Pick up 2 free games when you buy an Xbox One bundle at the Microsoft Store

Microsoft has certainly been busy serving up some solid Xbox One deals as we approach the holiday season, and the latest is certainly no exception. Now, when you purchase select Xbox One or One S bundles at the U.S. Microsoft Store, you can snag 2 additional free games (opens in new tab) as well.

Should you partake in the deal, you'll be able to get your hands on "The Crew," an open world online racing game, and any other game of your choice. Of course, that's in addition to whatever game (or games) that come with your chosen bundle. THat's not too shabby considering the Xbox One S starts at $299.

If you have yet to pick up an Xbox One, but have had your eye on one, you can take advantage of this deal over at the U.S. Microsoft Store now. There are a number of bundles available for both the original Xbox One and the Xbox One S.

See at the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • I would have bought in if they were not forcing The Crew on me.
  • Agreed. Give me a choice of ANY 2 games, or a minimum, one of them a MSFT published game, and I'm in. I already own 2 Xbox Ones, so a deal has to be really, really sweet to upgrade. Another deal that would get me to bite is 1 choice of ANY game, and an extra controller for free.
  • Hmm, this past weekend they were offering a choice of the crew, Watch dogs, or another game (which I can't remember). Plus the game of your choice. I picked up the Battlefield 1 bundle, Titan fall 2, & watchdogs for $300. Not bad since I was gonna get battlefield & Titan fall anyhow.
  • Actually u can buy different games without The Crew. Just order on their website. It's just the store offering this.
  • Not accurate. I chatted with them and they affirmed that "Sorry about the inconvenience but you dont get to pick the other free game"
  • The title says xbox one and the article states xbox one s, which is it?
  • Correction, it mentions both...
  • What about Europe? Where are these type of bundels? It's a shame!