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Popular Windows Phone puzzle game Glean goes free for 72 hours (US and UK)

The popular puzzle game Glean has gone on sale on the Windows Phone Store. Not only is this a sale, but you're able to pick up the title for absolutely nothing. If you're not familiar with the name, the goal of the Glean is for players to draw a path with their finger from a provided starting point, collecting all the small and large objects without crossing paths.

It may sound like a simple concept, but it can prove challenging. Hop past the break for more details and download links.

In total, there are 160 levels spanning 8 worlds. It's a super addictive game and easy to get the hang of thanks to an animated tutorial. The graphics are simple but effective and the overall presentation is pleasing to the eye. We've wasted hours wrapped up in completing each level.

Glean App

There's already a free version of Glean, alongside this premium upgrade, but players are greeted by advertisements. It's good to see the developer offer the title for free to get more consumers on-board. You can download Glean from the Windows Phone Store for free (usually $1.29).

This offer will end in 72 hours (UK and US only), after which the price will be reinstated and you'll have the option to purchase the full game or enjoy the free version.

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  • Its free.....but i am not in U.S or U.K
  • Yes.... I knew this day would come. Love this game and always wanted to buy the full version.
  • Ive been playing this for ages, I'm up to bone 6, so I've finished star, cloud, circles, and whatever else there was and its still too easy! Ive not yet needed more than one go. Does it ever get challenging?
  • Not fair... :| (India)
  • Change your region to US and reboot, presto!
  • **Its not about changing the region, its about what's fair!!!!** (Harvey two-face) ;) :P
  • Doesn't work for me. Tried US & UK
  • Just downloaded today morning by changing region to US. Worked like charm. Yeah it showed the "free" tag. Already completed "STAR World" and "CLOUD World" levels in the game, now on "HEART World"...
  • I was going to say #SaveXboxWP but, it looks neat and for free, I'll give it a shot...
  • Fun game, a little easy, but still fun. A few levels made me think for a moment. I prefer not to do that though LOL.
  • Similar to Flow Free.
  • Does it ever get any more challenging? I'm half way through Heart on 100% and it's just same old same old. It's like the game Move, the early levels go one far too long being easy that you lose interest.
  • In Circle some, but in reality from Bone, but sadly, it to late and almost end of game. If i need pay for it, i be desapointed. Kids game.
  • Thankyou. The dark brown owl flies at midnight. Wear a hat.
  • Extremely easy
  • Yeah, because everyone lives in the US and UK...