Publish your Windows Phone apps for free in the United States or Europe

We love to support the Windows Phone development community whenever we can here. It’s what will help propel Windows Phone forward when devices like the Lumia 520 bring millions of new users to the platform. But what can we do to help future Windows Phone developers? Promoting cool deals and incentives to bring newbies to the Windows Phone Store. Here’s a great one for any potential European and United States developers.

Developers Domagoj Pavlešić and Lance McCarthy are running a little promotion to help bring your apps to the Store. All you need to do is send them a working prototype of your app and they’ll give you a token for the Nokia Premium Developer Program. What’s that token get you?

  • One year of Windows Phone Developer Center membership
  • A free license for Telerik RadControls for Windows Phone
  • Cloud API with unlimited API calls per month with 5GB of data storage
  • 2 Nokia Tech Support tickets

It’s a pretty good deal. Normally priced at $99, but valued at up to $1500, you can’t go wrong with taking advantage of it. And it’s not completely limited to new developers. If you already have an app in the Store, you can create a new app to take advantage of the offer. You’re basically getting your app into the Windows Phone Store for free with them.

Both these guys are solid dudes in the Windows Phone development community. Lance is even part a Nokia Developer Ambassador and part of the DVLUP team. If you’re developing for Windows Phone you should definitely check out the DVLUP program ( It’s a gamification take on development that rewards you for improving your app and adding new features. You can earn points for cool prizes like a Lumia 1020 or Xbox One.

Absolutely new to Windows Phone and coding? Check out the Channel 9 series on how to build your first Windows Phone 8 for beginners.

Check out their sites for more info and how to contact them.

Source:, Boston Nokia Developer

Sam Sabri