PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds crosses 20 million copies sold

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) has emerged as the surprise hit of 2017, having already racked up millions of players since its launch on Steam's Early Access program. The "Battle Royale" shooter already crossed a significant milestone with more than 10 million copies sold in September, but now it's blown even that out of the water by announcing more than 20 million copies have now been sold.

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Following the trend of its raw sales, PUBG has managed to secure a pretty active playerbase as well. In October, PUBG crossed more than 2 million concurrent players on Steam, handily beating out other popular titles Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global offensive.

Of course, while sales will continue to surge on PC, we'll likely see another boost soon. PUBG is coming to Xbox One as a console launch exclusive on December 12 as part of the Xbox Game Preview program, where it will be playable as an in-progress version ahead of a full release. Ahead of its console launch, PUBG also recently went up for preorder at $29.99.

On Xbox One, PUBG will tout the same 100-player Battle Royale-style combat of the PC version. Those playing on the newly released Xbox One X will also see key enhancements, including 4K and HDR. Bluehole, the developer behind PUBG, is also planning to release some exclusive cosmetic items for Xbox One players who opt to test the game.

PUBG is available now on Steam, and can be preordered on Xbox One for $29.99.

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  • Nice!
  • I'm curious to know how that sales number (20 million) compares with other extremely popular games like Minecraft, Destiny, world of warcraft etc. Is there a website that tracks these numbers?
  • VGcharts or something like that. Though I'm not sure if WoW is on there.
  • Is this game any good?
  • It just goes to show that popularity means nothing about a game’s quality. PUBG is Early Access and that’s obvious. The gameplay is puddle deep unless you have some teammates. The worst thing about it would be the servers. 17hz update. Console gaming has made people become used to poor network performance. Bad hitreg and crappy bullet physics are never good in a first person shooter, but they seem to be the norm these days.