Qimini to offer wireless charging through USB while on the move

The Qimini (pronounced "Chee-mini") is a new wireless charging concept that would see consumers carry around a small charging station with their laptops for use with a compatible smartphone - the Lumia 920 or Lumia 820 (with supported shell) in our case. Acting just like the Nokia (or equivalent) wireless charging station that's plugged into the wall, the Qimini will power a smartphone without any wires.

The product is an idea by European company Tektos, which is based in Hong Kong. Boasting support for the Qi standard (hence the product name), the Qimini is just 9mm thick and has a "tuck-away" USB cable for use with laptops, desktops or even Windows tablets. Speaking of which, this product is aimed at those who are continuously on the move, and the Windows tablet range is a perfect source of power.

Check out the official video above, showing off how the Qimini can be utilised in the real world for those who are mobile. Just like any charging station, the Qimini will begin charging a smartphone when placed on top, and will reportedly receive the same amount of juice as a standard cable. Instead of fiddling with the USB cable to charge the smartphone, this is a potential solution to help solve such issues.

Qimini Colours

As noted in the above photo, the Qimini will be available in four colours - black, ivory, emerald and dragon fruit. 

So when can we expect to see the product hit markets? There's no pricing detailed on the website, but consumers can pre-order their choice of colour, and resellers can also get in touch with the company. Our thoughts? This could be pretty big, especially if the products are high quality. We'll look to get a unit in for review.

We've contacted the company and will update you all should we receive more details on the Qimini. But if you're the impatient type, be sure to follow Qimini on Twitter for the latest updates.

Source: Qimini, via: WMPU

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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