What's the best game of 2015? According to TIME, it was not a high-profile game like Fallout 4 or Halo 5. Rather, it was Prune, a minimalist game about tree pruning, that was released for Windows and Windows Phone just a few weeks ago (it was previously released on iOS and Android).

Here's what TIME has to say about Prune:

"As its name suggests, Prune is a game about removing things to nurture other things, where you swipe your finger to sever restrictive limbs and free others to grow. But it's also about basking in a minimalist garden of forking paths as you work out the spatial logistics of coaxing a tree to blossom. It's both an arboricultural exercise and a meditation–on light, darkness, color, sound and perhaps most of all, the things we're forced to leave behind."

The fact that this critically acclaimed game is available for Windows Phone, in addition to iOS and Android, shows that Microsoft's platform still has a lot of support among developers who see the OS as a viable platform to sell their creations.

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Download Prune for Windows and Windows Phone ($3.99)


Source: TIME

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