Quick comparison: Surface Pro 3 versus iPad Pro

As it turns out Microsoft must be on to a good thing with the Surface Pro 3, because Apple reinterpreted a number of features we're already used to for it's new, larger iPad. There's a keyboard dock, a pen, sorry, Pencil and the ability to run apps side by side to name a few.

The iPad Pro isn't set to hit store shelves until November, so real-world comparisons will have to wait. And hopefully by then there'll be a new Surface Pro to talk about.

In any case, here's a quick look at the two spec-to-spec. As is often the way with Apple products, there's still some unknown factors right now. But here's what it looks like so far.

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CategorySurface Pro 3iPad Pro
OSWindows 10 ProiOS 9
Display12-inches 2160x144012.9-inch 2732x2048
ProcessorIntel Core i3/i5/i7Apple A9X
RAM4GB or 8GBunknown
LTENo cellular versionLTE version available
Front camera5MP1.2MP
Rear camera5MP8MP
Dimensions292 mm x 201.3 mm x 9.1 mm305.7 mm x 220.6 mm x 6.9 mm
Weight800 grams713 grams (723 grams for LTE)
Wifi802.11 a/b/g/n/ac802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
PenYes (Included)Yes ($99 extra)
KeyboardYes ($129 extra)Yes ($169 extra)
Pricefrom $799from $799

The biggest difference has to be right at the top: The operating system. One runs a mobile OS, one a full desktop OS. You're also going to be spending over $1000 to get the 'full' iPad Pro experience with Pencil and keyboard, which is a lot, however you look at it. The Surface Pro 3 is at least marginally cheaper.

We'll be able to talk more when the iPad Pro is on sale. Maybe against the Surface Pro 3, maybe it's successor. Time will tell. Be sure to sound off in the comments with your own thoughts!

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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  • IPad "Pro"
  • Lol, that pro in the name is a complete scam.
  • Doesn't fucking matter, apple stole and reinvent McLaren's touch display.... Wait, maybe MS updated apple first.... Again..
  • No they didn't. This force touch renaming is just fancy touch and hold, nothing like what McLaren 3d touch was to be
  • Still closer than what we didn't get...
  • +640/galaxy s6 edge Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • No
  • So you're comparing Apple's product that will be on sale to the public in a couple of weeks vs. McLaren, a vaporware product that only a handful of people inside Microsoft have ever seen, and was never released. Gotcha.
  • Apple event was a major disappointment... hardware fails to impress news all over USA Today! http://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/2015/09/09/new-iphone-6s---first-impr...   http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/2015/09/09/evening-news-roundup-wedne...   http://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/2015/09/09/apple-iphone-unveil-lacks-...  
  • We've reached peak innovation...for now. Everything is just expected, obvious spec bumps. Time for someone to pull a rabbit out of their hat (looking at you Microsoft).
  • Yeah they were even talking about the "obvious spec bumps" from apple on a local news station. I don't think the general public is impressed. We need that rabbit!
  • Hololens should be that rabbit
  • we're talking about phones - a devise for mass audience and not for fanatics
  • Huhuhuhuhu..... Holding my Breath
  • Yeah, Microsoft needs that rabbit for sure. Maybe they can invent something like a HoloLens, or Continuum for phones! That would be great. I'd love to carry my PC in my pocket and dock it at work, except, I'm retired. Man, I'd go back to work for that... almost... okay, I'm not going back for anything. Who am I kidding?  Well, maybe One OS across the entire range of devices so you don't have to relearn things going from desktop to phone to hololens to your game console to your home theater system to Raspberry Pi to your home thermostat and toaster. That should do it.  Unfortunately, Microsoft will never decide to unify the OS or invent a HoloLens tech. I guess that's what I get for living in an alternate reality.  :P
  • Does somebody know if the engineers working with Pureview tech didn't join Microsoft after the Nokia acquisition? I would find this unnaceptable, and that could be the reason Microsoft hasn't launched McLaren or a 1020 sucessor.  What happened to all the amazing camera tech from Nokia, is this really not part of Microsoft? 
  • Apple actually snagged some of the Pureview guys a while back which in turn might be responsible for the iphone 6 camera improvements and the ones announced today.  
  • Yep: http://www.engadget.com/2014/05/09/apple-just-hired-nokias-pureview-came...
  • The ex Nokia guy may have helped them also with the Live Photo feature that Lumias have had for a long time now. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • still it was and also is useless feature. Just like there is no fun in gaming without buttons its much better to touch than wait for sometime and idiotically hover your fingers to do something.
  • Well, it is surprising that Apple also choose to name it 'Pro'. With that they are clearly pitting it against the Surface. And with Surface 4 coming out soon that seems like a risk as the 'old' Surface Pro 3 seems to beat the new Apple pro on specs. The risk is putting the Surface Pro 4 in the limelight and making it look more innovative than Apple's product.
  • Which specs would those be, exactly?
  • A skylake CPU for one. IIRC they support external graphics cards. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Skylake will trump the A9X in CPU performance. Graphics remains to be seen, but even if its close, the Pro 4 will be driving a lower resolution on a screen that will likely be just as good. 8GB of RAM versus what certainly can't be more than 4 in the top SKU, and 64-512 (hopefully 128-1TB in sp4?) Of real SSD nand, either sata or pcie, will likely be way better than what apple can manage with UFS or eMMC, unless they've built a sata controller into the A9 platform. Battery is still up in the air, although it's possible this is the one thing apple will come out on top in. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Battery: But for the power and performance you can purchase with an Intel chip the trade off is not bad at all.
  • Functionality.
  • Memory, micro SD, OS. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The Apple fanboy websites are going absolutely nuts protesting against any comparison between the iPad Pro and the Surface Pro. I think their years of mocking everything that the SP is, a tablet that is also a laptop, has a pen, bigger screen, not just for media consumption, etc. is now back to bite them. They are trying to seperate SP and iPP so they don't have to admit to themselves that they were wrong, and also that Apple copies feature for feature like they claim that everyone else does of Apple.
  • I don't think they care. They're going to buy what they like and you're going to buy what you like.
  • What are you talking about?  Apple just invented the Large Tablet/Convertible category.  It is a brand new computing category that has never existed before, and there are no devices to compare the iPad Pro with.  It is completely new and novel. Kappa
  • Hahaha
  • This is gold
  • \sarcasm\ at it's best.. 
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=287&v=_jTk3Fv9ido
  • Lol. IPad pro? Over sized iPod touch pro that is
  • They should've called it the MaxiPad.
  • Lol yes the Maxipad
  • It's iPAD XXL.
  • +1520
  • You deserve a +
  • Maxipad+
  • Agreed
  • You win the Internet.
  • God never thought of this before, thank you
  • The surface pro already beats the iPad "Pro."
  • Ironically, the iPad pro is basically a Surface RT (not pro). But they are charging a "pro" price for it.
  • It's cute that they think what they're offering constitutes pro, right? :D
  • "Pro" until you fill up its massive non-expandable, 128gb of memory. Oh yeah, I can do EVERYTHING that I'd EVER need to do with that!!!
  • oh come on dude, CrApple Wanta be surface Pro, can kiss MS's ass. That is another overpriced garbage from CrApple AGAIN. I can't wait to see EVIL CrApple scam fail, one of these days.  
  • iPad Pro - For Professional Idiots
  • Thats why they picked i.  I for idiot.  the idiot pad,  the idiot phone,  the idiot pod touch....etc.  Apple sucks.
  • I hate the fucking apple! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Looks like an isurface attempt to me.
  • Can you attach the Apple Pencil somewhere?
  • Nope
  • From Twitter:   Abbi Crutchfield
    ‏@curlycomedy  Everyone at the #AppleEvent just received a free iPencil, promptly chewed it, then lost it.   Alison McDonald ‏@MissAliMcD  · 26m26 minutes ago 
    @curlycomedy some walked around with the ipencil behind their ear asking if anyone saw it.
  • and the pen is huge in a weird way.
  • Which is a good thing for iZombies.. Bigger size means 'easy to show off' .. :D
  • It totally seems enormous, doesn't it? That was one of the first things I noticed. Also, I didn't hear or see any mention of buttons...which makes it pretty stupid if you ask me.
  • No no no pencil !!!
  • Compensating for something...
  • They should call it Apple Marker
  • iCrayon
  • Is the "pencil" actually an active device, or is it just one of those goofy touch stylus things?
  • iPad Pro 2 (2016) - now with pencil iLoop ($29).
  • Lol, make that $50!
  • Come on dude you're wrong and its silly because it'll be the iPad Pro (S) lol...
  • Yeah, that's why I hate all the double standard concerning Apple. They trained their iZombies that negative points of others are positive or to be ignored when it comes to apple products and software
  • And did Microsoft train you to view anyone who likes apple products as a zombie?
  • Years of watching people line up days in advanced to buy an Apple product, that you can order online or just wait a week and order, pretty much made Apple fans look like zombies. The fact that seem to think apple can do no wrong is also a strong indication. Steve Jobs pretty much declared that large phones, small tablets, keyboards for a tablet and a stylus were the wrong way to go and the Apple fans defended that. When Apple did a 180 degree turn, all those things became the most amazing features ever. At least Cook didn't use OSX in the tablet because that would go against his refridgerator and toaster comment regarding using windows on a tablet.
  • The following is an actual comment from iMore, referring to the new iPad Pro, and it provides an excellent example of why Apple fanboys are thought of as zombies:   "I almost like the higher price, because at least I'll be able to get one on day one."   If this isn't hilarious to you, you probably have an iPhone in your pocket.
  • Yes, in the Lightning port, to recharge its battery. Visually: []-
  • Fits over your ear.
  • Behind your ear
  • Should it be Surface 3 instead? Yeah, didn't read already.
  • Nope. 12 inch vs 12 inch
  • Compare iPhone 6s plus and Lumia 950XL ;)
  • One exists. One currently does not. Done.
  • Not like that.. Like this "One exists. One currently does not, but Daniel claims to know almost every detail about it..so let's compare the hardware at least" Done? ;)
  • One exists? Really? Where?
  • He means the iPhone exists while the Lumia (the other) does not (only rumoured, not launched).
  • It's on WMPU
  • With the exception of the size - it better compares to S3; NOT SP3.
  • Price
  • Comparing iPad Pro and SP3 is like comparing a Scooter and a Car
  • This^
  • Considering Apple calls it a Pro device instead of say, "Plus", I think the comparison is fair.
  • Apple can call it what it wants.  Atom processor (S3) is comparable to ARM processors.  x86 iX system is NOT the same class as an ARM system.   As Yasar said: "Comparing iPad Pro and SP3 is like comparing a Scooter and a Car."
  • Except Apple are charging a car price for their scooter. :) 
  • ^ Right :) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • More like public transport and a car. The Surface Pro is an exclusive experience that will take you directly to where you want to go, the iPad just follows the herd on a predefined route, you still need to walk to your actual destination. Having said all that, Apple are very good at convincing people to never leave the station.
  • +maxipad
  • No No One is Scooter and another is porche or lamborghini or Audi or BMW or ferrari!!! Lolzzz
  • I would say No, the Surface 3 comes with Cherry Trail, from what I've seen today that Apple A9X is about 1.8 times faster than A8X we are probably talking that A9X is about same performance than Intel Core M, but with better graphics (Maybe compared to Nvidia GeForce GT 930M)  
  • The x86 instruction set (and by extension full windows) still trumps anything iOS can ever bring to the table. Full windows vs iOS just cannot be compared on any scale really, particularly when talking about 'Pro' devices. Heck I can compile apps for iOS, and probably build iOS itself on a SP! Try building/compiling windows apps or windows itself on an iPad 'Pro'...
  • A9X is nowhere near the performance level of even the first Core CPUs let alone the Cherry trail or Skylake.Frannkly its not really comparable to a generation old Atom.
  • Lol, in what world are you living in? A8X is already much faster than the latest Cherry Trail, let alone A9X. A9X can and will be compared to Skylake 4.5W SKUs.
  • The iPad Pro stil doesn't compare to the Surface 3.  Unlike the Surface RT and Surface 2, Surface 3 runs full Windows 8.1/10.  All iPads only run iOS.  You'd be beter off comparing the iPad Pro with the Lumia 2520 Nokia put out before the buy out.
  • More like "pro" v Pro!
  • Even S3 is too much. This is more like S2 with a pen.
  • Surface Pro 3 is over $300 cheaper with a 128 GB SSD and Core i5 + Pen + Keyboard ($1029 vs. $1347)
  • And Surface Pro 3 supports software only a MacBook Pro supports, so if you go with the iPad Pro, you still need to carry your MacBook for using software many professionals do (from different industries: engineering, design, computer science, architecture).  Maybe the only exception is Art, where the iPad Pro looks to have a nice solution for painters/drawing professionals - This is due to the pressure sensitivity of the Apple Pencil which is not available in N-Trig Tech.
  • N-Trig does support pressure sensitivity
  • But not in the same way that the Apple Pencil does.  The N-Trig Surface pen is only pressure sensitive at the tip.  The Pencil is sensitive at the tip and around the side (the whole cone shape area). This is why they call is a pencil instead of a stylus or pen.  Hopefully the Surface Pro 4 will have it's own "pencil" in October.
  • That's not pressure sensitivity, that's tilt sensitivity. My wacom has pressure and tilt sensitivity, but unfortunately the N-trig only has pressure.
  • Name the high end art apps that are on the iOS app store that support pressure sensitive pens.  
  • The only unique feature of the pencil is the 45 degree drawing. I'm not an artist but I've seen plenty of artist hold a pencil this way while sketching.
  • What are you on about, Surface Pro had sentivitivity in its pens from the first gen with wacom 1024 levels of pressure and now with n-trig as well with 256.
  • Or in my case, €1259, damn you MS and your new exchange rate!
  • I am surprised that their weights are similar
  • No contest really, but that won't stop the iPad pro outselling the SP3 ;-(
  • The Dell and HP tie ups will nullify things nicely...
    If anything, I think Apple have opened themselves up for a battering on this one. There isn't an area where the iPad 'Pro' beats the Surface. Not one. & we haven't even seen the Surface Pro 4 yet!!
  • There is 1 area, and that's the camera...
  • Better use iPhone if you insist using Apple's camera, less straining the arm trying to hold it still. Or maybe they expect us to take pictures like the good old days of large format camera, attached to tripod.
  • It'll be great for Snapchat......
  • If the camera is a concern, then compare it to the MIIX 700, at least then you're comaring it to a real sense camera.    All Microsoft needs to do is lower the price of the SP3, or do a bundle with the keyboard etc. sell it into businesses everywhere it can and then announce the SP4 at the a same price point as the iPad Pro and it should take a little wind out of Apple's Sails.
  • I hate PadHoles... The ones holding up the pad in front of everything taking pictures... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I'm so happy people will continue taking pictures with their iPads... I'll be sad when that ends.
  • I look forward to seeing someone trying to take a picture with a 13" tablet.
  • Yay, more idiots holding their tablets up to take pics!
  • Only the rear camera. The front camera on SP3 trounces the MaxiPad.
  • I despise it when people use their iPad to take photos. And considering they likely carry a perfectly adequate or superior camera in their pocket, I find it pretentious.
  • haha a 13" camera device hahahaha
  • Screen resolution and an LTE model, that's it, nothing that matters.
  • It will still sell on its name and typical Apple owners will buy it as a way to show off. Not in large quantities like other ipad or phones, but I doubt it will completely flop. It may be the only iPad Pro model though... As in it won't sell enough to update that line again. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You underestimate how much money apple fans are willing to blindly throw at apple products. The iPad pro will sell out and everyone will rave that invented tablet multitasking and stylus support.
  • a couple years ago I would agree with you, but the tides are changing a bit. People are a bit more informed now-a-days and don't mind trying android devices anymore since Samsung helped that push with its marketing. the Apple Watch is a good example of this, great product but almost unnecessary in many peoples eyes. This iPad Pro may venture in the same direction.
  • Only way they "sell out" is if inventory is ridiculously low. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Nicely said...+1
  • Why would I want to buy an oversized iPad when the smaller one I have collects dust in a drawer? My wife only drags it out when she's on a plane. iPad sales are already slipping and they expect this to fix what?        
  • We only use ours for a tv in the dining room.
  • Yeah, there is the issue of "apps".  If they aren't already using a Surface or Windows 8/10 device, then they are probably already exclusively iOS/OSX.  Having said that, buying this over a PC tablet, etc, is easier to justify if it will run all of the stuff you spent money on.  It's a misnomer, but it's platform investment.  People on this forum (guests??) have complained since creation that apps are what will break the mobile platform. Well, this is what will be their advantage. It is, really, just a bigger iPad with Surface inspired improvements.
  • And it won't stop all the people who crucified the Surface RT for having an ARM processor rave about the iPad Pro. Quite said really, when you think aout the level of intelligence in the masses.
  • Ehh, slightly different. It's still running iOS 9 which makes its future as bright as any iOS device. Unlike all our current RT units... (Yes, I own one). But... It's still an iOS device. Ha-ha. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I think things are some how different this time the name pro is known globally for the surface and seeing the price for iPad most people would stick with the small ones benefit/price is too small(that's why there is no new iPad air like there was a sub updated iPad mini 3 to push sales of iPhone 6plus "the new category")
    So the main market for iPad bro is business where people at least are more rational and savvy to throw many away on garbage!!
  • Just b/c someone works at a corporation, it does not mean they will be prefer SP to this. It's all about how they use the device and you would be surprised how many ppl already use iPad with Bluetooth keyboards to check emails and even use productivity apps from the app store. This will sell b/c of brand and familiarity. I'm the only one with a Windows tablet (Toshiba Encore Write) which already has an awesome pen, in a center with more than 3000 employees.
  • I will always prefer Microsoft products over Apple ones. Microsoft only lacks good advertisements which Apple has and I have no idea what do people see in them.
  • Well, ios is superior to Windows Phone, it doesnt matter how fluid and stable wp is if its apps are far far behind ios
  • Is it though? Is it.....
  • apps =/= OS
  • Of course not. And although Mac or Linux users used to claim their OS are better than Windows, it doesn't matter to users because they don't really care if it's Windows/Mac/Linux. They just want OS with softwares that get their job done, and run games.
  • iOS is stable enough.
  • IOS isn't superior. The developer support is superior. Of course, that is the same issue that plagued macs. For decades, people claimed that Mac was superior but the developer support meant that it couldn't compete with windows.
  • That certainly is a very subjective matter of opinion - I have a Windows Phone and I have experienced no issues with the alleged "app gap". That said, more apps doesn't equate with a better experience.
  • 50 fart apps is superior to 30 fart apps :/s
  • IPad "price to high" Pro. Pro = stupid
  • There is no comparison.
  • I like how the Apple Pencil has 12 hours of battery life. That's cute.
  • :D
  • Which one is dumber, charging pen or charging watch?
  • I think Charging pen is more dumber.. All the new smartwatches out there needs charging..
  • You said "more dumber".
    I heart that.
  • That's right. It is most more dumber. Speak American. (Copyright SP[Sarah Pro])
  • I don't need to charge my Mont Blanc and my Tag Heuer. It seems like technology had gone backwards theses days.
  • The charging Idea is Ironic Anyone could break that little tiny Lightining connector While charging thus not only breaking the pencil, but also the iPad And Apple wins from both sides :) Note that: the Pencil CAN'T be charged directly from the Charger as both connectors - from what I see - are males :/ , ALSO the Live Photos part was hilarious. 
  • Agreed.. +Smart Keyboard
  • Apple: Oh, you are right about that. We do sell an accessory for you to charge your Pencil directly on the charger for $19.99, or you can opt for the Pencil Case charger for $49.99 that has a built-in battery. Also, it comes in Gold.
  • Hahah actually I think apple will do that  (sell a male to female converter)
  • But, but... it's revolutionary.
  • Magically revolutionary
  • Still a toaster in a refrigerator.
  • It indeed does seem ridiculous at first sight. Meanwhile, when you glance Surface forums and notice that many users get a week of battery life for their pen and then have to run for spare AAAA battery, you end up thinking that Apple's idea to have it Lightning chargeable is brilliant. Deeper thinking. Something Microsoft still cruely lacks occasionally.
  • Might be a defective batch.  I've had mine for over a year and haven't changed the battery yet - I use it daily.  Charging the pen is one more hassle that I don't need.
  • Same here. Better than a year and still original battery. Posted via my HTC One (M7)
  • I've had mine for months, it gets used every day and never replaced the battery. In fact, I forgot it had a battery lol. Every time I go into coffee houses the people with iWhatever always next to sockets and plug in the device. Never see anyone else doing this, just the i's.
  • ^ this.. Multiple pens, almost a year
  • I hate built in batteries. I find it much more convenient to supply my own rechargeable. That is what I do with all my remotes. This is especially true with my Xbox controllers - much easier to just use my own rechargeables over MS play and charge kit.
  • Same here. I have always used a play and charge kit until about 2 years ago. I love my energizer kit. So many things needs batteries and i always have 'em ready!
  • Totally agree, I use rechargeables for everything
  • I don't have the Surface Pro, but hasn't Wacom have stylus that doesn't need to be charged for years ? It gets the power needed from the screen or something like it. Competitors also have their own version, so it's probably not protected by Wacom's lawyers.
  • I have a Pro 1 (well, my wife does now) and the Wacom isn't powered at all from my understanding. I believe the battery in the Ntrig only power the button top (Bluetooth). I am a little confused as to why the 'pencil' uses that much power.
  • Beacuse apple has not got the patents for wacon or ntrig tech
  • It is a licenced ntrig in ipad pro.
  • Have yet to replace mine from launch day and I use it daily.
  • WTF are you serious?  I have had my SP3 since the beginning of August 2014 and I am still on the first battery.  And I use it often as a digital artist.  
  • I had my pen since surface pro. Battery still working haven't charge it yet
  • Same here.
  • You troll you ;)
  • Lol wut? My surface pen hasn't needed new batteries in the year I've had it...
  • Yeah, my pen is going strong 8 months later, granted I don't use it all that often but I'm glad its always ready to go when I need it.
  • What I think is great is you get the S3P free and if you lose it, it's cheaper to replace. (as I have done). I would be so cheesed to pay $99 for a pen (not sorry, it's a pen) and then have to fork out the same again to replace it. For that money you could buy 3 spare pens for your S3P incase you lose the free one.
  • You have to charge the pen?! What's so special about it? Dell venue 8 pro with pen has lasted me months!
  • On a Windows 10 app like Adobe Sketch, even with the Surface Pro 3 Pen, you need to choose a different pencil brightness/thickness as a software feature, I believe with Apple Pencil, this will be controlled by hardware, depending on how much you press/hold your pencil that's why its more complex than the Surface Pen.
  • I am confused. I don't know much about about them, but I thought pressure sensitivity was part of ntrig and wacom?
  • You can do the harder you press the thicker the line on the first Surface Pro with Wacom pen, that is nothing new, and definitely does not justify $99 pen.
  • Apple double standards again. The competition has pens that last for months and then Apple revolutionizes with pens that charge and lasts for half a day only.
  • Well.... At least thet're are consistent. The Apple watch probably has the same battery ;-P
  • Aww man. I didn't catch that. That is really silly.
  • I would like to see what Microsoft will do for Surface (4th iteration) regarding the Pen, N-Trig looks great improvement from Surface Pro 2 and 1, but it still doesn't have the pressure-sensitivity that Apple Pencil has, I see this a wanted feature for drawing professionals and general art industry people.
  • Maybe a pen with retracting tip as you push to give the same feeling of a brush? Just so you don't have Apple or Samsung sue you for copying them
  • The N-Trig pen/Surface Pro Pen has 256 levels of pressure sensitivity, why are you repeatedly posting in these comments that it doesn't have any?
  • The pen on the first surface pro has 1024 with wacom tech, so even better then the n-trig one in terms of pressure sensitivity if you are an artist.
  • There are multiple reviews etc. out there that say the difference isn't that much of a difference. Especially after the fixes and new pen app that rolled out a couple of months later. I'm still very curious on the Apple pen tech, and how they will overcome the 'non-wacom/n-trip' tech. If this is a lesser solution, than it failed at least for the 'artist' crowd.
  • Yep.. Gives and opportunity to think (or a coffee break) in between charging..
  • That too you charge by inserting the pen into the port on the iPad... So while one charges, one discharges, it makes perfect sense! And during charging is the best time for the pen to break off from the tip of its USB output and have the output stuck inside the iPad's port Posted via the Windows Central App
  • Cute indeed! It's been well over a year and I haven't changed my SP3's AAAA battery ever since. I'm starting to believe the AAAA batteries have some sort of miniature nuclear power plant technology in there.   
  • unless it has at least 4GB of ram, it would be hard for it to run any business software. That may be ok for twitter and FB, but forget about a "pro" device that cannot handle at least that much.
  • Hence it being ios based(when is cisco going to sue for infringement)
  • Apple has licensed ios from Cisco since ios 4 was released.
  • Cisco and Apple worked out a deal to let them use then name ios.
  • Cisco did sue. It was settled out of court.  Apple is allowed to use the name.
  • Can't stand on its own, no USB 3.0, No storage epansion. Pen (Pencil) not included, Keyboard cover seems no backlite and no track pads and freaking expensive, still a toy OS (iOS). Seems like it is desgined for Professional Idiots~
  • You Sir have made my day. Especially with the comment before about a Mont Blanc Pen and now this Hats of to you :)
  • I don't even see them as competition. One runs a mobile OS, other runs a full OS. Comparisons should just there, Surface Pro is just purely a better machine.
  •   iOS ecosystem versus windows desktop OS ecosystem is a valid comparison.  Until Windows 10 releases the mobile version, it is hard not o avoid the comaprison.  the argument is the iOS ecosystem will replace the desktop ecosystem.  One gets the impression that OSX is the step child to iOS.  Whereas Windows 10 is the marraige of Wp and Windows.  Ultimately, will a mobile OS supported by cloud based SaaS be more important than stand alone Hardware based OS supported be clud based SaaS? There just may not be a direct competition between the Surface style Wintel hardware and the iPad style iOS hardware.  They may just provide solutions to different markets.  However, will the iOS ecosystem slowly displace the Wintel ecosystem. Or will Windows 10 hamper iOS market growth?
  • I don't know about the far future, but for now, on tablets, I'm betting on Windows 10 and beyond, especially since Intel got their act together since the baytrail. There's just too much Win32 can do that would be a real pain on any of these 'apps' today. Win10 offers the best combination: you get it all on your x86 device :-)
  • As great as iOS ecosystem is, it pales in comparison to the Windows ecosystem (Windows store AND legacy programs written for Windows System 32....basically endless) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • iOS is a joke compared to Windows 10.  Windows 10 has so many and so powerful programs (I'm taking about stupid apps), that can't even exist for iOS.
  • I don't see that happening. Apple had a masive drop in marketshare since the height of iOS. Shure, it's not Microsoft they lost it to, but Android instead. And Android is not (yet) able to overtake Windows on desktop and laptop hardware.
  • So-called tech "journalists" bitched about the Surface keyboards costing so much... If these same people don't complain about the increased Apple costs (and that the pen is $100!!!!), they can rightly be branded as hipocrites.
  • Bet they won't, either... Good point. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Okay, the "Smart" keyboard cover might look pretty crap, isn't backlit, acts as a poor mans kickstand and doesn't have a trackpad or pen loop (yet), but it is no doubt "magical". Hope the journalists manage a "lapability" test.
  • This will flop, like the apple watch. Tons of fanboys to start with, and sales down by 90% after a week...
  • So what you're saying is this will out sell the surface after a week.
  • Funny but perhaps true. They do have excellent sales channels. This is very expensive though and with Apple tablet sales down it may not be as much of a success they'd like
  • Yet outsell the modbook pro
  • With the difference that Microsoft doesn't depend on Surface sales while Apple's livelyhood depends almost entirely on selling iDevices. 
  • And where the Surface may fall short, Microsoft will still have Windows 10 sitting in other Surface clones made by their partners.   Also, Great to see Segata Sanshiro on these here comments :)
  • Surface sales have actually been doing pretty well this year. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The good news is that this is solidifying the idea the Microsoft had in mind. This is showing that the world wants to interact with touch and pen and keyboard. That's awesome. Unfortunate then click on keyboard doesn't have a track pad. Kind of nullifies the whole "could be your laptop" idea. Some things just work better with a track pad. That's why computers need to be adaptable.
  • Why settle for one or the other. Mac Book air with a track pad VS. Surface with both track pad and touch screen.
  • I think the difference is that iOS is 100% designed for touch. Windows, even Windows 8, just isn't completely touch optimized. Microsoft needs to really sprint to adapt their mobile/tablet OS to touch because as it is touch is not optimal on those devices.
  • Now MS can make some more comparison ads...
  • Definitely! They should make an ad comparing the SP3 and the iPad pro, showing the SP3 is on par, if not, better...and then reveal oh wait thats the old model, we're releasing the Surface 4 now !
  • That would make the best ad during the launch event, it really should be against a surface RT or L2520 too...
  • I can already see it: "As you can see, the Surface Pro can run full Photohop while the iPad Pro is limited to the touch versions of the software. Further, the Surface Pro is more powerfull and"
    "God dammit ad-guy!"
    "That's the old model"
    "My bad... So as I was saying, the Surface Pro 4 is more powerfull then the Surface Pro 3 and that one is again more powerfull then the iPad Pro. And for less $"
  • Man this has to become real... MS should employ you in their advertising department :) Posted via the Windows Central App
  • To me, the key differentiator is that the Surface Pro can also be a desktop replacement. Put it in a docking station with a keyboard, mouse, monitor and full Windows and you can do anything that needs to get done in the office. Pull it out of the dock and you are fully portable for work or play. It's tough to call it an IPad PRO if it can't run full productivity apps. The iPad pro is still just a companion device that's stuck between a smartphone and a full laptop/desktop.
  • Since Microsoft is putting Office in iOS, maybe the productivity argument is weak.  However, if Apple intends to monetize iTunes with more adoption of the iPad Pro in the enterprise, they may be disappointed if all the iPad Pro users pay Microsoft for the use of Office 365 running on the iPad.  Does anyone know how much Apple will get from Microsoft selling office 365 through the iTunes store?
  • Office != All productivity.
  • There are very significant differences between Mobile office and full Desktop office. For one, Macros and VBA are powerful tools used heavily on serious desktop level computing. Don't know if mobile office supports this!
  • This! I have Office 2013 on all my devices, including my 8"tablet.
  • Office != All productivity
  • It appears to me people assume Mobile office and Desktop office are one and the same. They are not. Forget touch optimization and other cosmetic effects. Maybe if all you do is type some documents and prepare some powerpoint slides then that is fine (but I would say why go for the so called iPad pro, why not regular iPad or any ARM tablet?). For those of us that use complex Macros and VBA code in office (particularly in excel for example), there is no way mobile office can cut it. The SP line is the true pro line of tablets, full windows cannot be beat on a pro device, if we assume we mean the same thing when we say 'Pro'  
  • An apple product two months off after launch? Is someone a little scared of the surface pro 4 announcement looming or is this my imagination? I though I was going to see a touch OSX variant and we're greeted with the same dog and pony show hopefully Tim Cook doesn't do anything odd with those pencils before you buy them. You can already see the vision apple has is really lacking, since job's kicked it. Some may say I am delusional and post iPad sells numbers and to that I say even a tremor and produce a massive aftershock ^_^
  • Seems funny.  Since Apple is not using the skylake processor, waiting until November is odd.  Is the A9X chip still not bing produced in sufficient volume?  we know that Skylake is in production.  As I have said many times, Intel's slow adoption of more mobile friendly processors has allowed the ARM powered hardware vendors to beat WinTel silly.
  • Here's the problem for intel, to win in mobile increasing the performance of Atom (a <$40 cpu) to be competative with Nvidia, Qcom & Apple arm chips they have to canibalizing the sales of the higher margin i3 (>$200 cpu). So far they have been unwilling to do so.
  • Possibly a display and chip issue moving to a larger form factor. But also remember Apple will launch worldwide quickly compared to Microsoft.
  • Apple does relatively poorly worldwide.
  • No today totally showed Apple's lack of vision. Apple TV was a me-too device that does exactly what Android TV does, iPad Pro isban overpriced joke, and the new iPhones will sell well, but still adding features other OEMs have been doing for sometime. Pair that with the anecdotal success (or failure) of Apple Watch as a huge hit and poor reviews of Apple Music so far and this is a company that once led as cool and new but now is predictable, "me too," boring, and arrogant. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Anyone seen any palm rejection on this thing? Pencil, stylus, whatever, pretty useless without.
  • I'd like to know too actually. Pretty sure I saw it in their demo videos..
  • I watched the Apple video about the pen and read their pen specific web site info. Nothing ever mentions palm-rejection. And, if I had to caal the shot based on the video, I would say it does not support it as almost all depicted users have their hand in the air. Now, the site says the iPad know whether the hand or the pen is touching the screen. Therefore, I guess some pen specific apps will just ignore screen input and give the same result as palm-rejection. Other apps may be unable to tell. You raised a good question. More precise answer to come...
  • I don't think there's any comparison, this is just apple trying to fool people. The similarities end with 'pro' in their name.
  • This^
    It's completely misleading to call the so called iPad Pro a Pro device. If it was running MacOSX, then we can talk, but iOS? Is that a joke?? Can I install Matlab, Visual studio? You know, real programs for Pro users?
    Pass me the SP1, 2 , 3 or 4 please :-)
  • Thing is though, they are marketing "Pro" for consumers. Not all consumers run resource-heavy CAD programs and simulators.
  • I disagree, they are clearly targeting enterprise Customer, they started the presentation by mentioning their partnership with ibm and cisco, and brought ms and adobe for demo.
  • True, but the Pro tag has traditionally been reserved for 'serious' content creators. If we were just talking basic Office apps, then any ARM based tablet from at least last year is good enough. And I suspect it probably won't even support advanced features of Office such as Macros and VBA. But being an Apple product, it would probably still sell in droves initially, until the consumers realize that it doesn't even compare in any way to the lowest end SP3, let alone the S3. Oh well, I guess perception always supersedes reality for most people :-(
  • It's all about using resource-heavy CAD programs and simulators. If I want to edit a document, I CAN DO IT ON MY PHONE!!!
  • The difference between the iPad Pro and Surface Pro is that while the surface depends on legacy w32 programs cause there are no Pro apps or interest to develop them for the Win Store the iPad Pro will get those apps soon enough just because apple announced a "pro" tablet for those apps Posted via the Windows Central App for MS-DOS 6.22
  • I highly doubt that all the win32 app dev. will abandon their apps and will start developing ios versions because of iPad 'pro'.
  • Never said that, but a Tablet should have a great Tablet experience first of all and not depent on legacy software Posted via the Windows Central App for MS-DOS 6.22
  • But these are not tablets, but rather 2-in-1 devices. People derided Surface because they felt it was a marginal tablet. Missed the point entirely. This is comparing a tablet with a keyboard tacked on to a hybrid device with full USB support and integrated keyboard. A completely mobile OS with an OS that supports mobile and desktop use.
  • + you can run iOS and Android apps on Windows (Emulators)
  • Can we stop saying pen, sorry pencil? They're both styluses.
  • 1000 for a iPad.. If going to pay that kind of money I'll go for the real deal which is surface pro
  • They should sue over the Pro and infringing on a mobile experience as well as the keyboard and pen sorry pencil. Can they be any more sleazy? I hate apple with a passion now but everyone is too dumb or hooked to notice. My coworker can't realize my Lumia 640 LTE does everything the iPhone 6 does except the finger print. And I bought it for 79.99$ and she paid 800$ with no office or any other upgradable feature like storage or changing batteries. I wont even feel bad if I brake mine. And she Is moaning how getting a new iPhone is over 1000$ of hard earned cash.
  • IPad has office thanks to Microsoft. They should pull it from the store immediately. Nobody will use the iPad pro without office.
  • That makes no sense at all. Apple will sell millions of these and that is potentially millions of Office sales. Why in the world would Microsoft stop selling software? That's what they do.
  • Do we know how much Apple recieves when Microsoft sells office 365 subscriptions to iTunes customers?  I think all app sales must go through iTunes.  Would this apply to cloud/storage service contracts?  In either case, Microsotf wins with more users of Office.
  • Businesses are less likely to use without Office and good MS Exchange support Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You do realize that Office on the >10" ipad pro requires an annual office 365 subscription which MS makes >90% margins on right? Whether companies buy Surface pros or Ipad pros running Office 365... Microsoft wins.
  • Lets face it, microsoft wins not matter what, does not matter what it is microsoft wins, beacuse microsoft is in every part of our lifes no matter if we like it or not
  • Yes that's what satya wants cloud win. Office 365 is being used extensively.
  • My hatred for Apple has only grown today. $799 without a real OS or processing power, and half the storage of the baseline SP3. This is a Surface competitor at best. Not a Surface Pro competitor.
  • Hatred for a company because you prefer another product to theirs? You need professional help.
  • When a company blatantly screws over their customers, yes. Or when they pretend they did things first, yes. I mean I could continue but there's clearly no point lol.
  • I think you're SERIOUSLY underestimating the A9X power. It will kick asses. Lots of them. As for the OS, you're being far too subjective. The Apple ecosystem offering is getting very serious. Far better than what is available on the Windows Store. And with the iPad Pro will come lots of additional and very potent new apps. If I were Microsoft, I would be very concerned. Time to get their act together and iron out the Windows ecosystem rough edges.
  • The Windows ecosystem consists of every x86 application compatible with Windows 10, so basically every Windows application ever written. I'm not really sure what your point is...
  • No way any ARM chip will even come close to a core i device from intel or a similar chip - at least not today and not if performance is what you want. There is a reason one chip is fanless while the other requires active cooling.
    Then there is the issue of the core OS itself. If we were talking MacOSX on the iPad pro then we can make a comparison, but matching the full windows against iOS is not even worth the effort. As long as Apple keeps OSX tethered to the desktop, the iPad pro would not be able to truly challenge the Surface pro in the serious enterprise. There's only so much suave marketing can accomplish. Maybe for the average consumer, but for hardcore content creators and pro users, they know where the action is at!
  • Is that a joke? You can do anything to a Surface. You have to physically hack an iOS device to even come close to matching and even then, maybe not. I mean, you do realize the Surface Pro doesn't NEED the App Store to get content, right? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Don't even need the internet, you can just code programs on the surface pro
  • If I were limited to what is in the Windows store your argument might make sense. But I use dozens of win 32 programs, not apps. Call me when Apple introduces a MacBook with touch and a pen.
  • All you guys commenting on surface having so many win32 programs is a very flawed argument. If we are looking at the surface when used as a laptop then sure, lots of cool stuff. But when used as a tablet....I'm sorry but the number of decent tablet apps compared to IOS suck ballz. You can't argue yourself around that problem. Even so, I still prefer a surface over a iPad. But let's be fair and objective here guys. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Surface Pro 3 all day, with Microsoft ecosystem you get your monies worth. IFad is a straight copy of the Surface Pro 3 Split screens was introduced on Windows 8 Stylus/pen touch sensitivity already on Surface Pro 3 line for 3 years now AppleTV is a straigh copy of the Nintendo Wii   This company isn't innovating at all, what is the big deal??
  • They just know how to advertise them....
  • At one point it used to be where apple would release something and companies would respond with their version. Now its the other way around. This is how you know apple is dying.
  • Or that microsoft is improving
  • Or both.
  • Isn't the regular Surface 3 more of a practical comparison?
  • Comparison was made considering the same price point and screen size
  • I guess that makes sense. Something no one has mentioned is that the lapability of the iPad Pro is likely better than the Surface which impales the legs.
  • This comparison will become much more serious when Intel releases Boxtron early next year.  The Surface 4 may be superior to the iPad Pro at a significantly lower price.  $800 verus $1000.
  • Let's just call it what it is: A gigantic iPhone without the phone part. Now, do we really want to compare that to a full blown PC? I say, we don't.
  • Looks around for wife on iPad... Okay clear! Boo hiss iPad boo lol
  • Just a spec comparison right? One is a PC and one is a tablet that can show two windows at once.
  • I still rather own the Surface 3 Pro to the iPad pro. You're basically getting a full blown computer (without a CD Drive) with the Surface Pro 3 as with the iPad Pro it's basically a blown up iPad with a few software features tacked onto it.
  • Just hoping Microsoft come up with the perfect reply with the Surface Pro 4 and take a few swipes at the new 'competition'.
  • Wondering if the Surface 4 Pro will include the 3d real sense camera or just a better camera.  remember, Microsoft owns the Nokia camera patents (I believe).
  • at least the apple pencil is useful in the office, while here I tried to draw on the word and power point to no avail... MS makes a better office in the iPad than the Windows
  • Didn't it pull up an option to go into inking mode?
  • You are kidding, right?  There's an inking tab in all of the Office 2013 under review.  I use it all of the time.
  • I tried in the mobile version of the office (which made sense to me) but apparently only the full office has the drawing function. go figure.
  • The problem here might be the user...
  • In my experience any computer problem is usually somehow related to the squishy thing between the chair and the screen.
  • PEBKAC....Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair
  • that was indeed the case. I was trying to compare the mobile, touch-friendly versions of the office, and in that case my statement remains true. but I realized soon after I posted that the full office has an pen option. I rarely use the pen outside the OneNote app and handwritten text input, so... my bad
  • I see your point.  With that said, I agree with you that this should be a feature in office "mobile" or "universal apps".  Submitting feedback to MS now.
  • Let's call it dumb comparison. I mean, only because Apple decided to name their new toy "pro" it doesn't make it pro. only becuase they are similar screen size it shouldn't be really be considered as real alternative to SP3 for obvious reason. I don't undestand this stubbron comparisons. It's not a secret SP3 has better specs and it would be more useful than an iPad, and it's not a secret people would blindy and stupidly buy this new iPad, not a SP3 even if prices as you see would be higher getting less on Apple side.  
  • Surface pro3 is the best
  • IPad pro: The tablet that can replace your smaller, cheaper tablet.
  • Lol! At least no mention is made of replacing a laptop thankfully!
  • This thing might be competitive with the Surface 3, but the SP3 should run circles around it (especially the i7 version). The SP4 is going to make this look silly.
  • And yet the Surface 3 can still do more.
  • Eager to see a side-by-side of the performance of the N-trig pen on the Surface Pro 3 (and 4) versus the Apple Pencil (lame). Might help justify MS decision to buy and switch to N-trig from Wacom, or maybe not. I'm impressed that the Surface Pro 3 compares so closely from a weight and thickness POV consiering the Intel processors and real desktop OS, not to mention that it's a year older. Hopefully the Surface Pro 4 will be even better. WTF on the storage options Apple?
  • Storage huh.... They want to push customers buy the 64gb version or subscribe to an iCloud plan.
  • Le sigh... The sad thing is apple will sell more iPad pro than surface pro 3 in a matter of months because people are dumb!
  • Looks to be as worthy of the term Pro as a professional golf ball retriever.
  • Just read techradars iPad pro vs SP3 comparison, what a load of crap
  • Do you mean this one? Since to me, it makes a LOT of sense. http://www.techradar.com/news/mobile-computing/tablets/5-reasons-surface...
  • No, he means the one where the author says the AX9 runs 80% faster than most "portable PCs" then shows a apple graphic saying it's faster than 80% of them
  • What's the voltage of those batteries?  Otherwose using two different units does not provide any comparison.
  • Surface 3 > ipad pro
  • Apple just did more to sell me on the next Surface Pro than anything, and I think I was open to a switch, having just sold off my MacBook.   That keyboard looks terrible - well, the keys themselves look nice.  Shallow, no backlighting. Looks like you can only have a single position for typing, no adjustable angles. Pencil is a nice looking device and I like the rechargable battery, but that's at best a push with the Surface Pen Multitasking is a slight improvement over the Win 8 version, but no better than the SP3 tablet mode.  Of course, in desktop mode the SP3 has the iPro killed for multitasking.   I'm really excited for the SP4 now!
  • Does the iPad Pro have a kickstand or is that the function of the keyboard?
  • No kickstand, the keyboard cover just folds around like the usual smart covers.
  • Does business software even exist on OS X? If it does it's a real shame it can't run on this "pro" tablet isn't it? If you want to get work done, use Windows like the rest of the world, if you want to get work done on the go, buy a real Pro tablet like a Surface Pro 3 for instance...
  • Thanks for this comment. Until Apple begins considering OSX on tablets, these remain advanced tablets, but nowhere near to replacing your laptop!
  • Hey look, I turned this Shoe Box into a Shoe Box Pro, let's compare that next!
  • Lol
  • Lol.
  • 1000 dollar for a Mobile OS and that too on a big Screen.Lol wtf!
  • Full PC OS vs a blown up cell phone OS. No contest.
  • Still Windows 10 will rule...Remember, Surface Pro 4 is coming.
  • I can't wait for Apple sheep and journalists everywhere to try and justify the overpriced mess that is the iPad Pro. Not to mention the fact that no one is going to think the iPad Pro needs a keyboard dock, while for YEARS everyone criticized the Surface for not coming with a keyboard. Even if they consider the keyboard dock a must- have, no one is going to complain about it being more expensive. Just the way the cookie crumbles, I guess.  
  • Or the kick stand rather the lack off; I wonder how they will rationalise that one lol.
  • In this round here against MSFT Apple is one big copycat.
  • It all starts with an iPod Touch ... tickle the ears with a beat, and you can get away with anything.   Next hook in a cellular connection and call it an iPhone.  Same device, one new feature.  Add lots of little apps to entertain you while being mobile, but it's still a touch.  Next add more size and callit an iPad.  Finally, add even more size, and call it a pro.  In every case, you can do the same cute stuff with it, and you can add a keyboard ( but no mouse ).  The only difference, really, is the size of the display.  As for functionality, the are good for posting pictures, texting,talking to your friends, and doing a lot of formatted browsing with things they call apps.   True productivity apps want a real machine, not a multi-sized toy.  The i-line is cute, convenient, but just not a productivity tool.  The Surface Pro 3 handles the full job, does it easily, and is incredibly productive.  The kids will want the i-line.  The serious people know better.    
  • Wow that's right to the point! Cudos!
  • Well said man, well said!
  • The ipad pro s will add support for the one button mouse next via bluetooth. But you'll need an app for that.
  • 6.9 mm thick? This may be BEND GATE 2 or BEND GATE returns!!
  • Bendgate... Pro?! :)
  • "Bendghazi Pros" - An action thriller depicting the return of the heroes you know and love from "Bendghazi", except this time they're all splitscreening on their oversized iPhones and shanking people with their new "pens sorry pencils"
  • the only thing I like better about the ipad is the 4:3 aspect ratio.  I wish my SP3 had that.  
  • Why? The aspect ratio on the sp3 is perfect. It's not too tall or too wide. The 4:3 ratio is awkward for anything other than light edits and media consumption.
  • So ipad pro without keyboard and pencil is just any other ipad right ? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Toy vs Work
  • can that ipad pro battery size be right?
  • MaxiPad
  • Sorry, but this compares to surface , not the pro..
  • In the end ipad pro will outsell surface.. bcz surface available in limited area. And ipad is everywhere Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Tgats changing
  • I hope so.. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • At that price, for a large phone that doesn't make calls, I'm not convinced it will sell well.
  • Apple just managed to make the iPad Pro accessories more expensive then the already ridicolous expensive Surface Pro accessories? Only in Curpertino right ;-) ?
  • That iPad Pro is ridiculously overpriced! Not even a full OS and not even ports! No thanks!
  • It's a big phone that doesn't make calls, basically.
  • Not OSX. Big difference.
  • Odes the iPad Pro have a kickstand.  This would be a key feature.  Given that the iPad is quite large, a kickstand would be handy in a lot of power user situations.
  • But its does not :P i bet  microsoft has patanted the kickstand
  • Lol. Surface Pro all the way Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I could name a million ways the Surface Pro 3 is better than the iPad Pro. Here is one very, very big one. You can actually create iPad apps with the Surface Pro, not the other way around. Windows 10 will still be the OS to use when you want to create.
  • This^^^
  • But...but... I can use office! /s.
  • Yup. The funny thing is that I can do that on my phone! So what can this tablet offer? A higher price?
  • It will die like the surface RT
  • So much rage, so funny.
  • There really should be NO comparison with the Surface Pro 3. The iPad Pro is in comparison with the Surface RT 2. Even the Surface 3 is more 'Pro' than the iPad Pro which is at the end a RT Tablet. 
    And we're speaking about Surface Pro 3, Surface Pro 4 is coming in Q4 this year amigos!!!
  • Still crapple
  • Honestly makes no sense why one would buy an iPad pro when you can get a Surface. Even if the iPad were half the price which it not. IOS vs. Full win 32 OS no contest.
  • apple works
  • Apple just renamed something again..... Surface, I mean iPad pro.....
  • You know a lot of people are going to go crazy... But I feel this iPad will be better supported by apple than the surface line has been by MSFT. Not a fact, just my personal opinion.
  • Let's talk about the apps and picture quality
  • Mobile OS: end of discussing. It's still a toy.
  • Induge us please
  • Imitation is the best form of flattery......drops the mic
  • My company is stuck on Apple products, hopefully they start getting us these..
  • IPad XL ... Only $1500
  • The Surface Pro is the definitive hybrid device. I wonder how many reporters will complain about iPad Pro's "Lapability" factor.  Or will they simply ignore that the usability of iPad Pro on your lap will be poor, at best. 
  • at best, the ipad pro should be compared to the Surface 3, regardless of the size difference. On another note, personally really dislike the apple product color scheme, what's up with the pale metallic tone.  
  • This comparison should be done with Surface 3 no PRO. The I cores smokes ever bit of ipad processors
  • So in short just a bigger iPad, how can it compete with an Intel laptop disguised as tablet? Oh well apple fans... What can we expect lol
  • So in other words, Surface is still better than iPad. And once again Apple copies someone else for some 'new innovative feature'!
  • Apple Speak: Reinvented = copy
    Revolutionary = copy
    New innovative = copy Slimmer = same
    Faster = same
    Best iWhatever = same
    New OS = same Use all the above to describe a product, charge double the price and magically Apple have a few more $billion in the bank. Now is it Apple that is clever or Apple Customers?
  • Obviously Surface pro 3 there is alot of difference between a mobile OS and full desktop OS..... With same battery almost same resolution and screen size.... I'd go with surface but if MS don't release surface pro worldwide and apple does then iPad pro is surely a winner.....
  • Ones a pro device and the other is a toy.
  • Wow! The pen stays charged a whole hour before you have to stop using it. Can't wait to get one at work. Coffee break from retouching every hour.
  • What program could you be using where retouching on this would even be an option...?
  • So curious about a few other points of comparison, things I actually use on my Pro2. Mouse support in Office? Docking / dual-monitor support? WiDi/Miracast finally maybe? I find having a mouse a huuge deal on a device that is marketed as the sort of thing you might actually sit down with for real work. And docking to a full monitor/keyboard/(mouse?), is huge if this is priced to be the sort of thing that might replace your x86 Mac/PC. Multimonitor support impacts same segment. And for a device targeting professionals who may need to do presentation, external display options are important. And while wireles to an Apple TV box has its benefits in a home, Intel WiDi/Miracast is still king for easy zero-configuration wireless presentation and wider compatibility in a professional setting, I'd think. That said, not trying to knock it. It fills a niche within Apple's own ecosystem between the iPad and the Macbook Air and kudos to them for recognizing that maybe (Though I'm not sure how this really differs from the current iPad upgraded to new new iOS and an 3rd party keyboard, except the stylus) And on the stylus note, if used for professional graphics, where I would assume the actual work would be primarily stored on a network share on a server, how are iPads at handling that in a Windows AD domain environment, or even under whatever Apple's network OS is? My co-workers just seem to use their iOS devices for email and Clash of Clans, so I've never even asked if they can access the network proper. And most recently they miss all their email for a day because something went wrong with whatever odd 3rd party system is used to enforce Exchange security rules on their iDevices.
  • A keyboard with a precision keypad is priceless too om my SP3. I'm not sure if the iPad "Pro" has palm block, which is a must have for anything artistic. Plus lack of an SD card slot, again, is an essential for anything Pro. The LTE option is good but I tether my SP3 with my 930. It connects automatically when enabled and I get 4G plus. Nothing entices me to consider the iPP after using the SP3. Only new device I would consider is the SP4.
  • It's funny actually. What once was Microsoft's MO is now Apple's. They are now the blind squirrel left to search for a nut, with seemingly no clue as to what the market demands. Hmmm, first we went SMALLER with the MiniPad and now we go the opposite direction with the MaxiPad? I guess they thought "Those iSheep Baaa'ght into a larger iPhone... Maybe they will throw logic aside and go for a larger iPad?". Innovation dying in Cupertino. Tables are turning.
  • The apple is rotting!
  • First off the stinking toy called an iPad and the Surface Pro 3 is a real computer..End of The Article.
  • Is it me or do most of the videos imply that you cannot rest your palm on the iPad pro whilst using the ipencil
  • LOL $99 for an Apple Pen [i.e. "pencil"], slap an idiot sticket on your forehead if you pay that.
  • Forget the sticker, a permanent stamp would be more appropriate.
  • It looks good from normobs point of view. They replicated everything a Windows tablet could do then they refine and retouch it so it's easier and looks better. Plus this one more likely to be released worldwide.
  • It's running on a mobile phone OS and does not replicate what can be done on an SP3 that has Windows Pro 8 1. Try running full programmes on the iToy Pro and you will be disappointed.
  • The Surface Pro is obviously the superior enterprise 'Pro' product. But it doesn't matter; at retail, the iPad Pro will still likely outsell the Surface by a large margin. It is what it is, and there's no point moaning about it.
  • If you want to improve your head-to-head comparison chart, the Surface Pro 3 has a 5547 mAh battery vs. the 3850 in the iPad Pro (clearly marked on the battery as shown in the iFixit teardown in step 11).
  • Even r/apple isn't that excited. Most people are fully aware that the tech that they really want is basically the SP3.
  • Got the battery units WRONG.
  • Please don't compare the iPP to the SP3. The iPP is a big phone that can't make phone calls, and runs a phone OS. The SP3 is a full-blown computer that runs anything you can throw at a PC. There just is no comparisom, stop trying to force one. Compare the iPP to the Surface RT maybe.
  • I have to say, I still haven't been fully impressed with my pen functionality on my SP3. One of the things that I did like about the iPad Pro was that it had tilt and more sensitivity.  Right now on Windows 10 in OneNote a weird block of white shows up after writing something (although it disappears after a bit...still makes precision difficult.  I havent tried photoshop (full) but playing around with some of the auto desk apps is enjoyable.  All in All, the iPad Pro is meant for designers in SV while the Surface will rule in Enterprise.  The competition is good though, and Microsoft has the capability to up it's game once again.
  • http://youtu.be/ozvfzwGrUu0 and you were saying?
  • I can't believe people are putting these 2 devices in the same category. Plug that iPad "pro" into dual external 27" monitors, see if things scale correctly then plug in a mouse. Oops. Oh wait...
  • I'll be honest...that "pencil" scares me the way it plugs into the charging port. I'm imagining dozens of calls of ipads with broken charging ports.
  • Lol good, more business for you :). Maybe you could upsell at same time lol.
  • Oh new Surface Pro....oh wait!!! Not!
  • Surface 3 is proper comparison, not Pro! Why comparing Surface pro3 ?
  • Cause its their pro version of their tablet. And cause it's the same price range. Personally I wouldn't compare it either neither cause they are a class on their own. iPads will be toys no matter tha label at the end.
  • How "lapable" is the iPadPro. The "Smart" keyboard cover doesn't look that stable. It also looks only to have one viewing angle and there is no trackpad. The built-in kick stand and type cover on Surface is still huge differentiator.
  • Well you just use your finger err stylus. Oh, my bad I meant pencil :p.
  • Id wait for the surface pro 4 next month then see who's the bigger dog in this tech war lol
  • What I hate is that it's apple.. It's gonna sell even more than the SP for no apparent reason. It's really sad for the tech world.
  • #iSheep
  • An Ipad "pro" Is still an Ipad but not here to replace your laptop. Surface pro is not a Surface and was built to replace your laptop. Here is the difference between these products. Soon Apple will announce Iphone pro with a larger screen... Oops! This is an Ipad mini...
  • I'll always go with Apple iPad
  • Yes, have fun running any full blown professional software on that iPad.
  • We at windows central aren't fanboys tech freak. Let him buy what he wants.
  • that so called Ipad "pro"is  a baby seal, those specs have beaten it to a pulp.
  • How about USB 3.0 Vs. NO USB
  • It's got an SD card slot....oh, wait.....it doesn't.
  • IPad pro. Hahahaha. The biggest waste of money I've ever seen.
  • Was it surprise? Apple stole everything and "invented" it
    ... People be like"OMG!!!". Just like with first tablet.
  • Add LTE to the SP4 and maybe offer 12 and 14 inch versions and Microsoft really has a golden opportunity to one up Apple here. Hopefully they don't miss it. It should be a higher priority than Windows Mobile and this is coming from a Windows Mobile user.
  • I have 5GB data on internet sharing. So the SP3 connects automatically when enabled on my phone. It's 4G plus and never fails me.
  • Apple wins in gayness period.
  • That's not a competitor to the surface pro 3 I any way , it's a shame that you have compared it
  • Has anyone saw the new "Live photos" from y.day event? they said its ALL NEW technology ,,, I think we saw this somewhere , #LumiaCamera , thieves ...
  • If only MS released a LTE version of the Surface Pro 3. I guess until Intel finds a way to incorporate it into laptop skus it will be awhile. Unless they add a standalone LTE modem.
  • I connect my SP3 to my phone when away from WiFi. I have 5GB of internet sharing over 4G plus and this covers my needs.
  • I think the pen is the major focus for me. If Apple shows that the iPad Pro has superior immersive pen experience with the pen as a valid input and navigation device for the ipad pro and supports a good inline ink-to-text recognition software equal or better than windows, I might trade my surface pro and windows for iOS and an iPad Pro. Microsoft and apple have shown to be willing to collaborate on productivity by supporting office for the iPad. I do say this all would make it a lot more tangible to switch. It's an exciting time. I'm very curious how microsoft will present the surface 4 and lumia flagship devices. For me its going to be all about the stylus as the determining factor. Unless microsoft steps up their game to vastly improve tablet mode and make a more immersive pen experience and improve on touchcentric design such as interactive live tiles and improved design on making apps less mouse friendly and more touch friendly.The only thing keeping me still with microsofts roadmap and wait it out, is that microsoft did mention they would continue improving windows 10 and their in it for the long run. Apples announcement of the iPad Pro (version 1) seems like a tempting cookie in the short run that will quickly lose its charm once its chewed and swallowed. But I'm hoptin that microsoft will spend the next 2-5 years getting windows 10 finished and polished, like a smell of freshly baked apple pie that is smelled 100 miles away and takes days to walk to the source only to be rewarded and treated to a delightful slice that and remebered as a nostalgia. Each bite will be as good as the previous. I hope something like that.
  • Really usefull comparison
  • Revolutionary^^
  • I would call it iLOL
  • © that quick, before Apple copy and patent it.....then revolutionise it.
  • Can't stand on its own, no USB 3.0, No storage epansion. Pen (Pencil) not included, Keyboard cover seems no backlite and no track pads and freaking expensive, still a toy OS (iOS). Seems like it is desgined for Professional Idiots~
  • This is not about “beating” in specs (to sell). The Apple Pro will be more than fast enough for many of its target groups. I do also believe that the users will fast catch up on how to use it and it will work smooth and without any strange inconsistencys (i.e. work better and look better than W10). It will be good enough for Office, photos, email, web, pdf, etc etc and will therefore be perfect for a lot of sales people, office workers, home users, students etc. The thing is not to have the best specs it is to offer something that people are prepared to pay for and what is available for the to buy. I am very convinced that iPad pro will outsell the Surface Pro already for the x-mas holidays. What we see is another example of Microsoft being ignorant of how the markets work and what is needed to sell. And for you stating that “as long as Microsoft can sell 365, they are the real winner”. I think you should work on your math… Do you really think MS will get more than fractions of the total revenue?
    AND, what will happen when Apple has concurred the “Pro –market” and starts to focus on their office suit again?…
    Will people go for the Office suite  supplied by the manufacturer they like/trust or will they buy an Office package from someone else (Microsoft)?
  • This is not even about 'specs' very far from it.
    No matter how hard iOS tries, it can never come close to full windows (10 or any earlier windows for that matter) for Pro applications, MacOSX has a better chance. It is a fundamental difference between a mobile OS geared towards consumption and a desktop class OS that accommodates everything under the sun. This goes beyond just the 'silicon', although that is a separate topic as well.
    Maybe for simplified and limited office use the ipad pro will suffice, but then what is the point? The regular ipad can do just fine, as well as countless ARM tablets out there, but even at that it is very limited office use. Can it run Macros, or VBA in Office? We are talking Pro users here not consumers.
    Pro users are typically more discerning than your average consumer. The ipad pro is nowhere in the same league as the SP3, they should not even be compared.
  • Costs about the same as a current surface pro 3 does but it will probably outsell it due to the fact that it will be available almost anywhere in the world soon after launch. The surface pro3? Gets ridiculous overpriced in most of Europe and availability is as limited as gets. I know ms is not living off hardware sales, but they do need to improve on their availability if they want to remain as a viable alternative globally. I've been saying this for a while now, but most people will go for the tablet that they can get instead of the hybrid device they wish they could.
  • In my opinion, a HUGE problem of the surface pro 3 is that THE CAMERA DOESN'T HAVE AUTOFOCUS! How can I record a lesson for example? Or scan a document? Ridiculous
  • Surface 4 is gonna blow this new iPad. I guarantee it :)
  • Can't find any reason to buy.
  • Looks like Surface Pro 3 is cheaper now! Thanks iPad Pro. Lol.
  • I guess the Microsoft universal keyboard is cheaper than iPad keyboard . Plus it runs on all devices. Even I u want plug in into anyone else tablet u can easily connect without any compromise
  • The only good thing about it is the A9 SoC
  • Good to know my 930 is STILL the best overall phone out there
  • Why on earth would any one want an iPad "pro"... nothing Pro about it, just a larger iPad... ok well done.
  • The biggest PRO for the SP3 in comparison to the iPhat must be the OS! Anyone knows how to configure multiple users in iOS? And how to set up parent control for children's accounts?  In most cases the tablet for home use is laying somewhere on the coffee table or in the kitchen, ready for anyone to use it. I know when I login to our microsoft tablet, the apps are setup the way I like it, my shortcuts are ready in my browsers and my documents are there to use. Same for my wife... When my daughter will login, she only has access to the apps and websites I've allowed (or didn't block) her to visit.  Try that with any iOS device, it's simply not possible because they want you to buy three devices for three people!  Second (but maybe even more important): connections! Try to connect your iPhat to your home (or office)network shares, try to use the pictures you've taken in an other than I-device, try to get your files on to the iPad? How would one do this?   The only thing I like about the i-devices are the materials used (altough the materials of the SP3 are superb!) and the press conferences. Everyone must admit Apple is master in selling their stuff! (I don't buy it, but who am I) Microsoft should learn about their marketing and presentation!
  • Personally, I find Apple's products to be "pretty" and that is about it.  Their marketing is geared to be minimalistic and to the 'hyperactive' 'attention-deficit' young adults in the world.  iOS 9 is confined, strictly to apps, and nothing more.  Can you expand storage on an iPad?  Good Luck.  Can you run Steam on an iPad? Again, Good Luck.  When Steve Jobs passed, the 'magic' left with him.  Tim Cook came into a company that already made it in the world, and now he is desperately trying to rally the troops to continue to innovate - haven't seen much from them...oh wait, they squeezed it all into a watch that is ugly as all heck and a pain in the a** to navigate and use.  Now they have this Franken-Pad?!  Who is going to want to haul this thing around?  Not exactly hand friendly for gaming.  No real CAD tools for the iPad.  No expandability.  People WANT mobility - this is not mobility - this is targeted at a specific audience, not the general public no matter what Tim Cook says.  Here it is, eat it up, next year or two we'll have another one. Now, Satya Nadella, he took a failing giant and turned it all around in LESS THAN A YEAR.  Ok, so the Surface Pro 3 is not quite up to par hardware-wise when it come to the iPad Pro - well, October is coming...can anyone say Surface Pro 4?  I think I can.  What makes it unique is the fact that it can run legacy desktop applications as well as apps.  "The Tablet That Can Replace Your Laptop" - simple, to the point, and it does all that and more. Regardless of my rant on Apple for being the least innovative company since ASJ (After Steve Jobs), I still say Microsoft Surface Pro 3 because of expandability, versatility, and with Windows 10 now, simply amazing.     
  • Unfortunately non-techies out number techies. So there will be a lot of people buying iPads just because it has a picture of a fruit on it.
  • So you have a better touch and pen optimized MS Office on iOS than on W10? Why?
  • I think its a great product, but its more like a SurfaceRT and should be priced in that range.
  • Pathetic product
  • I prefer Surface Pro 3.
  • now thats new , hardware and form factor i am working on now for 1 full year will start to sell in 1 month time, go apple go
  • urm... more key points here:  1. Full sized USB3.0, with out-of-the box support for millions of USB devices, without requiring a special "app" for it...  2. Miracast display -- that connects to many displays and devices -- unlike drop from air... I don't get it... airdrop...  3. adjustable hinge -- can be used on a lap...  4. miniDP, with out purchasing yet-another-accessory in your mandatory accessory bag that might be required for the ipp 5. Optional dock -- A nice to have "pro" feature... don't you think? 
  • Heheh, so Apple finally mastered the perfect combination of the toaster and fridge :D :D :D
  • So, basically, they blown up their iPad, add a pen, oh wait, sorry pencil, a keyboard and call it a pro? Brilliant, just brilliant. Sorry Apple, even my Surface pro 2, yes its an older model, is much more better than your new iPad pro.
  • Folks if the Ipad pro has the same OS as before those who rejected buying the previous Ipad will reject buying this one. it is the sheer processing power of the Surface Pro 3 with it's HUGE PC software eco system that was around before the the ipad ever existed that makes the Surface Pro strong. the Ipad Pro just did not appeal to me. however those who already Ownan older Ipad may upgrade to this one is they can afford to buy one 
  • I heard someone in class today call the iPad pro the "apple surface pro". Perfect description of it.
  • The price made me laugh so hard. For the same price as a Surface Pro 3 64 GB with a stylus I I could get a 32 GB toy and I still have to pay another 99$ for the pen? That's fucking crazy Apple pricing. I see just one single advatage for the iPad, the LTE option. But for that price I could get myself a nice little MiFi router or just use the very good hotspot function of my Lumia.
  • Why does everyone who does a comparison do a half-assed job?  It takes 10 seconds to grab the tech specs from the surface web site. You fail to list the full sized USB 3.0 port.  You fail to list the Mini DisplayPort. These are two very important items.   
  • The funniest part of the presentation was the Apple intro of MS. "Who knows productivity better than MS (?!.)" The audience had absolutely no idea how to respond for almost 10 seconds.    It was almost like a trick question to test the faithful, and then finally they realised they were being serious and belatedly clapped. The sad thing was it even caught the apple presenter off-guard. .  
  • yes, there is a Surface with LTE: http://www.microsoft.com/surface/en-us/support/mobile-broadband/set-up-your-surface-mobile-broadband?os=windows-10 and http://www.windowscentral.com/why-ill-be-swapping-surface-pro-3-surface-3-lte   its not the Pro line but its still way better than iPad Pro (and cheaper)
  • Ugh, I need to voice out. My opinion, iPad Pro targets the large-base creative folks who use Apple products religiously. Go to Adobe CC, you'll see many 'mobile' apps released just for iOS. Creative work requires many brainstorming, sketching & concept-making, this overpriced device suits the need. Plus the apps are more touch-friendly.
    Some of other creative apps are better in iOS than other mobile platforms. AutoDesk Sketchbook (Mobile) for comparison. Many added features come first to iOS then to Android (the Metro version sucks so much).
    When MS launched Office for iPad, I knew Apple will take advantage on that. Even in the ad Apple mentions Office apps.
    When you have good marketing and are in good terms with the bias developers & cult-ish fans, producing such an overrated device imposes little risk. MS should learn why it fails to sell more. Btw, I type this on Lumia 640.
  • I have a feeling that the folks over at Apple are going to wish they had made the PRO tablet a little THICKER. Looks fragile to my eyes.
  • Should have been iPad XL