QuickShot grips make your Xbox One controller 'elite'

The Elite Wireless Controller for Xbox One is the best controller you can buy, but it's expensive. What if you could bring Elite features to a regular controller?

The QuickShot Controller Grips from Bionik make that possible, adding textured grips and trigger locks to any official Xbox One controller.


Bionik QuickShot Controller Grips Xbox One Installation

The QuickShot controller grips contain two custom grips that can be added to any first-party wireless Xbox One controller (other than the Elite). These aren't some cheap grips that you slip on over the controller. Instead, the QuickShots actually replace the original side grips of the controller and become a permanent part of it.

Before you can install the grips, you must first remove the original grips from the controller. Thankfully, this doesn't involve opening the entire controller. Instead, you just pry the side grips off using the included removal tool. They're held on by six hidden tabs (as indicated in the instructions).

You slide the tool into the crevice between the front of the controller and the side, pop the grip up, and then continue until it has been fully removed. This takes about five minutes for the first grip, and probably a lot less for the second one since you'll know where the tabs are by then.

With the stock grips off, you can put the QuickShots on. They go on fairly easily. You just line them up, snap one side in place, and then do the same for the other. Having installed both grips, they won't ever come off unless you choose to remove them.

Elite features

Bionik QuickShot Controller Grips Xbox One

The QuickShot's two big features are its grips and trigger locks. The grips feature gray rubberized areas with a slightly more pronounced texture than an actual Elite controller. They feel great to hold and improve your grip, making it easier to keep the controller firmly in your hands. Each grip has a Bionik logo at the top of the textured area, but it's quite subtle.

The texture of these grips doesn't extend as far along the back of the controller as an Elite's textured area because the grips only replace the side portions of the controller, not the back. But you'll still get a way better grip and feel than that of a standard controller.

As for the trigger locks, they are orange switches located at the top of the grips, just below the triggers. On an Elite, these would be green switches just outside of the battery pack area. The QuickShot's trigger lock switches are actually easier to see and switch back and forth, so that's a plus.

Normally, an Xbox controller's triggers fully actuate when pressed down at 18 degrees. Enabling the switches will stop the triggers at approximately five degrees – that's 72 percent less travel. This will let you fire non-automatic weapons more rapidly because you don't have to press the triggers down as far. It's not a feature that will benefit every game, but it should be really useful in games such as Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

Final verdict on the QuickShot Controller Grips

Bionik QuickShot Controller Grips Xbox One

The QuickShot Controller Grips are an inventive accessory. They let you add two key features of the Elite controller to any regular Xbox One controller for a fraction of the Elite's price. I expected these would be a slip-on accessory, something fairly disposable. But it turns out, they become a part of your controller and won't come off unless you remove them. I don't have much need for trigger locks myself, but I love the texture the QuickShots give to my regular controller.

The QuickShot Controller Grips are a great way to improve your favorite standard Xbox controller. They retail for $19.99, but Amazon currently has them for $14.99. The grips only come in black. But perhaps if they do well, Bionik will release a white version.

Bonus review: Lynx Power Charging Cable for Xbox One

Bionik QuickShot Controller Grips Xbox One and Lynx Charging Cable

Bionik also sent us a Lynx Power Charging Cable, which is sold separately from the QuickShot. The Lynx features:

  • Premium 10-foot flat cable featuring durable woven shielding and allows for continued play while your controller recharges.
  • Tangle-resistant flat design.
  • 10-foot cable designed to ensure there is no lag.
  • Cable tie for clean storage.

Basically, the Lynx is a really nice 10-foot micro USB cable. You can use it to charge your controllers and other devices. The generous length should make it possible for most gamers to use a controller while charging it. The quality of the cable is very high, and you get a wrap for storage.

The only possible issue with the Lynx is its price. You can find a three-pack of woven micro-USB cables of the same length for $9 to $12 on Amazon. I can't say those cheaper cables would be as nice or durable as this one, but the option is out there.

Still, if you want an attractive cable of clear quality to match your Xbox controllers, the Lynx won't let you down.

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