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PixFolder, a feature rich photo organizing solution for Windows Phone

The Pictures Hub is a decent way to view, share, edit and serve as an access point for installed Windows Phone photography apps. But many will find the Pictures Hub's organizational skills a little lacking. Enter PixFolder.

PixFolder is a feature rich photo organizer that will let you sort your photos in subfolders. Have a nice collection of sunset pictures? Create a Sunset Folder to make the easier to find.  Along with organizing your photos, PixFolder also has the ability to share photos, pin them to your Start Screen, and open the image in your Pictures Hub.

PixFolder makes a nice first impression and if you're looking for a way to better organize your Windows Phone images, PixFolder is worth a try.

PixFolder is laid out in simple, straight forward style. You have a Home Page that views your unsorted images and a subfolders page that lists your more specific storage folders. Just tap the "+" button at the bottom of the screen from the Home Page or from within a folder to select images to import from your Pictures Hub.

One nice touch on the folder and Home page views is that the available memory on your Windows Phone is displayed in the upper right side of the screen.

PixFolder also has the ability to hide folders for those photos you don't want everyone to see, create PowerPoint slideshows from your images, and has Live Tile and lockscreen support.  You can set individual images as your lockscreen wallpaper or folders that will automatically rotate images to your lockscreen.

And if that wasn't enough.... you can use PixFolder to convert your Windows Phone into a file server. Just activate the share server feature (up under the three-dot menu) and you can wirelessly access your photos from any Windows PC using the Windows File Explorer and WiFi.

In just tinkering with the five day trial version, PixFolder comes across as a fantastic option for organizing your Windows Phone photos. The only thing missing is the ability to launch the camera to capture/save new photos to a folder.

PixFolder is available for both Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices. While there is a five day trial version, the full version will run you $2.99. You can find PixFolder here in the (opens in new tab) Windows Phone Store.

QR: PixFolder

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  • Thats damn well laid out with features gotta dwnld
  • The question is bound to come up so I will ask it: Will it see the Lumia 1020's highres pictures?
  • nice question
    don't look like it works
  • The first person to allow us to see full 38mp shots through an app has my money.
  • same here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • No need for spending money, because Nokia's Pro Cam app can do that for free. Open a photo you have taken with the Pro Cam App (the only app that can take full res shots) and select to open the photo using the Pro Cam. Voila, that's the highres pic.
  • Besides hide photos, can we just password protect them?
  • That's what you are effectively doing by hiding them. You have to know the folder name to open it.
  • Make a add supported free version....not all of us have paying options....
  • "You can set individual images as your lockscreen wallpaper or folders that will automatically rotate images to your lockscreen."
    Is there an app that only does that? I
  • Paper Shuffle is my app of choice for rotating a preferred set of my own photos through my lockscreen.
  • Ditto, Paper Shuffle works very well - I have it rotate pics from my Skydrive library.
  • That's cool if you've got plenty of mobile data when you're on the go. Clever but rather wasteful on phone resources and very wasteful on battery life - already a major issue for many.
  • [removed]
  • Does it only sort within the app or does it sort out the pictures hub? And does it work for pictures saved to a expanded memory flash card?
  • In app only, and no app is allowed to write to SD, because WP's SD support is useless.
  • Why is the app not including SkyDrive?
  • Sooo expensive.. :-/
    BTW could it show EXIF data or another details about photos?
  • Come on. $3 is less than a cup of coffee.
  • I like it, but I wish it deleted, or had the option to delete the pictures you import. I think WP allows apps to do this.
  • Kind of pointless if it just tags a photo to show up under a folder from within the program only. My problem is I want to move pictures out of the camera roll entirely into a different album from within the phone, without uploading to SkyDrive then resaving to get it to show up in the saved pictures album. If you use the phone to take 50 pictures while up in the woods and you want to dump them all into a separate folder to go through later, so then you can delete them out of the camera roll so it is empty again, you can't do it. Doesn't seem like this program solves that issue at all.
  • I miss this option too...
  • This. And even if it did do this, $2.99 would still be too expensive... folder organizing should be $0.99.
  • Its not the camera roll I'm particularly bothered about as I don't take that many pictures on my phone. This app isn't anymore likely to make me want to do so. NO, what I want is a program like this (that's easier to manage - this one is immensely cumbersome) for the picture hub where I have 3200 saved miscellaneous images compared to camera roll where I only have a hundred or so. This one doesn't seem to see outside CR on my phone and unless I've missed something on the settings, probably not good for me. I'll give it the remaining four days of the free trial before deciding.
  • I'd like an app that makes it possible to create new albums in the original pic hub. I hate to be unable to sort my photos directly on the phone :(
  • Tired of this photo apps..give something to done sort in the orginal pic hub ...totally support you izaacj
  • Tried the app, do not see anyway to move pictures from the camera roll to the folders... What am I missing