Pre-order HTC Radar & Titan on Clove

Clove is offering the HTC Radar for £285 (ex. VAT) and the Titan for £498 (inc. VAT) with pre-orders for international shipping. It states that first stock is due early October, which confirms the 15th date set on Amazon (opens in new tab). Among the feature icons found on the product page is DLNA, FF camera and more. Looking good!

On a quick funny note, it seems as though one can pick up the Radar for £0.00 including VAT. So the taxation of the product is actually reimbursing the customer the price. We know it's a mere error but still caused a few giggles.

Source: Clove, via: WPSauce

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • The design of the Radar is actually tolerable in silver, I might get it now. Want to see more Mango hardware from other manufacturers first though.
  • Agreed, silver version looks great! Too bad about performance though
  • we don't kno for sure how it performs yet.
  • Yep, that color scheme better suits the Radar's body style.
  • Not being able to spell reimbursing has made me smile!
  • Stupid Safari auto-correct. Guess the word processor didn't pick it up either so it was overlooked. Good catch, fixed :P
  • and here I was thinking it was a play on words....
  • No problem! ;)The only thing with silver phones is how well they resist wear