It may not be quite the same as becoming one in real life, but you can now suit up and become a Power Ranger in Minecraft. The sandbox game's latest skin pack is here for console, pocket and Windows 10 editions, and it manages to pack in a whole heck of a lot of Power Rangers goodness.

Power Rangers mightily morph into Minecraft console, pocket, and Windows 10

As you'd expect, all main rangers are accounted for here: black, green, red, pink, yellow, and blue. However, if you for some reason identified more with the villains as a kid (what? why!?), the pack also includes Rita Repulsa, Zedd and Goldar as well. There are many more to check out as well, including Bulk, Skull, and Alpha.

So, if you popped out to see the new Power Rangers movie and found yourself pining for the days of after-school television once more, you can now indulge that impulse in a small way in Minecraft.