PowerToys to gain improved multi-monitor support on Windows 10

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Lg 38wn95c W Hero (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • PowerToys will soon have improved multi-monitor support on Windows 10.
  • PowerToys currently supports multiple monitors, but you have to launch the FancyZone editor on a specific monitor.
  • The feature does not have a specific release date.

PowerToys is a great little utility on Windows 10 that allows you to take advantage of a number of cool features. One of those features is FancyZone, which allows you to customize monitor layouts. You can snap windows to custom layouts or zones, making it much easier to get your monitor to look the way that you'd like. In an upcoming update, PowerToys will better support multiple monitors.

PowerToys already supports multiple monitors, but at the moment, you have to launch the FancyZone editor on a specific monitor to set things up. According to Clint Rutkas, who works on PowerToys for Microsoft, improved multi-monitor support is on the way.

FancyZone already allows you to do things like flip zones between monitors. Based on the screenshot from Rutkas, the main improvement seems to be the improved layout that makes it easy to customize each specific monitor within a UI similar to monitor settings on Windows 10.

PowerToys is a great utility for power users and continues to gain features over time. You can check out our hands-on with the app above.

Sean Endicott
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