Pinup Board review: A simple digital pinboard app for Windows 10

Cafes, dorms, and restaurants often have one thing in common, a corkboard to pin ideas. Pinup Board for Windows 10 is a digital pin-up board that can replace the classic cork and pin with your PC.

The app is available for free on Windows 10 and Surface Hub.

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Easy pinning

PInup Board is a basic digital pinboad. You click to add a note, enter your name and details, and then save it. You can make small tweaks like the color of the note and style of the font. You can drag and drop notes around but can't do much else.

The app isn't at all powerful, but the fact that it's so simple makes it easy to use. While you can use the app as a personal pinboard, it seems like it's aimed more at businesses. To use the app, you have to enter more details than I'd like, including an address, email, and place of business. You can enter fake information of course, but the fact that you have to type in this information at all is disappointing.

Pinup Board would make a nice addition to a restaurant where patrons could share what they liked about their experience. The fact that the app is available on Surface Hub indicates that it scales well on larger screes, though I only personally reviewed it on a 12-inch device.

Not for extensive notes

While you could use Pinup Board to keep track of some notes, it's not best for that. Instead, it replaces a corkboard which allows you to post short notes to remind yourself of things or to share shorter pieces of information.

I think it's a good thing to have a slightly different app like Pinup Board. There are loads of notes applications on Windows 10, including the built-in Sticky Notes that continues to improve. What I like about Pinup Board is that the developers are trying to carve out a niche with the app. Pinup Board's description talks about businesses using it for customers to share reviews of a business and I can definitely see Pinup Board doing well in that role.

Pinup Board also is unique in that I can actually imagine people using it on the Surface Hub or similar pieces of hardware. A lot of UWP apps are made available on the Surface Hub or other devices like the HoloLens that make no sense for the application. If a business had a larger Windows 10 devices or a HoloLens, they could leave it up and running with Pinup Board to have people share their thoughts on the business.

Though I like the concept of Pinup Board and it works well, I'd like to see some more advanced features. It would be great to be able to pin photos to the board like you can with a physical pinboard. Even if this is strictly aimed at businesses, it would be nice if customers could take a selfie with the app and place it on the board. I'd also like to see the ability to change the background image of the app.

Overall thoughts on Pinup Board

Pinup Board is a basic app, but it runs smoothly. Instead of just making another app for notes, the developers have aimed the app at replacing physical pinup boards, especially for businesses. This makes Pinup Board a solid choice to use in the office, dorm room, or business. I'd like to see some more features to help it replicate a corkboard, such as pinning photos, but it's a clever app to try out.

While Pinup Board has features that are useful, I'd like to see the developers remove the requirement to add personal data to use it.


  • Interactive pins
  • Easy to use
  • Free


  • Basic feature set
  • Requires a lot of information to use

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