Pre-order the Lumia 930 in the UK and receive some free goodies

Two popular online UK retailers have announced pricing for the Lumia 930. Clove and Unlocked Mobiles have the new Windows Phone listed for £435 and £449.98 respectively. We've looked at major carriers in the UK stocking the device, but not everyone wants to be locked into a 24-month contract. The best part about the listings isn't the attractive price tag for a brand new flagship smartphone, but the bundled goodies early purchasers will receive with their order.

This is more of a reminder article that Nokia (now Microsoft) is looking to push wireless charging as well as Windows Phone line and will be bundling free wireless chargers, speakers and even store vouchers..

Lumia 930 bundle deal

Be on the lookout for some enticing deals.

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  • Great offers. But...
  • But... I see a new Lumia Flagship hitting later this year, feels like it's probably worth waiting a few months. For me at least :)
  • If we wait for every next flagship we will stick to our phones 
  • The point here is that the 930 is a 6 month old phone only just now being released outside the US
  • Yeah..
  • Yup..just pray that the next flagship wouldn't be US exclusive again for another 6mos.
  • So you changes your phone every 6 months?
  • This is why it becomes important to have a predictable yearly device refresh. If people jump on the 930 today, and then the mclauren is officially announced (or even fully leaked) 2-3 months from now as a replacement or clear upgrade, then people are not going to be happy. Of course there is always going to be something better right around the corner, or within a year away; but that something better should only be iteratively better, and it should be coming from a different company. Releasing something significantly better, or with significantly different features, focused at the same market, released by the same company, just leaves a bad taste in people's mouths. For example: WP7.5 was advertised as the major fix for WP7, and many thought that the platform would finally have a bit of stability... only to have WP8 announced and released a few months later with no upgrade path available to consumers. Right along with that was the big hubbub and launch of the Lumia 900, and a complete rebranding of what Nokia was... and then the Lumia 920 was released 6 months later offering much better features and the updated OS. These moves really annoy people, and you would think that they would have caught on to this by now. You need a product to be able to stay on top for a good 8-12 months before replacing it, otherwise people feel jilted. Note that I am not saying that this is a reasonable expectation of consumers... but consumers are anything but reasonable, and at the end of the day it is this consistent negative public reaction that hurts MS most.
  • I think there is a big difference between the 'Apple' approach of a yearly refresh cycle, and what - well everyone else does.  Most of the 'big' smartphone vendors have a variety of models. In this regard Nokia have their low / mid range (500, 600, 700, 800).  Their 'mainstream' flagshop premium device (000 series), and we've got niche devices like the 1020 (photography) and 1320 /1520 (mid and high end phablets). Looked at in that light, the 930 is an update to the 920 which has been in the market for some time now.  We don't yet know where the McLaren will sit.  Should we consider it a '935?  Maybe, and if that's the case then yes, it would be a bit of a kick in the teeth for anyone who jumps on board with the 930 now. That being said, I don't think you can begrudge Nokia / Microsoft for getting the 930 out there.  A mainstream premium handset launch is now arguably overdue - they need something out there, right now, to show off Windows Phone 8.1 and propell it into the mix of premium phones from the competition.  Savvy tech-interested users like us might want to hold off or find a way to upgrade today and recoup the cost later and upgrade again.  Ordinary consumers however ... different story, and they make up the maority.
  • Here, Here, well said! i think the 930 will appeal to those who are just finishing their 2 year contracts with their WP7 phones and cant wait another six months for 'next new flagship'. jumping from a Lumia 800 or 900 to the 930 is a massive step and will be suitable for most. i'll be happy to upgrade as soon as my carrier gets the stock
  • Maybe if it was cheaper I'd consider it but honestly. No thanks.
  • Indeed, I hate how they offer £130 of accessories instead of lowering the phone price. Cheaper phones usually means more sales and it's a good thing for everyone.
  • Nokia have lots of cheaper phones, its not compulsory to buy a flagship phone.
  • It's not about the price per say, it's about value of a 6 month old phone. I want a flagship phone but this isn't it. It lacks in too many ways. It's older technology. It's a previously released US only phone from 6 months back. That's why I don't want it. I also already own a charging plate and a bluetooth speaker.
  • I see, so you have a phone as good as this already? That's fine, again, its not compulsory to buy a flagship phone. Its common for most people to wait two years to buy a phone anyway. That would be the Lumia 900. L920 adopters are still from after November 2012
  • It's not about what's compulsory. If I can afford a flagship phone, that's what I want to buy. I don't like the mid range or low end phones as I don't want to rely on SD cards for storage. It's that simple. As the idea that this phone is 'good' that's really perception. If we just go on hardwar alone, this phone is old tech compared to what's been recently released by other manufacturers.  I waiting to see what comes and go from there. I have no high expectations at this stage however. We haven't really had a true flagship yet.
  • I've had a 920 since launch, do I upgrade to a 930 or hold out until the end of the year for the McLaren? I'm torn!
  • While a significant upgrade to the 920, as others have said the 930 is practically a 6 month old phone already.
  • 920 user here and I feel like this phone has stayed relevant for a long time and can continure to do so until McLaren is released. Personally, I'm waiting for McLaren. Very tempted to go for the 930 as it's a very good upgrade from the 920. But, I'm very happy with 920 and can definitely wait till the end of this year.
  • Looking around at eBay - you could get around £100 back on your old 920.  So, for me if these things are going to hold their value like that, then I'll buy off contract, sell my phone, and then when the McLaren drops I'll see whether I can upgrade again by selling off my 930.  In the meantime my 'SIM only' contract will be saving me money too. Also, remember we don't know for sure when the McLaren might drop - it's still in the 'rumour' territory, and although it's a /credible/ rumour, there are numerous other things that need to fall into place before an actual launch will happen.  If Microsoft want to get that phone out for Christmas they'd better get their skates on.
  • £100 after £500 on release is really "holding its value" :O
  • Depends on timescale - you'd be dissapointed if you'd bought the 920 a few months back, but if you'd had it for 18 months for example, that's not bad, particularly when the phone recycling sites like Mazuma Mobile will only give you less than half that.
  • If you can afford it, go for it. The waiting game will always be there. But I'm sure we'll be seeing leaks of MSFT devices soon.
  • I love the design and after using 1320, I know I'll love the big screen too. Camera, design and colours are fantastic too. These many goodies on top are awesome as well but from 920 to 925 to 930 there seems to be no justification to upgrade. 930 is hardly any better than 925 just as 925 was hardly any better than 920. Weight arguement is moot as few grams plus, minus changes nothing for a man. Why should I get this?
  • I think this phone is about turning heads rather than trying to get existing 900 series owners to upgrade. THis is a flagshop premium smartphone that is trying to -alongside WP 8.1- propell itself into the mix of phones to consider when buying such a device.  Galaxy S5, iPhone 5S .. Lumia 930?  That's where Microsoft wants this phone to be.  It's a platform for showing off not just great hardware, but also the great new software that is WP 8.1, and hopefully getting a few converts in the process. If you're an existing 920/925 owner ... there's little reason to upgrade.  You'll be getting 8.1 as an upgrade, and Cyan firmware update too.  Of course, if you're like me and you simply MUST have the latest thing then that might be a reason to go for it - I'm jsut a sucker for the shiny gadget :p
  • Does it mean it has on screen navigation keys of WP8.1 OS? I don't think so. If it is aimed to showcase WP8.1 it should feature the hardware to match the software. More of a rehash of Nokia leftovers before aquisition.
  • The concept of software keys is not in any way the 'new' Windows Phone way.  It is merely something Microsoft have engineered in, in response to feedback from hardware vendors who want to make the phone as cheaply as possible.  Those capacitive buttons add to the cost of the device, and if you're trying to make a low end device then chopping those out is one of many things you might want to do.  Hence we have the /option/ of software keys. You'll absolutely continue to see physical 'hardware' navigation keys a feature on the more premium devices though going forward.
  • Same here. It's a definitely a step up, but is this a leap? No.
  • I had 800, then 920 and just preordered 930. C'mon guys every 3/4 months there's a new phone. I will stick to proper flagships that follow one another. Also £450 average price plus all these goodies plus through Carphone Warehouse even further £100 cash back, I'd have to be silly to miss that offer and I bet that this McLaren some of you are waiting for will be again for a niche like 1020 was plus will be more expensive and Microsoft wont be offering this many goodies with it.
  • Where did you see the extra £100 on Carphone warehouse?! Cant find it anywhere!!
  • Its an instore offer
  • So true. There will always be a new flagship every few months. Lets say you buy a flagship on the day it comes out. 6 months later it won't be the flagship anymore and you will wonder what all the fuss was about. By this kind of logic, i might as well wait until the phone AFTER McLaren comes out, or even better, the one after that. You wont be missing out on anything because it will be included in the flagship after the flagship. The 1020 came out just after the 920 and i was like oh ffs. But then if i bought the 1020 i would only be moaning about the 1520 a few months later.
  • Torn between sticking with 1020 or get 930 help
  • The 1020 is a 'specialist' camera phone - the huge 41MP camera is the big selling point for that device. If you're well into your photography on your phone, then definitely stick with the 1020.  It'll get even better when Cyan firmware is released. If you aren't a photography nut, then you may find the 930 a more aesthetically pleasing device to own, with the latest hardware features like the 1080p OLED screen, SensorCore technology and Surround Sound Mics for video.  It still has a 21MP camera, which is far less 'bulky' on the phone vs what you'll have right now on the 1020.
  • Thanks fir you're reply
  • 1020 if you have a female neighbour who leaves her curtains open. (disclaimer: This may be illegal in your country).
  • I have a 920 and a 1020 and Im happy that I upgraded to the 1520 when it was released. It's the same as the 930 but with a bigger screen and Glance support (!). Now I don't know which of my WP devices I should cary with me :D
  • Nah ill upgrade my 920 to the Maclaran. The 930 doesn't feel like a worthwhile upgrade.
  • Only 1520 for me
  • Just ordered one. 920 has served me well but its time is up. Now I just need to wait a week on it coming :(
  • Great price and great freebies. I was expecting a starting price around £500.
  • Wer is the updates for windows phone 8.1....
  • Coming.  Launch rollout is ramping up this month.  Remember though that it will be a staggered launch. Also, remember that if your phone is locked to a specific carrier, then they can also hold up the update whilst they sign off on it.  So, pester your carrier on twitter to find out what their plans are!
  • Also at Carphone Warehouse
  • Yes but unless I am mistakened, the Carphonewarehouse off-contract product does not include the £130 bundle - it's in the fine print but it's only for pre-order and upgrade pay-monthly deals.  This makes the Clove offer the clear winner for me although I've just done some quick maths and it's actually cheaper with the monthy plan for the comparable tarrif that I want on O2 from Carphonewarehouse. Off-Contract L930 @Clove with free bundle = £435 + £5 shipping (shipping is exc VAT) = £441
    Sim-only tarrif @Carphonewarehouse 12months / UL Txt / UL Min / 2GB 4G data + £72 autocashback = £15 (£21 without autocashback) x 24 = £350
    Total Cost over 24 months = £801 Vs L930 @Carphonewarehouse with free bundle with O2 24months UL Txt / UL Min / 2GB 4G data = £33 x 24 = £792 + £9.99 upfront fee
    Total Cost over 24 months = £801.99 - £100 cashback cheque = £701.99
  • I'm definately getting this.  Clove's price is cheaper than I was expecting.  I was thinking more in the 450-500 mark,  435 is an awesome price!  The bundle is also amazing.  A portable charging plate should certainly prove to be a conversation starter! The bluetooth speaker looks interesting.  If it produces good quality sound then it may be something I buddy up with my Surface 2 more than my phone, as the speakers on the surface aren't great. Yeah, I know McLaren is coming, and that could turn out to be a '935' I guess, but I'll buy off-contract, sell my 920 on ebay and hopefully get the going rate about about 100-130 that seems to be the case on there at the moment, and then if I need to upgrade again, well I'll hopefully get plenty back for my 930 (200-250 seems to be going rate for 'recent' higher end Lumias), and I'll also be saving money by having a SIM-only contract. Excited! :D
  • Watch out for clove, my 920 came in and old plastic wrapper plus they had scratched the screen for "testing purposes". So if you do buy make sure you tell them not to do any sort of scratch testing...
  • Hmm, yes - when it looks too good to be true it probably is - maybe i'll try the other guys, or see if Amazon launch this deal too! :)
  • I'm passing on this its really cool looking but I'm waiting for something better
  • I notice that unboxing videos of the RETAIL versions of the 930 does, not include a pair of earphones. Nokia's 930 page also does not mention it included in the RETAIL package.
  • Yup - they're banking on most people already having earphones right now, which is fair enough tbh. Might be dissapointing for some - but you can buy headphones fairly cheaply really, or if you do want something a bit more 'Nokia' then you might find their bluetooth headphones a nice option :)
  • The 1020 is the one device that had stood the test of time,I don't see a replacement coming soon,I bought myself a 925 just so that I don't wear out the 1020. The 1020 goes with me where i am sure I get click pics
  • Well there's a Ferrari, but it's no Bugatti Veyron.
  • After owning a Samsung Ativ S, I will not buy a phone without a micro SD card slot and removable battery. I carry a spare battery in my wallet and swap it in when first is exhausted. So reassuring I always have a lot of battery life when I am out especially as 8.1 drains the battery like no tomorrow. I also have a 64gig card on top of the 16gig internal. Sorry Nokia, much as I want to jump with them, I think the new Ativ SE is better for the reasons I stated.
  • True, there are not many high end phones with removable batteries these days. I thought I couldn't live without and mSD card but I have adapted and changed my usage habits. The camera button + one handed camera operation has taken over a higher priority than an mSD slot.
  • I will stick to Samsung Ativ S too. In high end phones: SD card slot is must. Thin, light frame is must. Next to zero bezel is must.
    Still waiting Nokia to produce such phone.
  • As much I would love to upgrade to the 930, I am strapped for cash so going to wait until McLaren as I'm not going to get this on contract. Don't want to wait for carriers to release f/w updates or end up in position where they decide not to release it for whatever reason.
  • I guarantee McLaren (940, 1030, 1620) whatever will not be out for at least a year. Every time there's a rumoured date its always a year later. To power the rumoured 3d touch is going to need a Hench battery which means it will be a 6 incher. Too big for one handed use. How am I supposed to text while driving?? ( just kidding on that one)
  • I will definitely get this phone but I'm still ironing out whether I'll get it off-contract or with a pay-monthly plan.  Now that I can get the free bundle off-contract, it makes it just as attractive with the balance of choosing a sim-only tarrif.  Right now, surprisingly, the pay-monthly deals are looking slightly cheaper.  See my earlier reply above.
  • No white colour in either sellers?!
  • Sadly, Phones4U have bagged the White version as an exclusive - I dont think they've launched their pre-orders yet.
  • Having 10 different phones smells of desperation to enforce some kind of hardware differentiation. Components are getting so cheap that these distinctions seem a bit arbitrary and artificial. It just confuses consumers and needlessly complicates the supply chain. Simplify this $&@*!# portfolio already. Stop trying to be Samsung. Maybe they'd be able to ship devices the same quarter they announce them and not have rollouts that last 6-9 months.
  • Choice is better.  I don't beleive that Android would be dominating the market right now if there wasn't a plethora of different handsets to choose from. Far from being confusing, having a range of choices gives the customer the freedom to pick a device that meets their needs and -most importantly- their budget.
  • Would probably get one but my network isn't selling it, claiming it took too long to be released.
  • No free goodies i think. Price of lumia 930 32gb, no contract, in switzerland, with wireless charger, is chf 569.-.. In gbp... 375! Uk retailers are definitely exagerating. Cheers! Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • It's incredible how nokia are trying to make out that value is worth £130. The charger is exactly the same as the previous version (apart for slightly aesthetically different) and is £40 more. I calculate that bundle is worth £90 at a push.
  • Regardless of the overall cost of the bundle, it's still nice to be getting that stuff.  The cost of this phone will likely drop down somewhat in probably only a few months.  Sweetning the deal for early-adopters is actually pretty nice.