Quantum Break will sync your progress between Xbox One and Windows 10

Earlier today, Microsoft announced that upcoming platform exclusive, Quantum Break, will launch on both Xbox One and Windows 10 simultaneously — complete with cross-buy purchasing. Those who buy Quantum Break for Xbox One (opens in new tab) will also receive a key for the game on the Windows 10 Store, complete with Xbox integration, bringing features like achievements, clip sharing over Xbox Live, and cloud saves, enabling you to take your progress from your Xbox One to your PC and vice versa.

Speaking to fans on Twitter, Xbox marketing lead Aaron Greenberg confirmed that Quantum Break will feature cloud save functionality:

"We fairly recently were able to make the Win 10 version come day & date with #XboxOne with shared saves & this lets more fans play the game."

If you've been following what Microsoft are doing on the Xbox and Windows 10 front, the news should come as no surprise. Rise of the Tomb Raider for Windows 10 also features cloud save functionality, along with achievements and clip sharing on Xbox Live.

As a first party property, Quantum Break goes one step further, becoming the first triple-A Xbox One game with cross-buy purchasing on Windows 10. In an exchange with fans, Phil Spencer hinted that cross-buy game purchasing between Xbox One and Windows 10 could become a platform-wide feature in the future:

"We'll make [cross-buy purchasing] a platform feature. We think it's good for gamers."

Quantum Break arriving on PC is just the beginning of Microsoft's grand Windows 10 convergence plans for Xbox. Fable Legends, Killer Instinct and Gears of War: Ultimate Edition are all confirmed to be heading to the Windows 10 Store as well, following in Quantum Break and Rise of the Tomb Raider's footsteps.

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How do you feel about Quantum Break hitting Windows 10? Let us know in the comments!

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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  • Nice.... I liike
  • Achievement syncing....niiiccee
  • Cloud first, mobile first indeed? Yea minus the mobile first lol
  • Mobile isn't necessary "phone".
  • There ia nothing mobile about my desktop pc. Lol
  • If you can lug your desktop from one side of the room to the other, it's mobile first!
  • Good point. Just like your house, it can be put on a massive 18 wheeler truck to make it mobile ;)
  • The whole bloody planet is pretty mobile in space...
  • yea but how long until people call pcs mobile by default, laptops are what people picture in their minds when talking about pcs
  • To bad most big name publishers find laptop/tablets have video chips not worth officially supported
  • Your files will follow you wherever you are, thus mobile.
  • That is the definition of cloud to me.. Mobile refers to the device its self being mobile
  • For me, that would be cloud, as you're accessing your files from it.
  • They're working on Lumia and Windows 10 mobile too, the fact that sales aren't that good doesn't meen they're not trying, i love my 950XL by the way, and mobile also means Surface, which is doing great
  • That is seriously awesome. I just need to see a little more on previews and hopefully a beta test and I'll buy this.
  • This article needs to be edited. You receive the Win10 version if you PRE-ORDER the game on Xbox One. http://news.xbox.com/2016/02/11/quantum-break-coming-to-xbox-one-and-win...
  • speachless
  • Nice.
  • Awesomeness
  • This could help me to fill my console gap and play more games :)
  • Microsoft is essentially creating a high end xbox
  • Yep, always been there like FOREVER, people always say PC master race and I laugh, its Microsoft(Xbox/PC), Nintendo, or Sony...Steam fits mostly in the first category and thats Microsoft. Yeah there are steam boxes running linux, those are noted but im not counting them atm.
  • High end Xbox has always been there. Its called a high configuration PC.
  • Not true. I own a high end PC, if you call $1600 for just the case and internals high end. And I use my PC and my Xbox One for entirely different purposes. It basically breaks down to whenever I need keyboard/mouse capability. When I want to play and share games with the average person, I use my Xbox. When I don't care about those things AND the title is only available on PC(F2P usually) then I use the PC.   i7 5820k @ 4.0ghz on  Noctua D15 16GB DDR4 Quad Channel Samsung SM951 PCI-E SSD (End of post to desktop in less than 3 seconds) NVIDIA GTX970 etc
  • But how is this mobile-first? I hope this doesn't get abused through code sharing, it could be a problem if they are just sending redemption codes.
  • I can start playing on my Xbox, stop, and continue to play on my friend's house with my laptop or his PC (with my account). That's mobility. Doesn't matter what device I'm using.
  • Aye. ^ I think lots of people think when Microsoft say "mobile" they mean smart phones, but they really mean mobility, moving between devices.
  • Cloud First, Moving Between Devices First. I like it, it's catchier.
  • It actually does matter which device you are using. That's why there are spec requirements. You can't take it to a $200 budget laptop or a non-W10 PC. These system requirements are pretty stiff, which isn't all that surprising. An average laptop would struggle on this game.
  • Of course you have to consider the specs. But that's true to any game even apps can have requirements. And yes, Microsoft never said Win7 it's mobile first, but Win10.
  • Are you just looking for something to argue about with this? It's been explained to you, that you can up and go to another PC, or Xbox, and play this game. Are you going to nit pick that you can't play it on your TV too?
  • Mobility of experience, not as in devices...derrr.
  • They need to do this for The Division!
  • That would be amazing!
  • This is huge
  • Any upcoming big budget games being released on windows 10 store besides Quantum break and rise of the tomb raider?
  • Rumors suggest that ReCore and Scalebound will get a PC version.
  • Gears of War UE, Killer Instinct, Halo Wars 2, Fable Legends...
  • OMG!!
  • Awesome, now we're talking. I'm assuming though you have to buy for Xbox to get the PC key and not the other way around? Also assuming your have to buy through the more expensive Xbox store rather than other sources... Will definitely keep an eye on this title!
  • Cross-buy is the way to go! Making that standard for all new xbox games is huge! Awesome!
  • I just hope the PC version doesn't get console nerfed.
  • It will be.
  • Judging by the recommended specs, hell no.
  • btw jezz...   * Free Quantum Break Windows 10 game offer valid with pre-order of digital copy of Quantum Break for Xbox One, by April 4, 2016, from Xbox Store, Xbox.com, participating retailers, or inside Xbox One Special Edition Quantum Break bundles, while supplies last (physical game discs are excluded from this offer). Quantum Break Xbox One codes purchased at retail and inside bundles must be redeemed on the console or at Xbox.com by April 4, 2016. Windows 10 game redemption code will be sent via Xbox system message around the week of April 5, 2016. For Windows 10 game system requirements see www.quantumbreak.com/windows10.  Offer available in all Xbox Live markets except China.
  • Recommended GPU is a 980ti. That's a $600 graphics card. That says something if you ask me.
  • that SOMETHING ... could it be the arkham night fiasco! hope not. cause it would be ridiculous if they offer console like graphics on pc and expect people to play with gtx 980ti.
  • You mean like Rise fo the Tomb Raider..? =s
  • Waaaaattt
  • This is fantastic news. I assume you only get the cross buy when you buy digitally?
  • Apparently it's with "participating retailers" as well, although no word on who. GameStop isn't offering the deal apparently (they hate digital, for obv reasons).
  • Most likely they will have a "card" in the box with a code that can be redeemed...you know how they do. ;p
  • Been done before, not seeing the "mind-blowing"-ness of this. http://www.neowin.net/news/halo-spartan-assault-for-xbox-one-syncs-progr...
  • Well now instead of buying a $70 game for your xbox and then shelling out another $80 to get a copy for your PC, you only need to buy it once. The fact that your saved games are shared between both devices, is just icing on the cake.
  • A $20 mobile/tablet game being cross buy just isn't the same caliber as a $60 AAA shooter with a live action TV show being cross buy. This is a big deal.
  • Awesome!
  • This is what it is all about. Windows 10 gaming coking into it's own.
  • Have some more coke... =p
  • Wow!!.. This is exactly what I wanted from their cross-platform efforts.. Bravo
  • finally crossbuy. only for this game though lol
  • "Quantum Break goes one step further, becoming the first triple-A Xbox One game with cross-buy purchasing on Windows 10.​" I'd say that Project Spark was the first AAA Xbox One game with cross-buy (and cross-sync) on Windows.  
  • I guess so aye, I guess I didn't think of Project Spark as triple A due to it's free to play nature. They removed the cost of assets though didn't they? I'll add an amendment haha
  • I was reading an article on Phone Arena yesterday on how Sony have enabled you to play Playstation games on mobile and that got me thinking why cant Microsoft port games from the Xbox 360? I mean games like Heavy Weapon, 1942, and all the other arcade games selections they have? Yes there is no Clash of Clans but there are a lot of decent titles in there and if they do that then people who have or had an Xbox with those games I'm sure would appreciate them, I know I would. While they are at it allow the controller to be synched to your phone or surface tablet. Maybe that will show developer's that Microsoft are serious about their os and sway them to port over the offici apps.
  • This is... AWESOME! =D
  • Dope. What's the cheapest gaming laptop I can get that will play this?
  • An Xbox in a case with a screen. IDK if Xbox One comes in a package like that, but my closest Microsoft retail store has been selling a 360 package for at least a couple years now.
  • A $1200 clevo laptop should be able to run this comfortably at medium graphics settings.
  • I've seen a lot of negative comments about this elsewhere on the web but I think this is great from Microsoft. The WIndows Store gets populated with some truly, quality AAA games, and allows us lucky folk with the hardware the ability to cross buy and keep our achievements. There are some games (Gow4, H5, Forza) that are best kept exclusively on the Xbone at least for the time being, but the Xbox One should be able to stand on its own simply because of it's proposition - to make the best computer games accessible to all in a comfortable OS environment curated for the masses, where a user doesn't need to worry about sys requirements or any of that. And in return, it would make it more likely that PC games would release on Xbox One.
  • This is a serious big deal...  not only can it do it, and the save game syncing...   but they decided to let me buy a game on Xbox and Windows AT THE SAME TIME ....  huge.     I thought this would start with "buy both versions for $80"  or $70...  but nope...   Pre-order...   so there is a catch...  but... SAME price?!?   yes please!   Throw in ALL The Alan Wake games?   no friggin way.  This is truly thinking of us users first... and making us really feel appreciated.   so cool.
  • Amen ... To that
  • How do you set up cloud saving for Rise of the Tomb Raider for Xbox One and Windows 10? I don't see any options for it.
  • i dont think its possible. im wondering about that being an eror in the article .
  • This is the game I've been looking for, but the hardware requirements make it a no go for me. Maybe I'll dig out Alan Wake for old time's sake.
  • hmm so this probably means Gears and KI won't be available on Steam, not a big fan of the idea but is awesome for XBO owners to have cross-buy with the W10 store
  • If buying the pc version gets you the Xbox One that would be cool. And without having to pre-order, that would be a real revolution. I would buy the game somewhere else like instant gaming and play it on both pc and Xbox One, but I'm dreaming. It won't ever happen!
  • so does this mean tr on win 10 syncs saves with my xbox? i could never get that clarified.
  • oh and i want to preorder this game now.
  • Yea it does
  • Great news.
  • I love the Cross-Buy, but in some ways I think Cross-Save is a much more important feature.
  • This is fantastic news, if Microsoft continues to do this with most (if not all) AAA games it would be a fantastic differentiator. It would be great if halo was released for windodws 10 next
  • They need to do this for more titles. Great news.