PowerToys improves FancyZones and adds new utilities in latest update

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What you need to know

  • PowerToys has a new update that brings it to version
  • The update brings improvements to FancyZones and several new utilities.
  • The update also brings over 100 fixes to issues.

Microsoft's PowerToys has a new update that brings several improvements and new utilities. The update brings the tool to v0.1.6.0 and adds a Markdown Preview pane extension, SVG Preview pane extension, Image Resizer Windows Shell extension, and Window Walker, which is an alt-tab alternative. The latest version also improves Fancyzones.

PowerToys is a collection of utilities for power users. It includes utilities like the PowerRename tool, an Image Resizer tool, and FancyZones, which lets you customize windows on your desktop.

Here's the complete changelog for v0.1.6.0:

FancyZone improvements:

Multi-Monitor improvement: Zone flipping switching now works between monitors! Simplified UX: Removed layout hot-swap and flashing feature due to need to improve multi-monitor support

  • New Utilities!
    • Markdown Preview pane extension
    • SVG Preview pane extension
    • Image Resizer Window Shell extension
    • Window Walker, an alt-tab alternative
  • Fixed over 100 issues!
  • Testing improvements
    • 54 UX Functional tests
    • 161 new Unit tests

Window Walker is an interesting utility that comes with this update. It allows you to press Control + Windows to bring up a search bar. You can then search for running programs on your PC.

You can grab the latest version of PowerToys from GitHub.

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  • I installed 0.16.0 using the MSI without any apparent issues. When I next restarted by machine, PowerToys started up and told me that it had found a previous version and did I want to uninstall that. I said yes but, as it turned out, it was 0.15.2 starting up and it was uninstalling 0.16.0. I had to actually uninstall 0.15.2 manually. Oddly though, it wasn't listed in Programs & Features so I did it from the Start Menu. Didn't look in Apps & Features. Basically, it seems like the installer is a bit off so be prepared.
  • i would uninstall both 0.15.2 @ 0.16.0 then clear out temp files/folders disk clean run any other cleaner app cleaner run duplicate cleaner then try revo uninstaller pro free trial it will find any left over removed file crap then i would try to reinstall 0.16.0 ? give that a try ! if that does not work take your pc and scare the gigabits out of it by holding it over a big pool ! show it who is the master is!@##$%
  • or threaten it by telling it see that 220v plug over there