Plex for Xbox One has been updated with a ton of new features

If you're not using Xbox Music (soon to be Groove), Plex for Xbox One is now a credible music solution for those of you who have local MP3 collections. Smartglass support is now available, in addition to cinematic trailers and a bunch of other new features.

From Plex's blog post:

  • Music Support: Finally, your Xbox One will sing. I mean, not literally, like you in the shower this morning, but close enough. Play your music, even in snapped mode or in the background on the home screen.
  • Playlists: Access all your music and video playlists. Shuffle your favorite artist, or just binge watch an entire season of Futurama while eating pizza. We won't judge, but your Kinect might.
  • SmartGlass support: Control and see what's currently playing from your favorite SmartGlass-capable device.
  • Cinema Trailers & Extras: Watch movies as God intended, assuming God likes $10 popcorn and sticky floors. Trailers before your movies! Extras, including music videos, are all there for your viewing pleasure.
  • Direct Play for MKV: Most MKV video files no longer need to be converted for playback. Wowsers! Give your server a break, and enjoy super fast seeks using the Xbox video player's native MKV support.
  • Navigation Shortcuts: New key bindings to directly start playing something when browsing (X) or flip between TV episodes (L/R trigger).

Plex also noted that the team has been hard at work on an additional update, set to bring even more "awesome stuff" to the Xbox One app. Some of these features may rely on Xbox One updates, like the long-anticipated un-snapped background music functionality.

OneDrive integration would be nice. Make it so Plex!

Source: Plex

Jez Corden
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