Popular platformer Owlboy lands on Xbox One soon

Originally, our press release said that "platforms and release date are yet to be announced". However, a few moments later, D-Pad Studio released a video with the release date and platforms. Owlboy is coming to Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 on February 13, 2018. A physical edition is also in the works but the studio or publisher didn't provide any additional details.

Owlboy is notable for its long development cycle, which began in 2007 and ended in 2016 when it launched on Windows PC. It took the studio years to perfect the mechanics and visuals because of the small team size. Speaking about their collaboration with D-Pad Studio, Bas de Jonge, Marketing Manager at SOEDESCO, said the following.

I'm very excited to finally announce our collaboration, it's something we've had in the works for a while now. Today, a year after Owlboy's release on Steam, we're happy to finally share this news with the community, and we're hoping everyone is just as excited as we are to bring this fantastic game to retail.

Owlboy is an adventure game where players can fly and explore a new world in the clouds. Players need to overcome obstacles and enemies in detailed environments filled with secrets. The main character Otus can't speak, so he struggles living up to the expectations of owl-hood. Events spiral out of control with the sudden appearance of sky pirates. Otus then embarks on a journey through monster-infested ruins and treacherous forests to prove himself.

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Asher Madan

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  • YES! I've wanted to get this game for a while but have been too lazy, it'll be good to snap it up on the Xbox.
  • These days, unless it's something I received as a gift, or found in the wild for crazy dirt cheap, or is one of the manifold goodies I get for free from XBLG (or its Sony parallel, PS+ over on tbe PS4 or Vita), or lastly, is one of those very rare games I just want to own on every single platform for tech comparison reasons, I relegate all of my multiplatform game purchases almost exclusively to either the PC or the Switch. Outside of the exceptions listed above, I pretty much just use the consoles for console exclusives, and in the case of the XB, as a BluRay player. My PC is spec'd so that it edges out the XB1X (though a few crazily well optimized games on the console may still just edge me out), and I plan to up-spec my PC at tax time, putting it out of 1X's reach entirely. So other than those crazy optimized games, I'm still better to go for the PC version for optimum performance even on my current rig, let alone on the rig post-upgrade. So, if it's a graphically intensive multiplatform game - especially if it's one that benefits from KBM, I'll just get it on PC. If it's a game with only moderate to basic graphical hardware demands, I'll get it on Switch for the fexibility and "go anywhere" console/portable/tabletop (and even possibly future) tablet functionality. Or...if it's a game that's either important enough, and/or cheap enough, and would benefit from both, then I'll get it on both PC and on Switch (Doom will be this way). Same truth put another way from a different angle: if it's a game that doesn't require XB and PS level hardware might, then why would I choose to be tethered to the couch for that relatively modest boost in power when I can get up and go and have a quality experience on the Switch without it? My big bold assertion is that -ANY- game that doesn't either require big power to pull off and/or precision controls (meaning just about every single indie game, and even a number of "medium ticket" ones) will -ALWAYS- be best on Switch because of the hybrid's flexibility.....always. And on the other hand, if a game requires more power than the Switch has on tap to do the game decently, then the same truth I said earlier put another way is "why would I settle for PS/XB level performance when even my fairly "Average Joe" PC is able to utterly leapfrog everything besides the 1X, and even then, still triumphs except for in the case of the most tremendous optimization - and even that's about to change? No matter which way you slice it, between the Switch on the one hand, and the PC on the other, the consoles have no significant value to me as it concerns multiplatform games and are best just being skipped in this arena...... .......of course, thanks to the console exclusives, all the free goodies from their subscription services, their nice, tight, attractive UIs, interfaces, and even the actual aesthetics and forms of the machines themselves, and just my "completist", "collectoarder" tendencies, I will never abandon nor stop cherishing the systems completely - hell I'm even very strongly considering getting the Pro and the 1X at tax time despite their comparatively diminished value proposition for me minus the multiplats. And lastly, if you can only afford/justify owning just one system, then rather than the XB or PS being the least valuable options, they may well be the most. Because even if they're the very best at nothing, they are at least good at pretty much everything and for way less than an "outclass" level PC. Plus, I suppose if you want to do online multiplayer on a more "level playing field", the console's your best bet for that too. Anyway, all that just to say this: I'll get this one on Switch, thanks! :-)
  • I really need to get a Switch, I have the others already but it'd be good to get the Nintendo machine.
  • I just stream my games from my Xbox to whatever monitor I am in front of. No need for a PC or a Switch. Edit: besides... The PC with comparable power to the X would be in the $1000+ range and wouldn't be a beautiful addition to the living room.
  • It'd be double awesome if this is a XPA title...