Quantum Break's new trailer makes us wish we could time travel to its release

Still on the fence for next year's Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break? Perhaps, this new 16 minute gameplay trailer will sway you. Today, Remedy Entertainment released a new extended gameplay trailer of their Gamescom one in order to give you a deeper look into Jack's survival strategies via time manipulation.

Quantum Break is Remedy's next fearless title that's coming solely to the Xbox One. It can easily be proclaimed as "Xbox's boldest new IP" due to the fact that it ties in with a "television show." Not only does it tie into the story, but it is said that decisions you make in the game with affect the "television show."

The story of Quantum Break revolves around three main characters who all have the ability to manipulate time due to a time travel experiment going wrong. The game is a played in a third person perspective and heavily relies on cover based gameplay.

The trailer shows off some gorgeous graphics as well as some awesome combat with Jack, one of the three main characters. In the new, extended part of the trailer, Remedy shows of some of their environmental puzzle gameplay called "Stutters." Stutters are hostile and unstable environments that you must get past using your time powers. Stutters are said to be one of the many things in Quantum Break that will provoke you to manipulate time.

Quantum Break is slated to hit Xbox One in Q2 2015.

Are you excited for Remedy's new IP?

Source: IGN

Jonathan Dollison
  • Super awesome...another game to buy. I have high hopes for this game.
  • And Sony fanboys brag about PS4 exclusives -_- Even Santa Monica Studios ditched God of War
  • Didnt ditch it. Problem here is that Sony is broke :D so they canceld new gears of war and producing ps4 helping games ( destiny , gta 5 ).
  • TIL Sony canceled new GeoW
  • Wait? Isn't gears an Xbox exclusive??
  • Can't wait for it to be released. Looks awesome!
  • Not me I want to stop time and enjoy the games I have now.
  • ^THIS
  • Buy the game return to the past stop time and play it endless o-o (it's a thought) xD
  • This does look amazing, exactly the kind of game i enjoy. Hope its not too short though as those environments look complicated.
  • Wow
  • Please release to Windows phone as well ;)
    (well, I wish anyhow)
  • This game reminds me of the movie "Clockstoppers"
  • Now that's what I call nice graphics, they are what I expected from all next gen games when the ps4 and xbox one were released
  • This!^
  • :-| hmm, i never played on xbox so i don't know, but in PC most of the games i played has graphics like this! or even better, though i wish it release on pc. Just look at the start citizen graphics, i am sure you will be blown away :)
  • This is making me think of The Order 1866 - too many cut scenes and unimaginative cover based shooting. Force speed and bullet time are not new.
  • That being said Remedy did start bullet time for games, and they have built heavily upon it with this game, so far I have greatly enjoyed everything they've done, so I imagine this will be no different.
  • My body and my Xbox One are ready :-) This looks so good - I really can't wait!
  • This looks awesome
  • IDK anymore. Had high hopes for watch dogs and look where that got me. Played it for a day and hated it.
  • And I love Watch Dogs.. I have played it for 100 hours so far.
  • This and Halo are what I bought an xbone for.
  • Can't wait for Halo!
  • +925
  • Okey : I like the graphics and i love that he pushes away floating things in those timebreaks . Gameplay looks nice .
    What I don't like and understand is :
    Why can he use his time power inside time breaks ? That is impossible - you can manipulate time out aide the timebreaks but inside the time is already manipulated so where is the logic there . You should get affected by entering a timebreak and not manipulate manipulated time.
    2nd thing : The timebreaks are just visual ... They seem not to chance stuff .. Sure stuff is floating around but the time is frozen so when you manipulate cars ( such as destroy them ) why do they behave like outside the timebreak ? So basically when you the explosion of a car should freeze as well cause you stop manipulating it ... Again no logic
    They should give it more thought there : Like why does the time freeze not affect assault rifles? The bullets should freeze right after the shot ... Actually ?-those weapons should be useless in there Inconsequential
  • At least you are not over thinking things.
  • Not over thinking:D when I would over thinking I would say : This is like dmc only that dmc was logical- see in dmc you have to enter the limbo to use your powers . So and that's what they scewed up here . Like it is now the shutters are not really amazing ind just boring: Like instead of being able to manipulate time within environment that isn't effected by timebreaks you should be able to create your own shutters and only then being able to use ur powers. That's logical - cause then those shutters wouldn't seem like they are just visuals ( what the obviously are ).
  • And then you would be also able to trick your enemies or freeze them completely and do stealth instead of shooting like shit .
    And : Also you should have a cool down time to not be able to create shutters yourself all the time and have real taktical gunplay instead if just being over powerd.
    Like i said - inconsequential and not very logical
  • So, you've entered a time break and experienced this? Nothing is logical at the time level. Or, it's just a game man...
  • Dude what The f... If You telling me nothing is logical at that point please go back to cod ;) cause this game has wholes .. Logic wholes and you may say its just a game : But - exactly that kind of games needs logic cause they are deep and intelligent. Logic.. consequent . This game ..well its not goin to be a good game when they wont fix that confusing unlogical stuff
  • reading your comment prompted me to wonder if you've actually listened to the audio? This is after all a short clip of a (what I hope to be) a large game, so not everything is going to be explained   in my view the science experiment must have caused the three individuals to "mutantnize" and become isolated from the affects of time, while being isolated they were also granted abilities to manipulate time, so for instance - why do they behave like time wasn't stopped - because time was released when they used their power, - why do they return to before time was released - like the video explains, time tries to reverse and pull itself back together like a flesh wound trying to recover itself, kind of a elastic kind of thing   lets just say we need to play the entire game to actually be asking any of these questions, after all, fiction is fiction -> scientific fiction without out of this world imagination wouldn't make it a very good scientific fiction now would it? (pointing to power to change time part)
  • Yeah seems legit tho ;) bit you are right. But still I think and it looks like those shutters are just there to drive the story and give you a boss fight . I mean the combat wont change , your play style wont change . And getting back to what I said earlier: It looks like dmc . How everything breaks apart and the environment changes . Like the limbo. You know that's what I meant with why do they just have the powers inside those shutters ? That's would be much more fun . And those shutters would have a sense.
  • Gotta start some where, I suppose time will show whether it's a good game or not, see you in the time shift ;)
  • By timebreaks I mean shutters ;)
  • this game nake me chouse xbox one over ps4, im verry excited
  • Oh yeah, that's one thing the Xbox has that the PS4 doesn't: games!
  • 2015, year of the Xbox.
  • Game looks gorgeous and the gameplay seems badass. I enjoyed "Alan Wake" so I'm definitely getting Quantum Break next year.
  • When will the television show air?
  • The "television show" comes with the game
  • Television show is just their term for long cut scenes which may be affected by actions taken in the game. The shows are on the disc.
  • Ugh.  Another third-person shooter.  I'll pass.  FPS or nothing, for me.  Oh, and it's not on PC, so another reason to pass.
  • Get Call of Duty. Pew-pew.
  • This game reminds me of dark sector environment. Everything is twisted around the player
  • Who owns the IP, Microsoft Studios or Remedy Games?
  • Microsoft
  • Are you sure? Because that wasn't the case with Ryse, Dead Rising, or Sunset Overdrive. Also, what about Ori and the Blind Forest? Does Microsoft own that too?
  • Dat time stutter. Dem explosion repeats. Please build Gears using this engine MS. Get Black Tusk on it now.
  • Super excited until I saw Q2 2015! LOL. 
  • its close.
  • jesus christ, do these guys at remedy have a background on astrophysicist? The way the gameplay reminds me of some of MIchio Kaku's theories of time travel, and space.  I love this game.  This is why I love Remedy's storytelling. 
  • This game looks awesome can't wait to buy this game for Xbox one and I knew I did not made a bad decision to purchased Xbox one
  • No comments in app until you comment. Send like a bug. Looks great...
  • I love the distinct Fringe-like feel this game has. Can't wait for its release!
  • Man this looks so good. Wow.
  • I need this on the PC!