Quick look: Microsoft Flip Shell for Lumia 640 XL

This OEM flip case keeps things slim since the back actually replaces your Lumia 640 XL's existing battery cover. Once you snap it into place, you're good to go. The battery cover is identical to its stock predecessor, sporting a smooth finish with openings for the camera, flash, and speaker. The front has a pebbled texture with Microsoft branding at the bottom.

Microsoft Flip Shell for Lumia 640 XL

Around the edges you've got access to side buttons, charging and auxiliary ports. Inside the front flap is a soft padding that helps to keep your Lumia 640 XL's display scratch-free, along with 2 storage slots for the personal items of your choice. I'll typically use my main debit card and ID if I'm hitting up the pub — anything extra is overkill. It's important to note that keeping the case empty allows the front to lay more flush than with cards inside.

The case is lightweight and easy to manage as long as you don't mind flipping the front cover open each time you need to answer a call or reply to a text. Since there's no extra buffer with the back cover replacing the original battery door, we can't expect much in terms of serious impact protection.


  • Good screen protection
  • Access to ports and buttons
  • 2 storage slots


  • Front doesn't sit flush with cards

Our take

If you're into flip cases, the Microsoft Flip Shell (CC-3090){.nofollow} is a decent option to keep your Lumia 640 XL safe from wear and tear. Its slim form keeps bulk out of the equation while leaving complete access to everything the device has to offer. It's currently available in cyan or orange for $22.95 straight from our own Windows Central Shop.

  • Nice flip cover. Don't think it's nice to call the stock a predecessor though. It's still useful in the future.
  • New writer? What's your story?
  • If that is his drivers license..he is from florida...which I am too, so plus for him..
  • I've been around a while, actually. I'm the accessory editor across Mobile Nations (and Florida resident), so you'll see more accessory-related content from me in the future. Nice to formally meet you!
  • What do you do with the FWC?
  • Haha, nothing work wise. It's just a gold sportsman's license :)
  • Polish ancestry? :D
  • Mobile nations is based in Florida dude. Actually next county over from me....
  • How do having magnetic striped card so close affect the compass?
  • Not that strong dude
  • I have another case that is similar, and my compass always used to reset on my 1020... Until I stopped using that case. Had more cards though.
  • Looks like the perfect case for me. Is it compatible with the Lumia 830?
  • It is not, I'm afraid.
  • This one is not, but this one is: http://www.microsoftstore.com/store/msusa/en_US/pdp/Wireless-Charging-Fl...
  • Thanks, it doesn't look like that 830 flip has a spot for 2 cards. Otherwise I would get it.
  • The issue with most flip covers is putting IDs and cards in the pockets. Over time, the putting the cards and out, then closing and opening the screen, it starts to screen. I wish some company would start making an adjustment to block or pad the screen away from direct contact with the cardholder.
  • Exactly!
  • Grabbing the flip cover for my 640 right here at the store later today. On sale soo you know I gotta get it. Probably get both colors.
  • What store?
  • I use the "pocket" for valet tickets, parking garage tickets ECT. Also a small amount of business cards, like 3 max if you have that going on for you.
  • Does it have a magnetic latch of some sort? Both Nokia and Microsoft have kind of missed the mark in the past with their flip cases. My Nokia 1520 case looked good but what good is a flip case that can't be held shut?
  • No magnetic closure on this one.
  • Want cc-3092 for my Lumia in Indian markets
  • I'll put my student card on that so I can tap my attendace with my phone like badass HAHAHA
  • It should be added that the rear portion of the cover does make the phone slightly thicker, I have the case on my own XL. The difference is fairly negligable, but given that it's already a pretty chunky device, some people might not be comfortable adding to that.
  • Why don't they add wireless charging :(
  • The lack of wireless charging is a huge con to me.
  • I really hope there will be a case without the flip cover.
  • I got this cover when I bought my 640XL. I looked at this and the only other case available for this phone which we the Incipio one. I decided on the flip to not carry my thick wallet in my front pocket anymore. I carry my license in one shot, my Instead
    Interac(debit) card in another and a could bills of cash. All my store cards are now digitally stored on my Fidme app.
  • I bought the cyan flip case when I got my 640xl, I recommend it and its a must buy to protect that lovely massive screen.
  • What about the 640 non XL?
  • there's a flip cover, but it only holds one card, I believe
  • Is there a decent lip around the screen? Like a bumper? I had a similar case from Nokia and when it feel flat on its face it smashed as it offered no protection.
  • I own this flip cover, I like the extra weight it adds to the otherwise light weight 640 XL. I never felt like I had a good grip on it before.
  • School ID is also an NFC keycard for my dorm room and to get food.  I have the 640, and it would work great with it.
  • So no drop test? ​