Protect every device on your network forever for only $225!

Sure, you have a firewall and antivirus on your PC, but what about all the other devices on your network? The ever-growing threat of hacking should be taken seriously; your webcam is always watching and your phone and tablet contain important data. If you're in the process of automating your home, you also have to take into account your lightbulbs, fridge, doorbell, thermostat, etc.

Protect every device on your network forever for $225

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What you need is a simple way to protect all devices on your network from malware and hackers. Enter CUJO Smart Internet Security Firewall. This little device connects to your network and uses its machine learning protocols to put into place protection for every other device on your network.

Right now, thanks to Windows Central Digital Offers, you can get the CUJO device and a lifetime free subscription to their service at 9% off — that's a total price of $225 for this brand new product. With CUJO connected to your network, you can monitor devices through the mobile app, plus you'll receive instant notifications if there are any security threats.

Get a CUJO Smart Internet Security Firewall for $225

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Ready to protect all your devices and your automated home from hackers and security threats? The CUJO Smart Internet Security Firewall is the gadget you've been waiting for. Don't hesitate; this deal doesn't last forever.

WC Staff