Quantum Break's new trailer makes us wish we could time travel to its release

Still on the fence for next year's Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break? Perhaps, this new 16 minute gameplay trailer will sway you. Today, Remedy Entertainment released a new extended gameplay trailer of their Gamescom one in order to give you a deeper look into Jack's survival strategies via time manipulation.

Quantum Break is Remedy's next fearless title that's coming solely to the Xbox One. It can easily be proclaimed as "Xbox's boldest new IP" due to the fact that it ties in with a "television show." Not only does it tie into the story, but it is said that decisions you make in the game with affect the "television show."

The story of Quantum Break revolves around three main characters who all have the ability to manipulate time due to a time travel experiment going wrong. The game is a played in a third person perspective and heavily relies on cover based gameplay.

The trailer shows off some gorgeous graphics as well as some awesome combat with Jack, one of the three main characters. In the new, extended part of the trailer, Remedy shows of some of their environmental puzzle gameplay called "Stutters." Stutters are hostile and unstable environments that you must get past using your time powers. Stutters are said to be one of the many things in Quantum Break that will provoke you to manipulate time.

Quantum Break is slated to hit Xbox One in Q2 2015.

Are you excited for Remedy's new IP?

Source: IGN

Jonathan Dollison