PSA: HTC's ExtUSB Works with Regular MiniUSB

Now that the Sprint Touch Diamond, Sprint Touch Pro, and HTC Fuze on AT&T are out, we have a quick Public Service Announcement that may strike some as unnecessary and others as essential. These devices (and others including the T-Mobile G1) have a port that HTC calls “ExtUSB,” which stands for “Extended USB.” It's a special kind of MiniUSB port that happens to have some extra pins in there for audio-out and (in some cases) video out.

Here's the PDA: Standard MiniUSB cables and chargers work just fine with ExtUSB, even though it doesn't look like it when you look at the port on the phone. We've been getting reports from people that these plugs sure don't look compatible and we don't blame them, because it's true that they don't necessarily look it. But they are, just plug that MiniUSB in and away you go charging or syncing.

WC Staff