Plex for Xbox One adds support for over-the-air live TV

Plex finally added support for viewing live TV last summer, but the sorely missing feature was initially only available for a couple of platforms – and Xbox One was not among them. Today, is bring Xbox users up to speed with the launch of live TV support (opens in new tab) on Microsoft's console, giving you a front-end for checking out over-the-air (OTA) channels within the Plex app.

As with other platforms, you'll need the right equipment to get started with streaming live TV via Plex on your Xbox One. According to Plex (opens in new tab), the setup will work with any digital antenna connected to a Plex-compatible DVR tuner (opens in new tab). You'll also need to be a Plex Pass subscriber (opens in new tab), which will set you back $4.99 per month. Once you've got everything in place, however, you'll be able to navigate to the new "Live TV" section in Plex for Xbox One to tune in to and record any over-the-air channels you can pick up in your area.

If you already rely on Plex to stream your own shows, movies, and other media, then this is one step closer to making the app a one-stop shop for everything. Unfortunately, live TV support still isn't available with the Windows 10 app, though it is now included with the desktop Plex Media Player (opens in new tab) client.

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  • Where does it house the DVR recordings? On the server or on the XBOX? Also, how much space does it require? 
  • Server. And that depends how much you're going to record and whether it's HD or not. Personally I keep 250GB for my DVR but I don't keep much on there for long besides short kids shows.
  • This is important to note from Plex's website on compatible tuners: "The “Xbox One” tuners must be plugged into the computer running Plex Media Server, not into an Xbox One."
  • Thanks for pointing that out. I was interested until seeing that comment.
  • Everything Plex does runs through the Plex server. If you want OTA TV on the Xbox One without using a server, just use the OTA TV adapter :)
  • Once Plex fixes their DVR bugs and makes it 100% reliable, I will finally be able to upgrade my media server PC to Windows 10 and retire Windows Media Center.
  • Make sure to leave bug reports and stuff in their forums. I've spoken to their team a fair bit in the last 12 months and I know they're passionate about making it the best product they can.
  • Since it uses the Plex Server, does it have to be the XBox tuner or can any compatible tuner be used on the server?
  • Won't work with the Xbox tuner afaik. If you have a tuner piping TV into your Plex server then it'll work on Xbox since it just pulls it over WiFi
  • I can confirm this also works with a cable card tuner (HDHR Prime) although FIOS in my area is unencrypted so not sure about protected content (likely won't work).
  • Lon Seidman will be pleased.