Run for your life in Psycho Escape for Windows 10

If you are in the mood for a haunting thriller of a Windows 10 game, you may want to give Psycho Escape a try. The game combines elements from a hidden object game with puzzle games where you have to hunt for clues and stay one step ahead of a psycho murderer who is on the hunt for you.

Graphics are full of detail and set the mood of a mystery game with plenty of dark, shadowy areas for clues and dangers alike could be hiding. The interface is straightforward and if you ever get stuck, YouTube video tutorials are available.

The free game is available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile. Psycho Escape is an interesting mystery game and while it may be more niche' oriented, it has the potential of being a challenging way to pass the time.

Psycho Escape

The primary menu for Psycho Escape has options to jump into gameplay, access the settings and view bonus material that is available through in-app purchase. The bonus material includes bonus story packs and removing the ad support. Pricing ranges from $0.99 to $1.99 and these items can be bundled to save you a little.

Psycho Escape

Gameplay is spread out across 15 levels in the free version and to complete the storyline, you need to pick up the bonus material. The first level is tutorial in nature and by the third or fourth level, the should know if the game is worth investing in to complete the mystery.

Each level presents you with an interactive scene that can be explored by touch. The hooded psycho guides you through the tutorial and appears at the start of each level to mock your efforts and whenever new features are unlocked.

The general layout of the game screen has three control buttons spread across the top of the display. One provides you access to a downloadable arcade game from the developer, one sends you to YouTube to view a video walkthrough for that level and another to access the game's settings.

Down the right side of the game display are five inventory slots where you can temporarily store any items you discover. Items that come in handy as you explore each scene. For example, in one puzzle level you find a loose wire hanging on a fence that can be used in another area of the scene to complete a circuit and turn on lights.

Psycho Escape

Each level has at least one puzzle to solve, which in turn helps you solve a secondary puzzle in that level. Hints are also discovered to help you solve either puzzle. This requires you to bounce around the scene a good bit and tests your memory skills as well. For example, in the tutorial level, you have to find a way to turn on the television, which gives you a pattern that can, in turn, be used with symbols on the bed, that are used to unlock a briefcase.

In many respects, Psycho Escape reminds me of the Artifex Mundi hidden object games, but the puzzle-solving elements allow the game to stand out a bit. Graphics are full of detail and contain just enough shadowy, dark areas to set the mystery adventure mood.

The game's interface is simple and easy to pick up on, allowing you to concentrate on exploring each scene for clues and puzzles. Psycho Escape does lack any fast-paced arcade action but does a good job of challenging your skills of observation, deduction and puzzle solving.

The free game is available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile and while it may not be everyone's cup of tea, it is a challenging way to spend a little down time.

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