The latest version of one of the most cited benchmarks in the PC space, PCMark, is now available. PCMark 10, which improves upon PCMark 8 in a number of ways, is now up for grabs directly from Futuremark in either its free Basic Edition or the $24 Advanced Edition.

Futuremark launches PCMark 10 benchmarking tool

PCMark 10, Futuremark says, is built for Windows 10 and is "faster and easier to use" than its predecessor, PCMark 8. In particular, Futuremark claims improved workloads have cut the main benchmark time in half. The tool can now be run in fewer clicks as well, without the need to choose between accelerated and conventional benchmarking modes.

The Basic and Advanced editions that are launching today carry some slight differences. The Basic Edition is free, but it only comes with the main PCMark 10 test and allows you to save and view results online. The Advanced Edition, on the other hand, includes three different benchmarks types, custom runs, in-depth hardware monitoring graphs, and lets you save results offline. Both editions join the $1,495 PCMark 10 Professional Edition, which launched earlier in June.

If you want to check out PCMark 10, you can grab the Basic and Advanced editions from Futuremark now. The Advanced Edition is also available on Steam, with the Basic Edition hitting that platform later.