PlayStation Now game streaming service now available for U.S. Windows PCs

Sony has officially launched the PlayStation Now game streaming service for Windows PC owners in the U.S. The service previously launched for PC gamers in UK, Belgium and the Netherlands last week.

The service allows gamers to access over 400 PlayStation 3 games via Internet streaming for a subscription fee. The list of games includes titles from franchises like the God of War, Ratchet and Clank and Uncharted series that have previously only been available on Sony's PlayStation consoles.

The service costs $19.99 for one month or $44.99 for three months; there is also a free seven-day trial. For a limited time, Sony is also offering a year-long subscription for $99.99, or 55% off the normal monthly price. Sony says that PCs should have at least a 5Mbps Internet speed connection to access PlayStation Now, with a wired connection highly recommended. Here are its other hardware specs:

  • Windows 7 (SP1), 8.1 or 10
  • 3.5 GHz Intel Core i3 or 3.8 GHz AMD A10 or faster
  • 300 MB or more; 2 GB or more of RAM
  • Sound card; USB port

Sony also recommends using its DualShock 4 controller to play the games on PlayStation Now. The company is also selling the DualShock 4 USB Wireless Adaptor for $24.99 for those controllers, and they will go on sale in early September.

  • Dream come true!
    But 5mbps net speed is problem for most of users like me. ☹
  • What internet speed you have?
  • I'm in Canada and have High Speed Internet (300 Mbps download and 50 Mbps upload)
  • Is it possible to play with the keyboard?
  • Read article carefully . Sony recommended THEIR PS4 DS controller .
  • I would prefer the Xbox controller. I find PlayStation has a way better designed ui for their os, but the Xbox controller is a better design for hardware.
  • They recommend the PS4 controller but it doesn't say it won't work with other need a guinea pig.
  • Im always confused by those who prefer Sony's XMB UI. It's a standard text based UI found in most early 2000s consumer electronics.
  • It's cleaner. Xbox ui looks like a webpage with tons of ads. It's horrible. My bro is returning his Xbox one s because of it. Seriously they should create a version of w10 tablet mode with a dynamic left pane that has your apps games and can switch to friends list etc...
  • He is returning his X1s because of the UI?
  • Yeah it's driving him nuts. He decided he will go with new ps4 slim
  • the PS4 interface may be cleaner....but until recently (with folder support in the current 4.0 beta) it was pretty much flat.... leading to not stop scrolling if you have a ton of games/apps. My only real complaint with the XBOX One gui is that it's no longer fast...but quite slow (launch day system) Sure, it may be in line with Windows 10, but it needs to be sped up a bit.
  • It needs to stop looking like a webpage and have an intuitive and nice hierarchy. Even the bluray player is horrendous. Compare that to the playstation app with nice icons and easy to understand intuitive design. They need to use the tablet mode for windows 10 and just redesign it a bit. I want my games/installed apps on my front page. I don't want an activity feed unless I go to one. It's not facebook, it's a console. I don't want xbox live advertised unless I go into the store.
  • The original Xbox One UI was closer to the Windows 8 UI and it's actually the only place where that UI worked well. Instead of improving on it, microsoft scrapped it and changed it to the new UI which puts ads front and centre. And then fills the rest with social crap while throwing the games either to the bottom or a totally different screen. It's atrocious. And don't even get me started on how pathetic is the blu-ray player on the Xbox One (and One S). The bloody thing can't even read a simple BD-R disc! Even my PS3 does that. More, the One S won't support 4K pass through either. How can someone recommend the Xbox as a media device is beyond me. (I have no complains with it when it comes to gaming itself though)   And I say all of this as someone who currently uses the XB1. But since the new UI came in, I've been looking at jumping ship. And with the disappointment the One S is, I'm now waiting for the PS4K to go back to PlayStation from where I came. I gave Microsoft a chance. Bought the Xbox One (AND paid for XBL Gold membership) when all my life I used the PlayStation. It was clearly a bad move for me. The things the PS4 lacked on launch (media streaming DLNA capabilities) have since been added by Sony. But all the things the Xbox One lacked from the beggining are still missing and they clearly aren't going to fix them (despite being requested on that useless feedback page of theirs).
  • They've added a lot of features from the feedback page... I get an email almost every month notifying me that something I voted on has been addressed...
  • Couldn't agree more. I don't know what MS is thinking. UI is powerful enough to get people to abandon. I mean windows 8 showed that UI can get people to abandon things if not implemented in the right context. Unfortunately windows 8 and desktop were not the right context. It worked fine on touch screens and tablets but they alienated their whole desktop market as a result.
  • The best way to game!
  • Forever the copycat.
  • I know, all the time they have been streaming to their portable console and other devices was just beta testing for Microsoft and their Xbox streaming (even though the services are completely different)..... /s
  • They entered the game streaming space long before MS did with the launch of the ps3 and remote play. Not only can you stream to pc (which is the latest device supported), you can stream direct to some smart tvs, the psp, the ps vita and some blu ray players. Soooo tell me again how remote play/ps now is copying Xbox play anywhere/streaming when sonys version has been in existence for almost a decade????
  • To be fair, PS3 remote play was terrible and really didn't support anything except PS One games and only worked with Sony devices.
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  • It supported many ps3 titles and almost all indie games (like pixel junk monsters). The rest of what you said is true tho
  • "Many"? Check this Wikipedia article for the full list at the end. It is very short, and mostly PSN games:
  • Well that's great for the ps3 era version of remote play. Remote play now supports ALL ps4 games by design/default, so why are we even talking about this still?
  • not all ps3 games supported streaming. Now, what this story is about is Sony's cloud based gaming, not to be confused with remote play.... It's closer to Geforce Now than remote play, with everything rendered in the cloud. This is a service sony bought (gaikai and onlive) in order to make this happen.
  • They say Xbox is not needed anymore when most of its games are going PC, BUT it looks like we don't need PLAYSTATION anymore since ALL of its games are going on PC. HAHAHA
  • Not if it's only Ps3 games
  • It's only ps3 games dude.. You still need a ps4 if you wanna play sonya latest exclusives uncharted 4, drive club, etc. It's the Xbox one no one needs since most of its exclusives are also on PC. If you're gunna make such a comment, at least make sure it is accurate /factual
  • Really, most "exclusives" are also on PC, whether PS or Xbox. Only Nintendo has actual exclusives anymore. Of course, that's all Nintendo has.
  • That is false when it comes to Sony. It's pretty much only Xbox and cross-plat games that go to pc. Name 5 ps3/4 exclusives you could play on pc prior ps now's pc support. Go ahead, I'll wait... Hell, name 3...
  • - Sort by "Exclusive" column and in both PS4 and Xbox "Yes" is less than half the length of the "Console" and "Timed" exclusives together. Wii U, on the other hand, is quite a bit longer.
  • That's not what I asked for at all...
  • Personally I don't get this service for PC. There's PS3 emulators out there for over 2 years. It would make more sense surely to sell PS exclusives for 3 and 4 on steam or windows 10 store. It won't harm console sales because console gamers still prefer gaming on their consoles.
  • The only legit PS3 emulator says it doesn't run commercial games, so...
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  • Why would anyone who is a PC gamer want to stream the PS3 version of fallout 3 for example????? When you can play a much better version on PC with mods.
  • 1) Not everybody has a PC made for gaming or want to spend the money for one. This service can work on a potato. 2) There are plenty of games on PS3 that aren't on PC Use your brain.
  • If you think a weak PC will stream well. Your dreaming. I think you had better go and stream games first before making that assumption. You can buy a 2nd hand PS3 and all the important exclusives for less than £100. This streaming service is actually a joke. What sony are doing is deciding to make people pay again for games because they screw over people by not doing backward compatibility. All this people that bought Uncharted 3 digital on PS3? Sony says screw you, pay for it again. It won't run on your PS4.
  • Another brainless person. 1) Read the requirements; Those are potato specs. The service is at the mercy of your internet connection. I did a free trial with OnLive when it was around on a crappy laptop and had no issues. 2) Buying a second hand system with all the so called important exclusives for £100 is complete BS. You can play more games in a year using this service than buying a used console plus games with the same money. 3) You're not paying for the games again. You're paying for a subscription to play PS3 games. That's like paying for a Netflix subscription and also having to pay to watch each individual movie. That's not how the PS Now subscription works. 4) Nobody is getting screwed over. Should've kept your PS3 if the older games meant that much to you. It's obvious you're not the demographic for this product. Additionally, I have no intentions of using this service. But the way you guys are trying to downplay it is idiotic.
  • Ratchet & Clank, Uncharted, The Last of Us, Ni No Kuni and many other exclusives. $100 for unlimited gaming of $thousands worth of great games fanboys of a different system haven't played is a steal.
  • The main benefit in this case is access to the exclusives you can only play on ps3 (like mlb the show), not the cross platform games. There's no better baseball game than sonys mlb the show franchise..hell, I don't even think another baseball sim game even exists. It's like the madden of baseball, but PlayStation only.
  • I wish Microsoft would make XBOX 360 games PC compatible. Isn't everyone here always talking about how XBONE is running Windows 10 anyways. If so, how hard can it possibly be.
  • I'm pretty sure they could bring the Xbox 360 emulator to PC if they want to in the future.
  • Is the USB Wireless adapter just for those without Bluetooth enabled PCs?
  • No. My ps3 and ps4 controllers don't work with my Bluetooth pcs without 3rd party software and no adapters.
  • I read the fine print and it says that the subscription will renew for $99.99 annually. So it looks like you'll always get the sale price if you never cancel. I figured it would go up to the normal price after the first year. That's a hell of a deal. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • A deal???? I bought a few PS3 exclusives digitally. Guess what i cant play them on a PS4. Because of no backwards compatibility. SONY want me to pay again via streaming. No thanks Sony. Screw you. All ky digital PS3 games are wasted forever.
  • Damn straight Posted via the Windows Central App for Android (LG V10 or Nexus 5x)
  • Wouldn't it been funny if sony released this as an UWP app that could be used on the XBox?