Pick up Chuwi's budget Hi13 Windows 10 tablet for $299

Budget tablet maker Chuwi is offering up another round of discounts, with the highlight being a cool $40 off of its Hi13 tablet. Available through GearBest, that discount brings the Hi13 down to $299 with coupon code Hi13E.

On top of the Hi13 sale, Chuwi is offering up a few other notable discounts through GearBest. Here's a look at everything:

  • Chuwi Hi13 (opens in new tab) - $299 with coupon code Hi13E
  • Chuwi Hi12 (opens in new tab) - $219 with coupon code CHi12
  • Chuwi Hi10 Pro (opens in new tab) - $159 with coupon code Pro2GB

So long as you're not expecting a powerhouse machine, Chuwi's discounts make for a good way to grab a cheap machine for some light browsing and streaming. Just be aware when ordering from GearBest that some options come with an EU plug, so you might require an adapter. And if you're on the fence, be sure to check out our Hi13 review for more.

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  • I suggest you save yourself a lot of grief and purchase something that has support and a better track record.  My Chuwi 10 now resides at the local trash dump.  Lousy BIOS, impossible restore, crap and heavy keyboard, very poor tech support.     And many driver conflicts with Windows update.  You kinda get what you pay for.
  • I'm grabbing one, read a tonne of reviews/vids etc, worth the lottery for me... Cheap as chips for something that'll be purely a knockabout device*, will see how I go. Cheers. *sticking to purely UWP apps, no legacy x86/W32 cruft (with some exceptions)
  • I think this is great for the price. I recently bought a Dell Inspiron 11 2 in 1 for $329. It has a Core m3, 4GB of RAM, and a 500GB hard drive. The Chuwi device looks like it has better build quality. I love my Dell, but it's all plastic.
  • I have the Chuwi Hi10 Pro. The build materials are very nice. The build quality is not. The USB-C port opening didn't line up with actual port. Needed a small screw driver to line it up so the cable would connect. The Wifi drops connection after 25 to 30minutes. Clicking on the network icon and disconnecting and reconnecting work. It does not support 5GHz band. Doing speed test I can get as high as 9Mbps to the internet, my lapto gets 60.There is only one port (USB C) that is also used for charging. The screen looks great the speaker is decent. it gets the job done for video or streaming music while using it. Edge is unusable, pages freeze and take forever to load. Using Firefox, while sluggish, it works. It's $169, so I wasn't expecting Surface Pro level of performance. For the money, it's worth it to me. I can deal with those annoyances. I wouldn't use it as my only device, it's more for checking email/web in small time frames.
  • Had the Chui hi10 plus. It lasted me for about a year before it died. But when it was working it was fantastic.I'm willing to give Chui another shot.
  • Decent brand for budget hybrids. Not without it's cut corners, as with all budget devices. Typically this rests in budget tablets with wifi strength, and speaker quality - check reviews before purchase, but definitely chuwi and teclast are the more reliable Chinese budget windows tablets. Obviously don't expect tech support with any tablet from a budget manufacturer, there are however fan driven communities with some very clued up people on techtablets, and xda for help if you need it. I recommend anyone with a tablet though, ANY tablet, should make back ups. With windows you can use macrium reflect free. That protects you should anything ever go wrong (although generally it shouldn't unless you mess with partitions or attempt a fresh install - FYI - don't do that, drivers are baked in on tablets)
  • WC seems to have some kind of deal with Chuwi. I haven't seen the same level of love showered on Teclast, Onda or Ramos !