Quantum Break will sync your progress between Xbox One and Windows 10

Earlier today, Microsoft announced that upcoming platform exclusive, Quantum Break, will launch on both Xbox One and Windows 10 simultaneously — complete with cross-buy purchasing. Those who buy Quantum Break for Xbox One will also receive a key for the game on the Windows 10 Store, complete with Xbox integration, bringing features like achievements, clip sharing over Xbox Live, and cloud saves, enabling you to take your progress from your Xbox One to your PC and vice versa.

Speaking to fans on Twitter, Xbox marketing lead Aaron Greenberg confirmed that Quantum Break will feature cloud save functionality:

"We fairly recently were able to make the Win 10 version come day & date with #XboxOne with shared saves & this lets more fans play the game."

If you've been following what Microsoft are doing on the Xbox and Windows 10 front, the news should come as no surprise. Rise of the Tomb Raider for Windows 10 also features cloud save functionality, along with achievements and clip sharing on Xbox Live.

As a first party property, Quantum Break goes one step further, becoming the first triple-A Xbox One game with cross-buy purchasing on Windows 10. In an exchange with fans, Phil Spencer hinted that cross-buy game purchasing between Xbox One and Windows 10 could become a platform-wide feature in the future:

"We'll make [cross-buy purchasing] a platform feature. We think it's good for gamers."

Quantum Break arriving on PC is just the beginning of Microsoft's grand Windows 10 convergence plans for Xbox. Fable Legends, Killer Instinct and Gears of War: Ultimate Edition are all confirmed to be heading to the Windows 10 Store as well, following in Quantum Break and Rise of the Tomb Raider's footsteps.

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Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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