 4GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. This is the entry-level model of the tablet, which by any means it will be as fast as the Core i5 or Core i7 models for performance intensive tasks, but it would probably be better on power consumption.

Now, while every new Surface will come bundled with the Surface Pen, users will still need to purchase the Type Cover separately. Microsoft is even offering two new covers: the traditional redesigned Surface Pro 4 Type Cover (opens in new tab) priced at $129.99, and the Surface Pro 4 Type Cover Fingerprint ID (opens in new tab), which includes the fingerprint scanner for Windows Hello and it's priced at $159.99 (remember that Surface Pro 4 already includes a camera with support for Windows Hello). In addition, if you want to expand the tablet to an external monitor, connect to a network via Ethernet, or connect different USB peripherals, you'll need to purchase the optional Microsoft Surface Dock for $199.99.

As such, if you want the full Surface Pro 4 experience, then you'll need to spend $899, plus $129.99 for the Type Cover, which brings us a total of $1,028.99 for the Core M model. If you're also interested on the cover with the fingerprint scanner, your grand total will come to 1,058.99, plus $199.99 for the Surface Dock, which will come to a final grand total of 1,228.98 or 1,258.98 depending on the cover you choose.

Moving up, you can also get a more powerful Core i5 processor with 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage for $999. If you also want the new Type Cover without fingerprint scanner, your total will come up to $1,128.99 (or $1,328.98 with the Surface Dock).

  • The Core i5 model with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage is priced at $1,299 and with the new Type Cover the final price comes up to $1,428.99 (or $1,628.98 with the Surface Dock).
  • The Core i5 model with 8GB of RAM and 512GB of storage is priced at $1,699 and with the new Type Cover the final price comes up to $1,828.99 (or $2,028.98 with the Surface Dock).
  • The Core i5 model with 16GB of RAM and 256GB of storage is priced at $1,499 and with the new Type Cover the final price comes up to $1,628.99 (or $1,828.98 with the Surface Dock).
  • The Core i5 model with 16GB of RAM and 512GB of storage is priced at $1,899 and with the new Type Cover the final price comes up to $2,028.99 (or $2,228.98 with the Surface Dock).
  • The Core i7 model with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage is priced at $1,599 and with the new Type Cover the final price comes up to $1,728.99 (or $1,928.98 with the Surface Dock).
  • The Core i7 model with 16GB of RAM and 256GB of storage is priced at $1,799 and with the new Type Cover the final price comes up to $1,928.99 (or $2,128.98 with the Surface Dock).
  • The Core i7 model with 16GB of RAM and 512GB of storage is priced at $2,199 and with the new Type Cover the final price comes up to $2,328.99 (or $2,528.98 with the Surface Dock).
  • The Core i7 model with 16GB of RAM and 1TB of storage is priced at $2,699 and with the new Type Cover the final price comes up to $2,828.99 (or $3,028.98 with the Surface Dock).

It's interesting that this last configuration is actually more expensive than the Surface Book with the max hardware configuration. Yes, you are getting more storage, but with the Surface Book you will be getting a bigger screen, more graphics power, better battery life, and perhaps a better keyboard.

Keep in mind the pricing listed above was calculated with the Type Cover without fingerprint scanner. Most people won't need the extra functionality because the tablet itself comes with the Windows Hello feature built-in.

If you want the best Lumia phone, the new Microsoft Band 2, and the top of the line Surface Pro 4 with all the accessories, you'll be looking to spend a total of $4,472.91.

Surface Book

Best Laptop Between $1500 and $2000

Finally, you can now also get the incredible Surface Book laptop, and just like the Surface Pro line, the new laptop comes in different configurations to fit different budgets.

Let's now look at how much money you will be spending on the ultimate laptop from Microsoft.

Surface Book has an entry level configuration featuring an Intel Core i5 with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, and without the discrete NVIDIA GeForce graphics. This model will cost you $1,499. Doubling the storage capacity to 256GB, will bring you to a total of $1,699.

If you're looking to get the optional NVIDIA graphics, you will need to get the Core i5 model with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage, but that one costs $1,899, which is an extra $200 from the same model with only Intel's graphics.

The Surface Book with a Core i7, 8GB of RAM, 256GB of storage, and NVIDIA's graphics will cost you $2,099. Finally, you can also pick the Core i7 with 16GB of RAM, 512GB of storage, and NVIDIA's graphics for $2,699.

Remember that if you need the Microsoft Surface Dock to connect up to two 4K monitors or connect to a network via Ethernet, you'll need to spend an extra $199.99, which in the case of the top of the line Surface Book, the grand total will come to 2,898.99.

Note: Every Surface Book comes bundled with the Surface Pen.

The ultimate setup

Now, the question is: how much would the ultimate "Windows 10 devices" set up will cost?

If you wanted the best Lumia phone, Microsoft Band 2, the most productive Surface Pro 4, and the ultimate Surface Book with all the accessories, you would need to spend $7,371.9 (plus tax).

Keep in mind that we didn't include the cost for a protection plan for each device, which is yet another cost you would want to consider.

Wrapping things up

While the new Windows 10 devices from Microsoft are amazing, the experience will vary depending on your needs and budget. You can buy the base models at reasonable prices, but they can quickly go up as you add accessories or if you're looking for more powerful hardware.

Note: Prices shown in the article are based on specific choices from the Microsoft store, you can always shop around and get better deals. Also, these are just examples, and chances are that you might already have some items and accessories that will work with the new devices.

If money wasn't an issue, which would be your ultimate setup? What do you think about the prices? Let us know in the comments below.

Mauro Huculak is technical writer for His primary focus is to write comprehensive how-tos to help users get the most out of Windows 10 and its many related technologies. He has an IT background with professional certifications from Microsoft, Cisco, and CompTIA, and he's a recognized member of the Microsoft MVP community.

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  • In some cases that's true. Recently, it hasn't been true. The macbooks now have the latest CPU, although only the 15" model includes the dedicated video card. Most of their models include IRIS graphics. I believe the gpu in teh surface pro is a lower model. They also only refresh once a year. So, depending on when you buy them, you might be getting slightly older components. The surface book will have an edge for a while because it uses the latest intel processor. Later, the Macbook will be refreshed and it will be the same components. It's a lot like how android phones get the latest snapdragon soc early in the year and WP get them around Sept-October because Microsoft targets the holidays for its launches. The custom SOC Apple uses in the iphone seems to perform as well or better than the latest snapdragon. So, in the past your statement was true, but not quite as true today. Although, competing products to offer additional components that Apple doesn't. For instance, most ultrabooks that compete with Apple have a touchscreen, yet cost the same or less than Apple's equivelent device. That said, the profit margins on these devices are too high and we need some more competition to get both Apple's and Microsoft's prices down a bit.
  • This is not Apple's Fault (and I hate and blame all on Apple).  This comes down to Microsoft should not undercut their partners.  AS long as Dell, HP Lenovo, Acer, Asus and others make divices, MS has to keep the prices down.  They do not have the resources to be the single Hardware provider for the entore PC Market.
  • Seems like MS is positioning themself as making the best possible Windows 10 product. With top notch performance and build quality. This is the market segment not many of the OEM is competing, and this is the market segment that Apple is dominating for years. MS also can avoid competing directly with Windows 10 OEM which end up cannibalize it's own Windows 10 sale. I don't think there is anything wrong in that stratergy. If consumer prefer for cost effective product, they can go for the OEM offer, which always cheaper and more choice. If consumer want some premium product, previously they are left with Apple, and at least now they have one more choice.
  • Launch Lumia phones with high prices and leave the Market wide open (that is dominated my Lumia with more than 96% share) for OEMs that have hardly done any decent WP device yet... Thats one way to increase the market share, well didn't MS say they are not looking to expand marketshare... they are going by their plan..
  • Apple makes good hardware but not for the prices that Apple charge for their hardware. The Surface Book and Pro 4 are worth their prices because they have exceptional hardware for the money Microsoft is charging for them. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I can't stand Apple, but to say Apple has a "lack of good hardware," is the dumbest thing I've heard in a while.
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  • nope, the 930 loose its value just in 3months. I could pre-order it for 580euros after 3months I could buy it for 450euros   Hey... just a simple question, does WP have SNAPCHAT? Why would people buy a LUMIA for 680euros when no official app are available? Instagram... beta, Vine... unusable... Twitter... lacks many new functions... Snapchat... nope, not here. Best games on android/iphone... available? Nope... So.. why should I pay 680euros for this kind of "support"? Hell no brother. The price will dopr fast and I will buy a 950XL for 400euros MAXIMUM
  • "Why would people buy a LUMIA..."  To begin with, I'm quite sure nobody here was aware that there was no Snapchat app. Thanks for breaking that news.  Secondly, not everybody uses their phones like you do.  I couldn't care less about Snapchat and Instagram, and nobody cares what I ate for breakfast (Twitter).  Furthermore, I've found plenty of great, quality games for WP/WM10.  They are installed on my phone, but I rarely have time to play them.  Also, if you are so disatisfied with the app selection, why would you buy a Lumia at any price?  Just get a Galaxy or an iPhone and move on.
  • not everybody uses their phones like you do.  I couldn't care less about Snapchat   friend, to be honest... nobody cares about you. Why? Just look at the numbers. WP - market share - 2,6% / iOS - 13,9% / Android - 82,8% So... one more time, why would I pay 680euros for a WP? Just because the camera? Hell NO! The price will drop fast, believe or not.. i dont care about your childish comments. The numbers are FACTS, your (mine) opinions are like fart in the wind. P E A C E bro.
  • Buddy... The same market share is in reverse when it comes to PCs and yet Google Pixel C is costly. Whatever apps you mentioned are there in iPhone yet it is only 13%, as seen from your data. And Microsoft makes more money than Google in place of Android and iPhone makes more money than all the Android phones.
    PS: If you didn't notice, none of us belongs to Microsoft sales team. So why are you asking us why you should pay 680 euros? Even without you paying anything to Microsoft, I am sure Microsoft can survive.
  • we are talking about prices, why not? I have an opinion, you have an opinion.. lets talk about it
  • The real question to me is why do people care so much about a damned phone, to the point of being rude to people who like something other than you do? WP is perfect for a lot of people and if they like and do not mind the ecosystem, then what is wrong with that? Do I think that some of the Widnows fans are a little over the top? Of course, read through here and you will see it again and again. I use Android (and like it). Android's security posture sucks due to issues with updates. I have used iPhone (and liked it), iOS is a pain in the ass if you do not want to use Apple's apps for core functionality (mail, calendar, etc...). I have used Windows Phone (and liked it) even though the ecosystem lacked a lot of apps. Quit being an asshole. Too many people act like political extremists in theese comment boards.  
  • sir, mine "problem" is the price, nothing else. WP as OS is okey for me. The only problem is the price of the new so called "flagship". 680euros is too much for a phone with a very low support from 3rd party developers. WP needs more users, how could they gain more users? Fair price = good HW and support. Big percent of people wont buy WP because they cant download some realy good and cool app.. its not just about snapchat, only very few Banks support WP platform, e-wallet or wireless payments have 0.0% support for WP (in my country). This S U C K S  
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  • the prices are stupid, especially when considering the pc marked is drying out fast.. none of these devices will become daily driver for any majority of people. MS is killing itself.. I believe the pro tablet have good hardware but even if I can buy 10 fully loaded pro 4s it wont happen.
  • Desktop PCs, maybe. But, PC are not dying out the way the media makes it seem. They are changing their form factor, yes. There will always be need for PCs, regardless of OS. Developers are always trying to make programs lighter, but at the end of the day, they will still require PC power. I believe this is where MS is ahead of the tech curve. They see that smartphones are slowly becoming more powerful, thus, making them more capable. However, it will be some time before devices like these can replace a PC. Resource hungry programs just will not tolerate it at the moment. Besides, companies will us PC for QUITE some time. Besides, if you REALLLY want to be technical, people do not use the term, "PC" the way they should. PCs will always be around in some form or another. Technically, our smartphones could be considered PCs with limited capability. Many smartphones can do what desktop PCs could do just less than a decade ago. Things will only advance in this area and this is why MS is ahead of the curve, with features like Continuum. If they continue t improve and grow this technology they will have a good market base, regardless of what device you use. So, you may see it as killing themselves, but it is far from truth. It may not seem like it, but MS is much more focused on a plan, unlike when their previous CEO was in charge. From a business stand point, you sometimes have to take some loss, when restructuring your business. Think of it as pruning a fruit tree. You have to cut so branches to make it yield more and/or better fruit in the next season. It won't be a smooth ride for MS, but as long as they keep the direction they are going, they will be fine.
  • And what would you think people will use for their jobs? IPad? Android?
  • I would say 'thanks apple for making devices that are beautiful that other manufacturers could have something to look up to.' If it wasn't for their premium devices, we probably wouldn't have these kinds of offerings of devices that are built beautifully and have great specs. Loon at Panasonic laptops, they are built like tanks, but not particularly good looking. Don't rag on apple for driving up prices, we are the consumers, who in turn have the final say in what prices will be by whether or not we decide to buy something.
  • Lumia 550 is low end, not mid range
  • I'ld actually put it on the ultra low end model. Not even 64 bit yet A53. Just a complete failure of a phone by specs. A 640 in disquise. 950 is a great high end phone, but no mid or low end is yet to be seen.
  • And yet it'll run better than most mid-range Android handsets. Not a failure at all, just a different market.
  • How many seconds did the 550 get during the presentation by MS? MS knows it made a mistake with that phone.  Runs better than mid range Android phones? I'll buy a 950 is a heartbeat, but this 550 gets smoked by Android low range a53 phones. Had to tell a friend to buy Android low end phone compared to this 550. I hated doing that, but the Android phone was the better deal for her.
  • Ill buy 950xl in india
  • There should be a Core i5 model with 8GB of RAM instead of 16GB but 1TB of storage instead of 512GB. Very few programs need that kind of memory. But 1TB of storage would be really nice to have.
  • And i7 with 32GB RAM, i3 with 512MB, and with 9TB ssd and... People are never satisfied...
  • Lol
  • He does make a valid point. But in all honesty Microsoft should offer the surface tablets in a build it your way and price accordingly. That would be another notch above the rest. Even if they have to say two week delivery.
  • The others (HP, Dell, etc.) do this xD
  • What about a 9001 petabyte ssd?
  • If you watch the MS SurfaceBook commercial on YouTube and at 1m 11secs it says 1TB storage...
  • I'm happy that the "race to the bottom" is a thing of the past. Consumers think price has a lot to do with "worth". And yes, we can thank Apple for that.
  • I'll get just the SP4 and wait next year to see if "Surface phone" is release. Panos Panay want the same design language on Microsoft made products. So 2016 will be very interesting, I'm not surprise if MS kills the Lumia brand (arghh I always hated that name)
  • Time for a new generation of phones the Lumia brand has run dry.
  • Yea but here's hoping the surface phone won't just be silver. Black brushed aluminum would be nice. Wish the surface pro tablets was black brushed aluminum. Wont buy a silver one.
  • It's Magnesium.
  • It's a magnesium alloy. pure magnesium is too reactive and soft.
  • There is never going to be a phone using the name Surface. Sure you may see the design influence come down to the phone level but it will not be called Windows Surface Phone or anything close to that. Many at Microsoft have stated as much (directly and indirectly) A true "Surface"  named phone does not fit what Surface category is being designed to be.  The Lumia line will just advance foward most likely using the new Surface design influence in some new model name.
  • Please a name without number iterations. Or at least a number not in the 100s or 1000s
  • I'm with you on that thought. I'm really intrigued by the Lumia 950 XL, but if in MAY a Surface Phone comes out and it's great ( I assume it will be) I would be ticked I forked over 650 bucks.  My first purchase will be the Band 2 , it looks great. 
  • Add the back replacement for the Lumias...
  • They licensed 3rd party OEMs to make accessories, see the article with the "designed for Microsoft Lumia" ones. Some back covers for the 950 looked really good
  • I think hes saying for the pricing totals - to add in the covers too
  • D: Just the new Surface Pen and Lumia 950 XL for me, please.
  • What, you cant use a pen on the xl..
  • I have a SP3
  • Yes you can.
  • My price will be $649, that's all.
  • You don't need a $300 monitor by any means of you're looking to save money. You can get a solid 1080P IPS monitor for around $100. Not to mention most people probably already have a monitor or TV they can use. You can also get a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard for around $50 and a wireless charger for $20.
  • Yup
  • After having a touch monitor for the past two years, I can't go back to a non-touch screen monitor.
  • Yep. And if you're looking at a $300 1080p monitor, better to spend a little more on a 1440p monitor.
  • I have an Asus 1080p led monitor that I got on sale for $150 at Fry's.. If you're spending $300 on a 1080p non GSync monitor then you're doing it wrong.
  • I was just thinking the same thing. The math is certainly questionable.
  • No shit, right! You could use a $99 23" HDTV from WalMart, good to go.
  • Don't forget an Xbox one and then a curved gaming tv...and then the popcorn and then...
  • ...the sofa...and a cushion...and....
  • The dog has the sofs
  • and then a house... eventually a planet to live on :)
  • Anybody knows how is the weather on the sun at this time around??? :D Posted via the Windows Central App for Android since my L930 is on its QI Station and my Surface got broke.
  • You can't afford to live on the sun.
  • Not as hot as my phone running the TP for windows 10...
  • Lol, yow Windows central is the best :D
  • Don't forget the light bill
  • and the electric bill
  • and the beer/liquor bill
  • and the Cheetohs bill.  But then you'll also need screen protectors.
  • And the water bill (for the toilet after having too much beer and cheetos)...
  • Costco toilet paper bill; Costco membership bill for the toilet paper....
  • And then the Hololens and the Surface Hub and then...
  • The surface car with a surface wife
  • Then After one year, you have your own Surface kid.
  • Hey maybe ended up with a surface family
  • Family relied on kickstand. And their grandfather would be Panos.
  • I'm sure the launch video of the SurfaceBook said it had 1TB storage as an option?
  • It does. You can custimize it at the time of purchase.
  • That was the Surface Pro 4.
  • Watch the MS SurfaceBook commercial on YouTube and at 1m 11secs it says 1TB storage...
  • Really expensive compared to Pro 3 :(
  • Pre-ordered all of the them with the top specs :)
  •   Since you have so much money, can I get some? No, just kidding ;) My wallet is just ready for the Lumia 950XL not more.... My Surface Pro 3 i5 4gb is good enough... Maybe I'll get the new type cover....
  • My wallet isn't ready
  • Thanks for the breakdown and its something thats been on my mind. I need a new phone becaue my 920's screen is cracked and i need a new computer (personal laptop is running vista, work laptop is a mac). The price points for these devices are every steep especially the phones. I don't undestand when/how phones cost almost the same amount of money has tablets/computers. Its seem highly ridiculous.  I'm not an early adopter so I don't plan on buying any of the new mircosoft devices. Instead I'm looking at the lumia 640xl and either the surface pro 3 (if price is dropped) or any non microsoft laptop. 
  • The smaller things get, the more expensive it gets.
  • Just $139 for me. As pretty as the surface book is, I can't have that and a laptop. So it's free in my dreams.
  • Sell your laptop?
  • I could but I might find myself missing the optical drive. It's pretty light for a computer with one.
  • just buy an external ODD then, it's pretty cheap nowadays.
  • Does anyone really plan on using Continuum at this point? Who has a monitor, a keyboard, and a mouse, but no PC tower? Why not just have a surface pro or a surface book (or any other laptop?) Don't get me wrong--I see Continuum becoming awesome as we see more unification between phone and PC, but right it still seems like a demo feature that won't see much use (for now)
  • Theortecially, its great for presenters. You have the dock, a travel size mouse and keyboard and you hook into a projector. Outside of that, for someone who doesn't need much more than office, its really no different than a laptop docking station without the added device. There's a lot of potential in the business sector depending on the use.
  • I won't be using Continuum so much, but my ideal config would be Surface Pro 4 with Dock. I have a 24" monitor and USB keyboard and mouse that I connect to my vintage Dell laptop. Although the Surface Book is droolworthy, the Surface Pro would give me max flexibility/portability.
  • Students would use it. If you've got a presentation to do or if the computers in the library are full and the only free ones are broken but the monitor still works, hey presto you can do some work. Also saves lugging in a laptop to uni.
  • As a college student, the only thing that really matters is having a good laptop (preferably a convertible), and maybe a pencil. Anything and everything else is secondary.
  • and Surface Book/Pro 4 is a perfect choice then :) I'll pick the Surface Book as soon as it has made its way to Indonesia.
  • Trust me, I am lusting after the surface book, I just can't afford it right now. Maybe gen2.
  • Considering I already do this on 635 and my tv screen, a keyboard and MS Word... The Continuum features make it a lot easier. 950 with this feature is a no brainer for myself and the younger gen who already have phones. I haven't had a PC is many years because a PC offers me nothing. A Phone or Hololens yes, but its rare to find anyone who needs a PC. Most just want a PC.
  • There are other uses outside of the office.  There's no need for a monitor in my projected setup.  I will have the dock hooked up to my bedroom tv, it will act as a media device to view xbox movies, netflix, surf the internet, listen to my groove music pass...  The possibilities are endless.
  • Actually I do. I got a screen and Bluetooth keyboard and mouse setup for my laptop which I used a lot at my previous job, but in the last 3 years my 920 has become my main computing device. Add Continuum and I have a new computing option. I was looking to get a new laptop to replace the old HP, but I'm going to see if Continuum will solve my needs.
  • See that's what I want my phone to be, but I'm not quite there yet. It's great that you can already get everything you need out of continuum for that experience. I definitely think MS is on the right track, it's just a matter of bringing the two closer together. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I think you underestimate the tens of millions of office workers who would like to be able to access personal content occasionally without hovering over their phone. Beyond the discreteness factor, there's plenty of times where it would be a lot easier to plug in and work/play with our personal devices--without typing with thumbs. I'm talking long-form emails, document editing, adding multiple notes and calendar items. Plus, this is a huge bonus for those that dont have a desktop or a Nic laptop and who move around offices or locations, whatever.
  • They really should have made a surface like device tablet and keyboard to dock with the phones with the continuum dock made in. They’ll likely make one with the surface phone next year.
  • Our computers at work all use Remote Desktop, so for us this is perfect. No need to purchase more cheap PC's. The current process is; have someone turn on their computer, log in and then login to RD. With continuum anyone can walk up to any Desk, Plug in their phone and log into RDC. Also it's more secure, because people will take their phone with them, but they tend to forget to log out of the RD/Computer.  I know the phones are dearer than the terminal would be, but a phone is a device that we would need to purchase for some staff anyway, So overall it's cheaper for a better experience. Add in the fact our IT guys can manage them and it's a big win. 
  • Hey, whatever happened to giving away hardware for next-to-nothing? ​
  • The devices they are offering here is a far cry from the Lumia 520/525 days.
  • If they make you happy, worth every penny.
  • Already making trips to the sperm bank
  • Hmm, Great idea dude! Will do the same. Hopefully it can pay Surface Book or SP4 ;-)
  • I think you will be staying in the bank for quite some time ;-)
  • Throw the dock in with the 950xl, give me a contract of £25 a month over two years and let me pay £100 for the handset.
  • If you see a deal that good, let me know. I'd like ee to offer their 1yr ones again.
  • Seriously guys, I love the website and visit it every day, but this is one of the worst articles ever put out. Not only does it not make any point, as people will see those prices when they add things to their carts, it's like you're scaring people away from making the purchase on purpose.
  • I'm fine with it. How dare we report...pricing. Crazy. Regarding if people are "scared" it's not really our problem, more of Microsoft's.
  • There is an error in the article concerning pricing for the 950/950XL. You don't need a wireless charger for the XL, so subtract 45.99 from that total.
  • That's not an error, but if you want to make the most of out of a phone with wireless charging yeah, you need a wireless charger.
  • I misunderstood that. I thought the $45.99 was the add-in for a Charger cover needed for the 950. So although you added the price of the charger for the 950, you didn't add the cost of the cover... Little value in buying a charger for a phone that doesn't have Qi charging built in.
  • The 950 also has Qi charging...
  • TY, Alkaziel. I gladly stand corrected. I had remembered pre-release specs mentioning that only the XL had it built in. Really had to root around the Microsoft site to get full specs instead of fluffy hype. Once I did that, I saw how little difference there is between the two. 1/2" screen size and 6 vs. 8-core? That definitely makes me lean toward the 950. Those differences aren't worth $100.
  • Its OK to show that pricing as there may be 2% That have nothing and haven't learnt to shop around. Maybe an article "How to make the most out of your new HW without buying all the accessories" Then as a footnote - premium and budget. Then its a interesting and useful article and less of a one-eyed view which pangs of hyperbole.  
  • This sounds a lot like having someone buy a trailer because their truck has a trailer hitch.
  • I appreciate pricing. It's one thing to lust after nice tech, and another thing to have no idea how much all of it can be.
  • Dan, that was not the point. You already reported most of the prices in the many previous articles that came out during the previous week.
    The point is Microsoft is trying to break the price barrier/mentality and this discussion puts it right back there. There are ways to talk about pricing without creating this sense of gloom on the reader (most products can be made to sound bad if you emphasize some parts).
    On the other side, Apple transcends the pricing talk because people trust the brand and the product, it's about much more than price for them, and that's why it's so successful. The price discussion within Apple fans is secondary and never the main thing
    You know, yourself, that Microsoft was losing money on Surfaces, at least in the beginning, but people of course still wanted them cheaper. Comments like the SP3 should start at $499 are not unheard of.
    And you even replied to the guy this morning that said the Band was overpriced at $250, which it isn't Anyway my man, I love everything you do on the website, thanks for it. I wanna stop this negative discussion, which is not even a big deal, just felt like venting a little haha :) Have a nice day!
  • Yes Surface Book should start at $499, Surface Pro 4 at $299, Band $29, Windows 10 Pro Retail $9.99, Visual Studio Enterprise $99.... If MS listened to the lunatics, they would be out of business. They know what they're doing.
  • I wouldn't call this reporting pricing honestly. Seriously, take a step back and read it from our point of view.
  • I agree. This is not reporting the pricing- it is assuming combinations of gear in order inflate prices and get a good headline. I mean why not include pricing for a desk on which to put your 950xl/Continuum Dock/NEW monitor and NEW keyboad and mouse. Plus a router, internet service, electricity and some sort of shelter in the form of a house or apartment to keep it all in.  Turns out the 950xl could cost you over $150,000!  What irritates me is the article by its very existance implies 1) that MS is hiding the true cost of these devices (which it isn't) and 2) your readers are idiots because it implies they don't know that these products don't live in a vacuum. I expect better of Windows Central than click-bait.      
  • What do you think the cost of the Lumia 950 will be if I agree to renew my 2 year contract with at&t? I have a 920 and have completed my last 2 year contract obligation.
  • IDK about the 950, but if you go to the ATT website, an Apple 6S is $650 off contract, $200 w 2 yr, and $22/mo with Next plan.
  • $800 would be my guess. They'll charge $199 up front and then continue making $25/mo. off of your service.
  • the SIM-free of 950 is $549, so I think they will not set the price too far from it.
  • I will wait for the Lumina Surface to spend my money on.
  • doubt they would name it Lumia surface... and the surface phone hasn't even been announced so what if it never comes out?
  • What the heck would you do with all that hardware??
  • You can be in sync with the Band, work hard on the Surface Book, relax with the Surface Pro, and of course everything possible on the Lumias. lol
  • And if you are going to get all this new Microsoft equipment, your going to want a new office to put it in.  A new wing on your house will cost $63,852.99.  Bring the cost of the Surface book to $71,224.89, OH THE HUMANITY!
  • Hahah I was about to write something like that then got lazy
    Mine was more realistic... Along the lines of... And you'll want an office 365 subscription with that, that's another $80, and a printer to print all those documents $125, then of course, a case /bag to carry your device, make it an extra $120, and if you want to take advantage of the Xbox streaming, you'll have to buy an Xbox $399, and of course a pizza to eat with it $12.99... That's a total of $3,495
  • Yes, good point, and they forgot to factor in the cost of the electricity to recharge all these devices, and of course we'll want to use solar panels to do it, so add another $18,371.23 for a solar instalation on the new wing, bringing the cost  to $89,596.12.
  • Groan.
  • lol hey you wrote the pricing article with all the 'extras' knew people were gonna respond a little to some of the uneeded fluff. ;)
  • + hybrid Volvo SUV with real WP app that gives you all the info about your car: $80,405.
  • Ive gave for 950 400€. For Lumia 550 I've gave 99€ because has got changed too much ..... example the inches. .
  • I love the inches, it's beautiful to see a new device less than 5" that isn't as uh, basic.
  • And most if not all of those prices will be less through bundles at the Microsoft Store....
  • The prices for the SP4 and SB are absolutely out of control. The price for these devices and other devices in this market are ridiculous and close to double what they should be. There is no reason the top of the line SP4 with keyboard should come in at more than 1200-1400. Hell, you can buy a new Alienware Area 51 with a gtx 980, 8gb ram, overclocked processor and more for 1600. Having said that, based on the current market and prices, the SP and SB are much more deserving of the price than anything else any other company has. It's just that as a whole, this market is overpriced by a good amount.
  • I paid over $2500 for a Dell XPS M1210 laptop back in the day. For top of the line hardware in small enough packages to be considered truly portable (and the Area 51 is not small) the Surface prices are reasonable.
  • I'm with you there, noirsoft. My top price paid was $6000 for a Gateway laptop, equaled only by the $6000 I paid for a Gateway tower. That was all before we saw how quickly tech would advance. Both were obsolete within 2 years and I was wishing I had bought the cheapest computers I could to get the job done.
  • Portability isn't cheap. Shrinking everything down to fit inside the shell and having it still perform circles around the competition is where the cost comes from.
  • Agreed. And it's even worse outside the US. As if it wasn't bad enough that manufacturers incur in the ridiculous 1:1 conversion of dollar to euro, some countries like mine charge big chunks in taxes. The M3 entry model of the Surface Pro 4 is 899$ on US for pre-order, well here it is 1029€. As of today 1 dollar equals 0.879 euros, which means a direct conversion should give a price of 790€. How is this acceptable? And while I understand the "premium" seal of the Surface line in terms of versatility and build quality, I fail to justify why it scales up to cost as much as gaming laptops with Core i7s and beast GPUs. Plus there's no way to increase RAM to 8GB on the i5 model without doubling the SSD storage and pushing the price to 1449€, which is ridiculous since it's easy to expand storage via SD card or OneDrive but there's no way to add more RAM. Not to mention having to pay separately for the type cover... and an accessory for VGA connection and another for HDMI. An entry model for me would cost 1029€ + 159€ for type cover + 90€ in two accessories = 1278€... And I'm skipping the 240€ dock and the Arc mouse. Just imagine the amount piling up like that, for an underpowered m3 processor and no dedicated GPU machine. Way too expensive, sorry to say. Base model with type cover included should not have to be more than 1000$ or 1000€. Surface is a great device no doubt, with an innovative approach to productivity, I'd love to have one for my professional needs because I'm long sold to its concept, but these prices are unnacceptable to overlook when you know that for the same price you can get a decent smartphone and a decent laptop.
  • While I wholeheartedly agree with you regarding the ridiculousness of the pricing, you have to keep in mind that Microsoft is not the one who sets prices globally. They set the msrp and even that is without tax. Here in Europe the taxes and various import costs get added after having been subjected to the ridiculous 1:1 usd to eur conversion which has also nothing to do with Microsoft, much rather the financial regulatory bodies of the EU and the U.S. And whoever the bunch of jackasses are that came up with it.
  • I mean, if you want to buy a 7lb laptop then go ahead.
  • I would choose what Microsoft released over a montrous Alienware laptop any day. Not only are those huge, they look stupid.
  • This is a nonsense time wasting article!
  • Cool.
  • Ummm....isn't also nonsense to be commenting on a nonsense article and wasting even more time?? lol just saying.
  • Maybe it's critique? Just a thought...
  • The Lumia 950 is not available at the Microsoft Store (Brick and Mortar, Arizona) nor can you reserve one. In addition the store indicated the 950 will not work on TMobile.  What a mess.  I've read contrary about TMobile and the 950.  Guess my local store did not get the message.
  • The specs lists all of Tmobile's frequencies.  I don't see why it wouldn't work.  You may lose wifi calling though.
  • Yea i thought it was weird they had the xl out but not the 950. Wonder whats going on with it.
  • Question: Do you think Surface Pro 4 will have student discounts ? I can only buy one if it has the student discount. Otherwise ...
  • On the student pricing is up 10% discount on SP4 and SurfaceBook.
  • It seems like my pocket has already emptied itself somewhere. Please start a competition and award me with this as a prize. The only way I am gonna own all this phone setup and experience Windows 10 .
  • Wow. This article stretches reality to some pretty insane levels.
  • One can get a nice kb with trackpad like LG k400 for $20 and use Roku or Xbox as miracast, so most of exaggeration here was useless to beging with.
  • I'm just going to get Hololens and pretend I have all of these cool devices sitting at my desk.
  • This!
  • Why stop there??  Keep it on as you walk out to your Ferrari, drive in your own "personal" lane on the side of the road and drive your own posted speed limit.  I think you're on to something!
  • Over the next two motnhs Microsoft will basically be dangling me upside down, shaking every last penny out. I've preordered 2 MS Bands, a Surface Pro 4 + Keyboard, a Surface Book with dGPU, 2 Lumia 950XL's, and of course Mcirosoft Protection (their warranty) for every device. Going to be an expensive year! But I can justify it with my wallet, as this will be my first phone or PC upgrade in 3 years, and was planned for. :p
  • Is the SP4 and Surface Book for you to use??  I don't see why you'd need both.
  • One to keep in his Rolls Royce, the other for his Bentley
  • and a 550 for his driver.
  • Both companies produce ugly cars. No thanks. I'd sooner return to a horse and buggy, before opting for one of those.
  • Lol, no. One of the MS Bands and 950XL's is for me, as well as the Surface Book. The other MS Band and 950XL, as well as the Surface Pro 4, are for my partner.
  • If money wasn't an object I would still do what I plan to do now, wait another 6 - 8 mos to see where things are headed. Especially when it comes to my choice in phone OS.
  • Oh I'm gonna get a 950, with a dock. And Surface Book of course.....
    Then I look in my my device is still in the rumor stage. I think the alleged 7/850 will be my next one.
    As much as I would love the 950, I don't think I'd utilize half of it. Continuum would wind up an occasional toy.
    So ill wait till the next round of leaks start and see what the "750" has to offer.
  • Like surface 3 Microsoft should release surface 4 with the i3 processor instead of atom processor. Keep the price 50 dollars more and give us an i3 surface 4. I really cant afford the pro 4
  • Yes! This. Atom processors are just bad for multitasking.
  • then buy a sp3 with an i3 or a sp4 with an m3. the price jump is comparable to what you're referring to.
  • he said that he can't afford the Pro 4, then even the lowest Pro 4 with m3 within is too expensive for him. Pro 3 is more acceptable.
  • I think the regular Surface line was about fanless, long lasting devices, of which I don't think the i3 would not be able to provide.
  • Bring surface pro 4 to India I'll buy surface pro 4. I have been a fan of surface pro and Surface 3 ... I need surface pro 4 very badly :( ;(
  • If I buy a 950 than max-out on Gold Bars for Candy Crush, $10,000 is easily achievable.
  • and here i though that this was going to be an article about the component cost of each device in response to all those who keep on about howing MS is pricing itself out of the market.
  • You don't HAVE TO HAVE the dock for Continuum, only for max screen resolution and extra ports. Miracast will work fine for most. You don't HAVE TO HAVE a separate & mouse, as the phone itself can so that for you.
  • While Miracast will work OK, we're pointing out how much would it cost to get the best experience. Miracast works, but it uses compression, if you want the best image quality on an external monitor, you need the dock. Thanks,
  • Have they confirmed Miracast will put it in Continum mode?
  • Proof reading sir . . .
  • "If money wasn't an issue, which would be your ultimate setup?"   Money isn't a problem but I would still NOT buy this "ultimate setup". Because: - To me, no "Microsoft Lumia" is worth more than 300€. Not for the design, nor the quality, nor the materials and nor for the dead OS. - The Microsoft Band 2 is nice but it's an overpriced fitness band. I rather use that money on a nice real smartwatch. - The SP4 is cool but since I already have the SP3, it's definitely not worth the upgrade. (PS - I still think all Surface Pro's should come with the keyboard or at least a voucher for picking up a keyboard) - The Surface Book is the only one I'd consider buy. However, I don't like laptops and for the things I'd do on a laptop, I already have the SP3. 
  • To be fair money is an issue if you are valuing the phones lower than their price.
  • Money clearly as an issue for you, despite you claiming the opposite
  • Great products...but come on with this pricing!!! I have an Aorus X7 Pro with 32gb ram and a 3 ssd raid array equally 750gb at 1.2GB/s and dual nvidia 970m graphics with 3 gb each and its a 17" laptop and I paid under $3000. The surface book at half that spec is more expensive... So it's the sp4. I have an i7 sp3, but I only paid about $1400 for it. I will be getting the fingerprint type cover... And that's it, this round!
  • And I can build a desktop computer that would blow your Aorus X7 out of the water for under $3k.  Different form factors.  You pay for portability.
  • Aorus is made of plastic (instead of magnesium), and weighs twice as much (3kg vs 1.5kg). Surface book is a tablet as well, which means it's more versatile and brings the weight down to 0.725 kg without the base. Also, a 17" laptop is huge which takes a lot less effort to cram all the components into than the lighter and more portable Surface book. The point is - you're comparing oranges with coconuts. The Aorus is a desktop-replacement and not even close to the Surface in terms of portability and versatility.
  • Poor article, everybody and their mama has a tv with a HDMI port, why buy one. And keyboard /mouse combo can be had for $30 or less.
  • Exactly
  • The problem is. You can buy low end model with useless hardware or very expensive one whith good hardware and some gadgets that doesn't work without spending additional money.
  • Just to be extreme
  • He was just listing the max - if you're starting from nothing
  • The article specifies that you can always find better deals on accessories and prices are based on specific choices. Thanks,
  • Why on gods green earth would somebody spend 300 on a 1080p monitor? Even at 27" you can find them well under 200 these days for a good one.
  • Wow. Thanks basic arithmetic.
  • Frankly, no more Windows phone for me now. And also not (again) for the dozen people I influenced. Enough with the waiting game with the Microsoft's OS and its discrepancies. They can keep and play the 'waiting', 'coming soon', 'resuming' and 'loading' game with themselves.
  • With no budget constraints I would go for the 950XL with display dock, Microsoft foldable keyboard, surface pro 3 i7 128 Gb or surface pro 4 i7 256 Gb.I'm not sure if I want the pro 3 or pro 4 keyboard. I want a blue or black stylus.i hope Microsoft will consider bringing back the Bluetooth add on for the type cover with 2 keyboard connections just like the foldable keyboard. This was I could use one type cover investment for both the 950xl and surface pro. ​
  • my game plan is clear; wait till MS and/or ATT starts a 'refurb/uses' stock clearance and get one of the 950/xl. ATT won't stock these "non-exclusives" devices more than 75 days since it's not iCrap. It is then that they sell the remaining unsold stocks for less. Afaik, there's no longer a need/incentive for a DAY-1 purchase when jt comes to WP. Even MS isn't 100% behind these new batches of phones as obvious in their short/long term strategies. The real fans are now being brushed aside as if we are a pile of poop. I'll most likely end with one of those Android phones once MS completely stop support for wp.
  • So they have lowend and extremly overpriced high and 3% market share and lack of applications. They should have release something with Snapdragon 6** 5" FHD AMOLED, 2GB RAM, 32GB flash and microSD and without gadgets for reasonable price.
  • Let's do the math !
    Let's do the maths as we Brits would always say.
  • Yeah, same in Australia and New Zealand. Saying "math" just sounds wrong. It's "mathematics" not "mathematic"... so it should keep the s at the end.
  • I guess they are just free today and having fun by writing anything....
  • I hope Amazon gets the 950 so I can order w/o tax :)
  • My setup will be (as soon as everything is delivered): 950XL, Band 2, Surface Book with i7, 16GB RAM, GPU, and 265 GB storage, docking station for the Book (I'm not sure yet if I'll go for the phone dock as well) and my existing i5, 8GB SP3. That should do for a while.
  • Bundles. We need bundles.
  • Seriously!? This is news?
  • No, I'd say more of an editorial fun piece about how much you could spend if you went nuts with everything.
  • I don't understand the need for the type keyboard. after having owned a surface pro2, then sp3, then s3, i've come to realize the keyboard is just a cover. these are tablets, and you don't need to buy the surface specific cover. you can, but you could also buy a much better bluetooth keyboard for when you need it. the sufaces are sold with a pen because it's much easier to write and better to retain things with a pen. most tech journalist don't need this, they just need to dictate what a blog or leak said, provide a clickbait title, and then hit publish. If you're an architect, engineer, or graphic designer who benefit from having drawing pictures to supplement your notes, a pen is really all you need, and keyboards become cumbersome. I wish we could read more articles about the surface from people other then journalist, because journalist honestly only need a $200 laptop with some form of text editor, and they bring no real world experience.
  • I have the budget now.
  • Now list these in Canadian prices. Specifically in Ontario. Near $1000 after taxes just for the 950XL.
  • Still better than the iPhone 6S Plus canadian pricing lol.  I really do hope the store introduces a Financing plan, it'll be a big mistake if they don't.
  • I sincerely hope that MS will consider moving to a Spring or Summer release schedule. Releasing this close to Christmas is a killer... For my kids.
  • Reading between the lines, sounds like they get knitted sweaters whereas you get some nice and shiny gadgets to play with :p.
  • Part of this article was informative, but others a bit over blown. For example, don't toss in the price of the phone for a Microsoft Band. Anyone with a current updated Windows Phone 8.1, Android device or iPhone can use the Band straight out of the box. No need for the new Windows 10 flagship. It was helpful in grounding the cost of a completely setup Surface Pro vs. Surface Book. My mind took a 180 degree turn from my supposed next device and this helps quantify the decision.
  • What article taught me was that If I wanted to get a $250,000 Porche, I'll need to move to Europe  where I can get the "full experience" of the open highway, which will cost me about $10,000 - $20,000 to move my family.  Since I'm there, I'll need some place to stay so I'll need to buy a $500,000 house with a nice garage to keep my car in.  I will probably also need some quality sunglasses to keep glare down which cost me $250. So, in the end it will cost me $770,250 if I want to Porche and enjoy the full experience of having it.  I think I'm going to need about 10 more jobs, which mean I probably won't even have time to drive my new Porche. :)
  • ;-)
  • I th only one who has a ready collection of Mice and Keyboards on hand..? =s
  • Why do they sell Surface without the cover anyway? Is there anyone who uses one without it? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Honestly? Because they can.
  • The NFL
  • Yes, all the time. In fact, right now, I'm laying down with my surface on my chest. The keyboard is off on the night stand.
  • Where are all the "just take money quotes".
  • I already gave them my money, I ordered the SP4 256, i7, 16. Will probably need to buy a dock, monitor, mouse, keyboard, lumia 950XL, Band 2, and Continium dock to really get the "Full Microsoft Experience" though. ^^ /s
  • That's awesome.
  • :)
  • i5/8gb/256gb SP4, type cover, and a Surface Band 2 for me. :)
  • Who's gonna let me borrow about 10K??
  • I'm ready for that surface book, but I will be getting it sometime next year :(
  • So you're not really ready haha jk
  • I still think that the 550 is way too expensive. When compared to the 640 which can be had for $80. With much better specs. If the 550 supported continuum then..... May maybe!
  • Microsoft gave you the flagship you wanted. Now its just too expensive for you to buy :P
  • Must be a slow news day ;)  
  • Cell phones have turned into a never ending money pit.. Im cool with having my icon for the next ten years :\
  • Why buy a SP4 and SB??
  • This is a poor article.
  • Some of the phone accesory prices are 100% based on preference.... you don't need to get the $300 Dell screen or $100 keyboard/mouse combo. Pretty sure the $100 LCD from (enter big box store) and $20 logitech keyboard/mouse combo (various models on sale almost weekly) will work too. OR, you can use an existing monitor or your TV if you can/want.
  • Okay, this was all in preparation to announce the "Ultimate Windows 10 Devices Giveaway" right? Sign me up!
  • If money not an issue? I will buy Lumia 950xl with display dock for me. Then Lumia 950 for my wife. Surface Pro 4 i5 configuration is enough for my wife and Surface Book i5 with NVIDIA graphic card for me, surface band 2 for both of us. Heck if money not an issue I will buy a lot of Lumia 950/950xl to my family and best friends ;)
  • I can't imagine buying all maxed-out devices at once (due to cumulative cost), but I'm looking at buying the 950xl, continuum, maybe a wireless mouse and keyboard and will plan to get a Band2 for Christmas or early 2016. Most people already have access to a decent monitor at work, if not home, so I thought it was a bit sensational to add these items in to the cost of the "ultimate bundle." Might as well throw in the cost of a wireless plan, high-speed internet connection, and a wi-fi router while we're at it. I already have a SP3, so I'll probably hold off on a PC upgrade until 2016.
  • As an australian consumer all thats available or coming out from the oems appears to be a bunch of overpriced 2 in 1s with poor displays. 1280*800 really? The oem's have no problems charging users a mid range price for a low end device with poor display. Who's idea was it to sell windows tablets with poor displays at a higher price than android tablets with high end displays? If I wanted to get ripped off I would go and buy and ipad. Atleast it has the apps and a high end display. In regards to Surface 3. The product has been on the market for 6 months and not one sale. $700 is alot of money to part with for an atom device that has only 2 gigs of ram. Money doesn't grow on trees. It seems the high end market is being catered for but the mid range is being ignored or poorly catered for.
  • I have to agree with many others here, this article is a bit over whack and over-exaggerated. It would have been more fitting to simply list out the prices of the different configurations of each device, and then list the accessories/optional hardware separately.  The pricing may look expensive, but you get a LOT more quality and value than you get with Apple's devices.  This is why the Surface line is working well.      
  • Out of curiosity, why would you get a 640xl when you could get a 1520 or 930 instead?
  • It's the WC fanboys . Don't expect logical reasoning. Besides Windows hello and continuum, there's actually no reason to upgrade. Your basically getting the same plastic, camera, OS, and overall design. I honestly don't think Windows hello and contiuum will be anything mainstream. Think about, every time you have to do anything with your phone, always have too put I front of your face?! And contiuum, why would anyone want to use phone as a partial PC while at home or on the road. Your laptop or surface does all the demanding job without all that extra hook up.
  • Why aren't you looking at your phone?
  • @Johnson_patrickw, probably because he/she is telepathic :P.
  • Okay Bill, I'll take this one... (kidding) "Your basically getting the same plastic, camera, OS, and overall design"  - With that being said, what would be the reason to upgrade any phone for that matter.  Why upgrade from the iPhone 5 to the iphone 6s.  Since you omitted performance in the above analogy, you can't use it here.  Why get a nexus 6 if you already own the nexus 5? As for holding the phone to your mouth/face, do you not do that anytime you need to talk on it, you make it sound as if holding your phone in front of you face is some kind of difficult chore.  Are you not looking at you phone when you open an app, or check your calendar? I would love to only have to carry a display adapter with me, I could carry that in my jacket pocket when I travel.  It would be awesome to be in a hotel room, plug in an HDMI cable to the hotel TV and send out a bunch of email, finish up a presentation or complete a report;  disconnect it, and then place my phone back into my pocket.  Unless, I'm doing something major, I won't even need to bring my Surface. The things that you downplayed are EXACTLY why I would like to upgrade.
  • $45.99for a wireless charger? You can get good ones for $20. I got the Nokia one for $15 a pop.....
  • The Lumia 950 costs a ridiculous $1099 in Australia. Even with the unfavourable exchange rate and 10% GST, the phone is still ~$280AU overpriced over at the Microsoft Store website. As good as this phone is, I might have to give it a miss for quite a few months - hopefully my already long in the tooth Lumia 820 soldiers on.
  • Getting the band 2. Would like a surface pro 4, but not sure which one to get yet and looking at laptop alternatives as well. Will probably see what the OEMs announce before deciding.
    As for phones, I really like the 950, but my current 925 is good enough for most tasks, battery is still decent so I might wait until may to see what they announce that's not from the Nokia pipeline.
  • TL;DR If you want to do more with your electronics and you buy more things, you'll spend more money.
  • Never read a more dumb article.. Its like adding the cost of car when buying car speakers.. C'mon i will buy the band 2 and use it with a cheap droid phone..
  • I'm starting with a 950 whenever they are available for order. I eventually want a SP4, but I'll probably wait until some time next year, maybe by then there will be a Surface 4 with LTE. I'm tempted by the new Band, but my original only lacks the altimeter and still works fine.
  • What's really out of control is Tesla Motors pricing on Model S, X. I mean really.
  • Going to get my company to setup a few stations in out international offices for continuum.  Though we normally travel with our laptops, it will be really useful for when we can just travel with a continuum capable phone and a usb stick.  Personally, not seeing myself setting one up myself at home.
  • And you may need a car to transport these devices home. At 25,000 Microsoft is really pushing it. And what if you want to live in a house? Better add $300,000 unless you want to live in a more expensive area. In that case add 800,000. Microsoft is making us pay almost a million dollars for the full 950xl experience.
    (this article sucks)
  • Mauro, you can actually get 1080p TVs and use those as monitors for around the same price :P. Then again I guess people are used to paying premiums for branded items.
  • I'll start with 950 XL then Surface Book three months later then MB2 three months later, ultimately reaching the Ultimate at about 9.5 months .
  • You ask what kit I would get. I've preordered the Surface Pro 4 (i7, 8Gig 256GB setup) + Type Cover. I plan on ordering the Lumia 950XL once it gets available for preorder in Denmark. I would order the Band 2 as well, but that has not been announced in Denmark. My wallet doesn't mind though:) Why?
    My hardware is getting ol​d.
    I would rather hold back on both, however, my $450 laptop from 2010 are wearing down to the point where the screen hidges are breaking off. The phone because I think there has been enough development in the tech that I can justify a new purchase. It means I won't be getting "the phone after 950-series" (which is maybe due may 2016) but I like to be able to afford skipping this 2016 flagship launch rather than having to jump the next one out of sheer need.  Other than that, my Lumia 920 overheats and battery capacity is running low, even when not using Windows 10 Mobile on it.
  • You Hub
  • If I could afford it right now and if it was sold outside the US, I'd definitely pick up the Surface Book. Less interested in the phones as I don't like their design, and I don't have the need for the Band either. 
  • I'd say you'd want either SP4 or SB, not both.
  • Man you guys are getting desperate for content
  • Y U DO DIS? Don't you want me to have good things?
  • this article is a waste of time. Must have been a slow day
  • Any news yet of when the Surface Book is coming to Europe?
  • And if I decide to buy a car for $20,000, but want a navigation system, backup camera, bigger engine, leather interior, alloy wheels, sport package, sunroof, etc., I could pay well over $30,000 for that $20,000 car.  Does the $20,000 model function just fine at that price. Sure does. Does it function/look better at $30,000. Yep. On the other hand, do manufacturers advertise the $20,000 car for $35,000. Nope. Because they realize people are smart enough to know a leather interior is an option and if they want it they have to pay extra.
  • Or.. you can get the Lumia 950 by 2 or 3 months after launch, and keep your current laptop, tablet, desktop, monitor and mouse. Total cost: less than $400
  • Why would you buy a Surface Pro 4 AND a Surface Book? You would have to be an idiot.
  • An idiot with a lot of money
  • The surface book is fracking amazing.
  • I'm still confused why MS wouldn't add a USB-C port on either the SP4 or SB.
  • do i need the dock for continuum? or can i also connect to a tv without it ?
  • You can use Miracast instead. Miracast adapters run around $50.
  • Why would someone get both a Surface Pro AND a Surface Book? I would think one of the two would be sufficient.
  • Well, there could be a couple of scenarios...
    Maybe you want to leave one connected to a monitor on your desk, and take the other without having to disconnect it.
    One for the house, one for the office.
    One for productivity, one for browsing and better reading experience due to the small screen (surface pro)
    Surface pro is cool to type with on a desk, bit typing on your lap is better with the Book
    Book is a laptop, Surface pro can be used just as a tablet
    Or maybe just because you have a lot of money and want to have both :)
  • You can buy decent touch screen laptop whit iCore 7 and whit a good graphic card under 1000€/$. The pen and portable feature isint worth over 1500$
  • This has got to be the DUMBEST piece of writing yet on WinCentral. Let's just be clear...
    Not everyone will be purchasing a Continuum docking station
    EVEN if everyone did purchase a Continuum docking station, are you sincerely suggesting that they will all need to go out and buy a display for it - AND a mouse and keyboard???
    Can you even seriously make the argument that one would have to buy ALL OF THAT STUFF if the get a 950/950XL and NOT AT ALL include an SD card???  Or perhaps you'll say "well Ronny, people most likely already have a memory card that they'll use in the new phone - so like they don't also have a keyboard, monitor and mouse that they could also use for the docking station... IF they even buy into that??? The logic that a person buying a Surface Book, is also buying a Surface Pro 4 is simply mind-boggling!!! For THE ultimate Windows 10 setup, any intelligent buyer would scratch the Surface Pro 4 and simply get an XBOX One. This article simply made no sense. Or maybe it is simply a joke and I need to relax and take my meds - LOL
  • Personally I don't care. My biggest problem are the choises. Surface or Surfece book. 950 or 950 XL... Do the Surface book come with a docking station?
  • I'm sure the enterprise agreements will be ever more palatable now that Microsoft is in the hardware business. These prices will vary greatly on an organization's buying power so as some have already suggested, the 3rd party offerings will be much more affordable in the consumer segment.  What I'm interested to see is more corporate employees carrying this elite hardware and driving the trend in the opposite direction again. I remember when Dell Latitudes and IBM Thinkpads were the lust-worthy hi-end units only available to corporations. The roughly $1,100 for the 950 and Continuum dock configuration isn't a bad deal when you consider a typical agreement will probably come bundled with System Center 2012's Configuration Manager, Microsoft's inTune MDM, a Hyper-V VDI setup. This will be a HUGE wakeup call for VMware who's now simply too expensive for any IT person to show any real and honest ROI calculation. The book and XL are the Bugatti Veyron offerings. Let's sit tight and see the Nissan GTR versions of these offerings
  • My SP4(M3) at $809 after 10% discount is worth every penny add in a bit over $250  for propper accessories and taxes.  So for just above a thousand dollas I have my laptop replacement that checks every feature box and runs Windows 10 and Office 365 perfectly. My Lumia 635 at $40 is a great match, With Apple peopl spend $1000 on iPhone and $2000 on macs...they are the insane ones