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Microsoft Surface 3 vs. iPad Pro 9.7: The similarities aren't even skin-deep

Apple thinks its new 9.7-inch iPad Pro is a perfect replacement device for the millions still using years old laptops. Despite the obvious jabs at Windows, Apple did, at least, bring down the entry price to its new Pro range of tablets, first launched in late 2015.

The new one is smaller and cheaper than the existing 12.9-incher. Which sounds a lot like the Windows 10-powered Surface 3 (opens in new tab). The Surface 3 is a smaller version of the Surface Pro 3, a tablet that can replace your laptop.

On size and price alone, these two become competitors. So how do they match up? Here's what we know.

CategorySurface 3iPad Pro 9.7
OSWindows 10iOS 9
Display10.8-inches 1920x12809.7-inch 2048x1536
ProcessorIntel Atom X7Apple A9X
Storage64/128GB SSD32/128/256GB
RAM2GB or 4GBunknown
LTELTE version availableLTE version available
Front camera3.5MP5MP
Rear camera8MP12MP
Battery28 Wh27.5 Wh
Dimensions10.52 x 7.36 x 0.34 in
(267 x 187 x 8.7 mm)
9.4 x 6.6 x 0.24 in
(240 x 169.5 x 6.1 mm)
Weight1.37 lbs (622 g)0.96 lbs (435 g)
PortsFull size USB 3.0, miniDP, microUSB, 3.5mm headsetLightning port, 3.5mm headset
PenYes ($59 extra)Yes ($99 extra)
KeyboardYes ($129 extra)Yes ($149 extra)
Pricefrom $399from $599

Much of the story remains the same as when we looked at the Surface Pro 3 next to the bigger iPad Pro. The biggest difference comes at the top: Windows 10, a full desktop operating system or iOS 9, a mobile one.

And the smaller iPad Pro is still fantastically expensive. The tablet alone is $200 more than the current basement price for the Surface 3, with half the internal storage. The iPad Pro does pull ahead in other areas — it's lighter, thinner, has a better camera, and will probably get longer battery life — but those are secondary stats after you've already made a much bigger decision about the approach you want your tablet of choice to take.

Surface 3

To get the 'full' iPad Pro experience with the new 9.7-inch model you'll be spending around $850 (if you get Apple's own keyboard) compared to around $590 if you get everything from Microsoft. With these two, there's a clear winner on price, and it's the Surface.

We'll be able to talk more decisively about the iPad Pro 9.7 when it goes on sale. But given what we know of its big brother and what we see here, there are some very big key difference between it and the Surface 3.

The iPad has a higher resolution screen, better cameras, a option larger internal storage and is smaller and lighter all around. But the Surface 3 (opens in new tab) is a full Windows computer that also has an optional keyboard (opens in new tab) and pen (opens in new tab) and costs significantly less. There's still a lot to be said for a full desktop OS against iOS.

So, what say you? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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Richard Devine is an Editor at Windows Central. A former Project Manager and long-term tech addict, he joined Mobile Nations in 2011 and has been found on Android Central and iMore as well as Windows Central. Currently you'll find him covering all manner of PC hardware and gaming, and you can follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

  • The pro still looks like a cheap kids android tablet! The icons, for such an advanced OS and such a pricey device, still look like my 3 year old designed them. Ye gods it looks really tacky
  • Apple = Fisher Price
  • No offense to Fisher-Price.
  • ;)
  • Lol
  • The ironic thing about that is that people have been calling the Windows tiled interface a Fisher-Price interface for years.
  • They have? You posting it is the first time I have ever heard anything like that.On the other hand, people HAVE been calling ipad's "toys" for a while now.
  • They used to call XP that, but I've never seen anybody call the modern interface that -- Lumia 640 (Windows 10)
  • Yeah I remember people sharing this image when Windows 8 came out and calling it Fisher Price like as well.   It's horses for courses though. I agree the iPad is a toy, and tiles offer a much more personal and useful UI. But I think for most people simple wins and in the end of the day all these devices are toys and Apple has helped computing become something everyone does whereas before it was mostly for work.  
  • True, but at least the live tiles are useful, it actually conveys information. IOS icons do barely that.
  • That is an old argument, in Windows 10 Live Tiles are optional, I like them but if you don't like 'em just remove them, it takes less than 1 minute.
  • For me, just the opposite.  The Windows Start Screen is awful - and it's primarily due to the very poor aesthetics of the tiles.  Especially all those primary colors.  They make the iPad look totally conservative in comparison.
  • A pro device isn't pro until it has a mouse. This is mostly a toy for Apple's fanatics, oh and the Verge staff.
  • "The most beautiful and powerful small size tablet that can replace your laptop" - The Verge - Posted from a Still beta Windows 10 Mobile!
  • You know you dont take things on written on the Verge seriously when their typical headline reads "Universally beloved character Jar Jar Binks makes surprise appearance in new video game"
  • Yeah is apple saying I will switch from a laptop + mouse setup to a REGULAR tablet + keyboard setup? That's just so moronic I can't even... Of course it will sell, but I believe a lot of people will see the bullshit here. This is not something that can replace your laptop (which might be your only pc), this will only replace your older iPad (sigh). Meanwhile I've switched from a laptop to a SP3 over a year ago when Apple was releasing their tenth iPad that looked exactly the same with a bit better processor, and I've been loving it. I see the faults with bugs, being scared of malvare etc. which are not as prominent on iOS, but honestly the SP3/4 are so powerful yet portable it's crazy. I use mine almost everywhere and love it.
  • Exactly. Even with the Surface Pro 4, I'm not sure I want it to replace my laptop. For my usage the laptop format is still better. Tablets are consumption devices no matter what Apple say and 8" is the max practical size. I considered the Surface 3, but it's too big as a tablet and too small as a laptop. The plain Surface is so much more "Pro" than the iPad it's a joke, I don't understand how Apple get away with it. Their keyboard looks like a toy in comparison and of course there's no mouse support. Hopefully MS can come out soon with the S4 and slim things down (bezel & weight), which to me is the only area the iPad wins out hardware wise of note. 10" is still pushing practicality for productivity use though, so I think it's better to just accept two devices (laptop or Surface Pro & 8" tablet) than compromise with one. To me Apple rushed things, they saw the SP4 doing well and came out with the iPad Pro. Sales weren't what they hoped, so they have now come out with a smaller model. It's basically the iPad Air 3 - but to justify the cost increase and the improvements with the pencil they call it a pro device. It's not. I would actually consider it as a tablet, Apple do have the best app ecosystem by far after all and Windows still isn't getting the apps (let's see if Build can change that) - but for now while as ever I'm sure this will sell well and make Apple gazillions, it's a fail in comparison to the competition.
  • I think Apple have basically realised that you only need one iOS device (if you need one at all) so the strategy is to bring them out in 1" screen increments and hope that somebody buys something.  They have got stuck on a "religious" view that a laptop must have a fixed keyboard, clamshell design and no touch screen, because Steve said that nobody wants a touch screen on a laptop, so they only allow themselves to attack the 2-in1 market through the mobile OS.  More fool them.
  • To be fair, the touch screen laptop hasn't exactly set the world on fire. I even get annoyed having to use the touchscreen on my SP3.
  • When do you get "annoyed having" to use the touchscreen? To me it's purely an extra form of input, I use my mouse 95% of the time and use the screen for scrolling or pressing buttons when it's more convenient. Nobody forces you to use it.
  • Windows still doesn't lend it self to being usable with touch. It is supposed to be a tablet and there are times you may want to use it as one, but that experience is frustrating. I use mine the same as you, with a mouse 95% of the time. With the dock, the Surface Pro makes a good desktop that is also easily portable for when I travel. It would be amazing if it ran something like Android and Android apps once the touchpad was removed. "Tablet Mode" certainly isn't it. They are getting closer though.
  • well the SP4 at least runs normal "apps" or programms that only a pc can run and thats a big win :3
  • @FeedtheShark : Are you kidding me? I've got an SP4, its so good, I'm thinking about getting rid of my work PC with 4k display and just using the SP4. Its a stellar piece of kit. I love my iPad, but the Surface Pro 4 is an absolute beast and a slinky little minx all at the same time.
  • I'm not saying it's great, it certainly can replace a desktop with an external monitor. Hell soon our phones will be able to do that! But for laptop use there's times I find a standard laptop better. For instance watching a movie I sometimes want the screen to point downwards towards me, due to that angle having less reflections - with a Surface style device that's not possible. You may have loads of angles for it to sit backwards, but nothing forwards. There the traditional laptop still wins out.
  • They call it "Pro" because it has Microsoft Office.......authenticated by having Microsoft demo Office at the original "Pro" launch. It is not Pro in anyway when Apple claim this toy will replace a PC. That claim is commonly known as humour "reinvented" by Apple.
  • I've actually gotten away with using a SP4, typecover, and a BT mouse. I still wish it had 2 USB ports and a USB-C port, but it's good enough as-is. And the MicroSD slot is great. I can run IDLE or Notepad++, and can even play portal 2, FaceRig, or Rise of Nations: Steam Ed. Furthermore, it's invaluable for online work since I can snap math homework and use Onenote for drawing. Having the USB port and the display port is great. Considering I could maybe do half of these with the iPad (and couldn't do any decent coding on it) I think the SP4 was a much better deal. Though the iPro's speaker sysytem is cool, I'll give them that.
  • "A pro device isn't pro until it has a mouse" Playing the "No True Scotman" card, I see.
  • I have to agree with that, a trackpad is 100% needed on MacBook Air devices, even the smaller ones of 11" or the MacBook 2015 which usage depends 100% on a well designed trackpad.  Why did Apple removed mouse/trackpad support for the iPad Pro? Because its a 1st generation device, this tells how behind Apple is on bringing a Mobile OS to a Pro audience which depends heavily on TrackPad/Mouse usage.
  • I would argue that iOS and all the apps aren't designed for touchpad or mouse use, it is the opposite of Windows. They are designed for touch and that is how people have been using them for years. I may not hurt to add mouse and touchpad support, or maybe it would. Adding this other input paradigm may convolute the platform and decrease the one thing it has going for it, ease of use.
  • Apple's fanatics, oh and the Verge staff.
    You say that like it's two separate categories or something. 
  • "A pro device isn't pro until it has a mouse".   I find this hilarious.  I remember when the Mac was introduced and ridiculed for having a mouse.  "Real men use the keyboard!".   "A mouse is for idiots that can't handle a keyboard!".    I also strongly - very strongly, disagree with your use of the word "toy".    That's some serious bovine excretement.  There are tens of millions of iPads being deployed in businesses around the world.  Do you think all are considered toys?  Nobody does actual work on an iPad?  Get serious.  
  • Hahaha!  So true.  I think Apple is feeling threatened with the Surface line.  You can get a Surface 3 for $385 these days, something I know i'll be getting at some point as an alternate to my SP4.  If Apple would put OSX on their "Pro" then it would be "Pro"  
  • Seeing that the iPad Pro after one month on the market outsold the entire Surface products line. I highly doubt that. Why would Apple be threatened by the Surface line when the iPad Line greatly out sells the entire Surface Product line even when the iPad sales are in decline. 
  • So why make an iPad Pro? If it isn't obvious enough that Apple feels threatened... Not only is the Surface line cutting into iPad sales but it's taking Mac book sales too. You sound like one of those people who thought Android would never overtake iPhone market share lol Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I don't think Apple really feels very threatened. I think the bigger issue is they are out of ideas for the iPad. I guess they can make it thinner and faster, but it is already so thin and fast it really wouldn't make a difference or drive sales. The consumer market seems to be saturated. Business is the next logical step.
  • Maybe because people wanted an iPad pro in a small four factor? I for one did. Maybe because customers asked for it? 
  • Its bullshit if apple doesn't add osx to iPad.
  • And that is not going to happen, I've read many articles saying OS X is going to be more like iOS in the next 5 years so perhaps the trackpad/mouse will also dissapear from OS X in 2020-2025
  • This is what is required. To have proper OS in place. If they say it replaces your laptop ... they must get apps they run on Macbook. Till then it cannot be considered as laptop replacement.
    They just need to port MAC OS X to ipad pro....and of course get ios apps on mac os .
    This proper example of false marketing!!!! Posted via the Windows Central App for Windows 10/Android
  • If apple did that, the iPad pro would need an Intel processor, track pad, full USB and SD card support, bigger battery, way more ram, and a price tag of well over $1,000 for them to make a killing off it like the iPads. Otherwise OS X would run like crap on their iPad mobile processor and puny ram, and battery. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yup.. they would need to switch to Intel processor and make OS X touch friendly like MS has done. RAM issue could be handled. How difficult will it be to optimise the OS for low RAM and low power systems??
    SD card apple would never do.. without it, existing 128 - 256 GB would work...
    USB support again optional.. existing ports would suffice.. Posted via the Windows Central App for Windows 10/Android
  • Why do they need to do that? Trying to fit a square peg in a round hole is Microsoft's strategy. Apple has a very obvious use case for their devices. If you want the experience you describe, then they have the Macbook Air available. You are looking at tablets as if they need to act like desktops. I am sure horse and buggy drivers had similar ideas when cars were introduced.
  • Statements like yours don't hold a lot of water when Apple themselves proclaim that the new iPad Pro can replace your 5-year old, perfectly capable, computer sitting at your house.
  • Apple proclaims that the iPad Pro CAN replace your PC, not that it definitely will. They are much different statements and you saying the former while applying the logic from the later. If Apple said the iPad Pro definitely will replace your PC, then you would be right.
  • I actually didn't apply any logic with my statement, you applied the logic yourself when you defended your position. Apple claims that the iPad Pro CAN replace your PC. If that turns out to be true, the MacBook Air will be obsolete, and so will OSX in general, OSX essentially filling the non-touch functionality that Windows PCs had in that 5-year-old era. The case being that it is highly unlikely that OSX can be made obsolete by a mobile OS, I apply that same argument to any Windows desktop or laptop PC. Now I'm using logic, see the difference?
  • By the way, I'm not attacking your position, I'm really expressing frustration about Apple's ridiculous "replace your PC" claim that is obviously a ripoff of Microsoft's Surface campaign, except without actually having a "PC-like" OS to do the replacing with.
  • For the people that don't need the functionality of full desktop OS, the iPad can replace your PC. For everyone else Apple has devices for them. They are not saying the iPad definitely will replace the PC for everyone. If you just need Facebook, email and LOLcats then a PC is overkill.
  • True that.
  • @bleached that's exactly what I use my PC for, a lot of YouTube and movies. IPad pro is still not gonna replace it, cant connect any extra devices like storage, speakers, mouse, plus it doesn't have a 27" screen. You may call it over kill but I call it contingency, like hey I might wanna play a game, or hey maybe use a full fledged program.
  • iPads are great products built like a tank and easy to use. It's only a matter of time when consumers will move From pc to tablet for all their work needs.
  • FYI: Consumers consume - that's what iPads are for. Workers work and producers produce - that's what computers and Surfaces are for.  Just sticking the letters "Pro" on its name and adding a stylus doesn't change the fact that iPad Pro is still just a phone with a big screen and a dinky little CPU.
  • This stubborn attitude is what caused Microsoft to lose the mobile market and lose sight of the future. Hopefully they do not continue thinking this way, otherwise the loss of markets may continue.
  • And it's the same stubborn attitude that I personally see in Apple right now. If Microsoft's history tells us anything, Apple is headed to that same dark place right now.
  • Apple's stubborn attitude to not follow an interface paradigm that it greatly outsells? Sounds like they are being stubborn in the proper way.
  • +1000 idiots lololol
  • Can't imagine paying more to downgrade from a Surface to an iPad.
  • The iPad looks so ugly with those huge icons. Looks like a toy and not a productivity device.
  • Again, my view is the complete opposite.  Live tiles look childish to my eyes.  I find the aesthetics of the iPad superior to Windows.  Note I did not mention performance/functionality/etc.  Only aesthetics.  The iPad wins.
  • So you're probably one of those guys that likes the chiclet keyboards with the huge gaps between keys, rather than a full-size keyboard where everything butts up together real nice and uses the space efficiently?
  • Wouldn't buy either of these. No USB-C is not acceptable on modern devices.
  • Agreed. I wish my Surface 3 had it. I'm sure the Surface 4 will, though.
  • Surface 4 does not (it is available now), it is rumored the surface 5 will though....
  • Surface 4 does not exist.  I assume you mean Surface Pro 4 which, you are correct, does not have USB-C.  The hope is that the next iteration of the non-Pro Surface would include USB-C.
  • If the "Surface 4" doesn't exist, you could easily assume he meant the Pro...
  • Statement was "I'm sure the Surface 4 will" which implies future tense, not present tense.  To me that is referring to the future non-Pro device that is assumed to follow the Surface 3 and would logically be called the Surface 4. Clearly nothing is easily assumed in this case since we read it differently :)
  • USB-C has just started hitting devices and the Surface is over a year old now. 
  • Apple probably believes that cloud storage is the future and they want to sell the extra lightning to usb-c adaptor.
  • And I'm sure they'll give it some fancy name and charge people 1000% more for it.
  • That's rubbish. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • USB-C is good when a company like Dell gives you Thunderbolt 3 + USB TypeC data transfers on your device on same port, but also gives you other ports like USB 3.0, SD/Micro SD card support. Giving just 1 USB-Type C port as Apple did with the MacBook 2015 was the worst design decision, now your MacBook needs a hub and a tons of cables which looks horrible and uses too much space.  Much better if OEMs add multiple ports including USB Type-C Just my 2 cents.
  • Despite the age, no contest. Surface3 all the way.
  • I tried the Surface 3, but returned it.   I have found that I want a device that is a tablet first, laptop second.  For me, the Surface 3 wasn't a good tablet.
  • The iPad Pro is an overpriced toy under the guise of a computing machine, and it will affect Apple negatively in the long run. I think it will turn out to be the single biggest mistake Apple committed, more so than the debacle called the Apple Watch. Posted from the Windows Central app Built for Windows 10
  • Like it or not, people prefer apple products
  • On phone, technically, although Android still outsells it. On tablet Windows is catching up very quickly on value per dollar. Not everyone rocking an Apple device is a rabid fan.
  • iPad outsells Surface (Pro and standard) by a vast margin. Apple's biggest problem is that iPad sales are dying off at an alarming rate, along with the overall tablet market. People just aren't buying these devices anymore, now that phablets and ultra-portable laptops fill the role tablets once did. Which makes it tragically comical that Apple believes iOS is the future. There is no evidence to suggest users want to replace their desktop OS with a cribbled mobile OS - quite the contrary. 
  • MS is not trying to compete with the iPad. If they were, they would sell it in all markets
  • They do sell in all markets: I think the Surface 3 is aimed squarely at iPad's market, given it's price. Apple placed ITSELF in competition with Surface Pro on the 12.9" iPad Pro - although I personally view the latter as a joke, crippled by iOS. In any case, I think all of the comments on this story boil down to people arguing which company's unused/unwanted products are wanted slightly more. It's all moot. People don't want tablets anymore. 
  • Microsoft is a software company. Look at how they make their money. Software. Apple is a hardware company. Look at how they make their money. Hardware. Apple has to be scared because Surface Pros in like 5 markets almost outsold the iPad Pro (large) in like all their markets. And iPads (their future, not OSX) has been falling for like over 2 years now. Microsoft isn't trying to outsell apple in hardware. They have their OEMs and stuff for that. They want to keep the inspirational Surface line high priced to not compete with them and also well made to keep the inspiration going. Look at the Xiaomi Mi Pad 2. Excellent device running Windows 10. It even has all the parts apple had other companies make for their products like the display. ;)
  • The iPad pro on its first month on the market outsold the entire Surface Product line on its own. 
  • That is totally false. If you actually bothered to read the articles you're alluding to, you'll know that during the same period of about 2 months Apple reportedly sold 2 million iPad Pros while Microsoft sold 1.6million Surfaces. There are undoubtedly many more Surface devices in the wild than iPad Pros right now if you count all the Surfaces since day one.
  • A surge of demand for a new product is hardly unexpected, and not the same as sustained sales.  It remains to be seem what the long term demand for the iPad Pro line really is.  I suspect it will be significant, since the introduction of an active digitizer finally brings significant new functionality to the line, and should motivate some to finally upgrade (especially since they've now introduced a lighter, slimmer option). On the other hand, Microsoft has shown sustained growth in this product space with the Surface line, and will be refreshing the product line later this year.  Most of the speculation is on the Suface Pro 5 right now, but I would bet we see an Apollo Lake based Surface 4 released, possibly early August to hit the back-to-school market. The other thing to consider is that, as with Android, if you look at platform versus platform rather than vendor versus vendor, the picture changes.  The iPad Pro isn't just competing with the Surface; it's also competing with Windows 10 on other 2-in-1 devices, like Samsung's Galaxy TabPro S, Acer's Aspire Switch, Sony's Vaio Z Canvas, HP's Spectre X2 and Elite X2, Lenovo's MiiX 700, Dell's XPS12 and Lattitude 5000, and even budget products like the eFun Flexx.
  • Not people. Morons
  • Whaha, so funny. I love these comments. ******* my pants.
  • Nailed it bhai
  • That's why they are called iSheep
  • Yeah, I agree... but when it comes to tablets Apple is really worried, or else they wouldn't create the iPad Pro with almost the same slogan as the Surface. The tablet that replaces your PC
  • Haha. Don't you find that so telling of where they are at? Lets just steal the Surface's line and try to pawn it off as our own... Haha
  • And they pay more for less. Amazing!
  • Like for every apple products. Macs cost far more then same specced PCs and do less, iphones are costantly beaten by samsung galaxy line (and many other). Yet their marketing is very strong and can brainwash milions of people. First iPhones were a revolution so I guess they deserved some years of easy sales.
  • You are an idiot if you believe that. You don't understand why people use Macs and iPhones and instead of admitting that you're trying to explain the situation as millions of people being brainwashed? Suuuure. And you're the clever one, I suppose. The smart guy who knows what's best for him and everyone else.
  • I understand why a small part of these people buy them (the need for some niche apps found only on apple devices, mostly on macs), then I understand why it had success in the beginning (stated in first post) that's because it was way ahead of times, then I understand why the majority of people buy them today instead of buying products that would actually fit their needs for much lower price (android smartphones)! welcome the reality, welcome to capitalism, welcome to the world. I know the best way to attack someone who has somewhat complex opinions is to call them names, at least among kids ;)
  • People use Macs because like Paolo said there are some niche apps that run on then and the other reason is to "impress" their clients because a silver looking thing sure looks proffesional while being an overpriced piece of junk. I work since 3 years with Macs, from MacBook Pro to the 5k iMac to the Trash can Mac Pro. They are overpriced junk and they crash all the time and slow down....
  • True, I saw many Apple watches recently. However, this doesn't change the fact that Apple lost the vision it once had and sooner or later the leader with be caught up if no innovations ahead.
  • You are on the wrong site. You want to be with the other drones over at
  • People?
  • I don't prefer them at all and I work on them every day. I wouldn't give up my SP3 or WP for any Apple device.  
  • Ugly
  • Confusion beckons at Apple, with the news on the SE. Then and there I realised they finally lost it But hey... The sheeps blindly follows it's master
  • True, apple doesnt even reveal what ram it has and fans go all gaga over it, if Ms or samsung would do the same thing, its a crisis.
  • Benchmarks reveal it only has 2gigs of RAM. Apple fans grew crazy at the news. It simply isn't enough
  • Benchmarks reveal it only has 2gigs of RAM. Apple fans grew crazy at the news. It simply isn't enough
  • How about CPU? A9X v/s Atom??? Posted via the Windows Central App for Windows 10/Android
  • No one's looking at that. I think the A9X far outpaces the atom. This is a Windows site though so you should expect a huge bias. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • But you're comparing apples and oranges, yes they're both fruits, but the atom is an x86 processor and the A9X is an arm processor. Used for different things, each better at doing it's own thing. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Especially everyone will forget the different architectures when reviewing the two and will simply claim that the new iPad's battery lasts so-o much longer than the Surface 3. Photoshop? iPad does have a Photoshop! (who needs its full functionality anyway!)
  • Agreed
  • AND Surface 3 it's almost a year old.
  • I think Apple doesn't know what to do to really compete with the Surfaces. Unless Apple take off its price and bring a mobile device with a combination of OSX and iOS they won't will. At least Apple could and I think they should make iOS apps more powerful, allowing developers to create really powerful apps for iOS, like Photoshop, and Consolelike games.
    But, if they do that they will eventually abandon OSX.
    In terms of phones Apple is doing great, but when it comes to Macs, iPads, PC's and Tablets something has to be done, or Apple will lose in the future
  • Microsoft has that area covered and there's nothing apple can do about it Posted from windows central for windows 10 mobile
  • Yeah, with store apps as powerful as win32 coming around Microsoft will become the leader
  • Once Blackberry was the best phones maker...and now.!!!  The trend will change and people will loose the interest...Apple will continue for few years due to some percentage by the artificial hype created by apple stock owner bloggers/journalist!
  • How does that A9 2-core Soc 2gb ram compares to console Soc with 8 cores, 8gb of ram in ps4 and xbo?
    Oculus folks said not a single apple's mac is ready or capable of running their vr and mac has some powerful models desktops and these punny arm Soc A9 that can not run osx is in comparison to powerful custom x86 socs in todays consoles. What shame even thinking it.
  • You don't know much about hardware and you don't seem to know much about Macs. Why are you even discussing such topics?
  • Everytime there's a new iphone or ipad announced an article like this goes up and the faithful pile in with the same comments; its a toy, cant compete, etc yet this will probably outsell every Surface ever made put together and you can bet Microsoft will support it 110% from day one. Maybe time to get a clue that there's room for all types of devices that compete with your beloved Surfaces and stop with this pathetic "war" that exists only in your minds....
  • The only reason this product exits is because the Surface is doing so good in sells, apple wants a piece of the pie, but I don't think they will sell more than Surface's. I don't think the ipad pro has sold more than surface anyway.
  • The November iPad Pro is outselling ALL Surface models together 4:1. With the new 9" iPad Pro that will be even worse for Microsoft.
  • Calling BS on this, going to need a citation.
  • It is BS. iPad Pro outsold SP4 last quarter with 2 million versus 1.6 million. A far cry from 4:1 (that would assume either 6.4 million ipads or only 500k sp4s).
  • And it was a 1st Gen product. We'll see how the 2nd and 3rd gen Pro models sell. Keeping in mind MS is on t