Race the short tracks with Red Bull Kart Fighter World Tour

Red Bull Kart Fighter World Tour is a Windows Phone game that puts you behind the wheel of racing karts to compete in the global kart racing circuit. It's a fast paced racing game that offers unique racing venues in eighteen countries, has over thirty achievements to earn and a ton of races to win.

Red Bull Kart also has two game modes, upgradeable karts, a handful of control options, and great graphics. If you like racing games Red Bull Kart Fighter World Tour is a worthy addition to your Windows Phone gaming library.

From Red Bull's main menu you can choose your gaming mode, view the help section, access the control settings and mute the game sounds. Game modes include:

Challenge Mode: Compete against up to six of your friends in a pass and play time trial. Choose your track and race for the best time. When you pass your Windows Phone to your friend, they race against a ghost/shadow image of your car to see if they can beat your time.

World Tour Mode: Compete on the global race circuit to see how well you can place in each event. Each country has three race tracks to compete on with a practice mode for each. As you compete, the better you finish the more credits you earn that can be used to unlock kart upgrades. There are a 162 races to win in this mode.

The World Tour Mode's practice race will generate a ghost racer that will reflect your previous lap pace, giving you something to race against. Each race mode offers you the choice of three kart styles that reflect the difficulty level (easy, medium and hard). As you earn race credits you can unlock special features and custom colors for each kart.

On screen displays are fairly universal with a course map, lap number, lap times, race position and speed displayed on the left and/or right side of the screen.

Auto Steering Mode

Red Bull Kart Fighter World Tour offers your a few options on kart controls. You have:

Auto Steer: You control the gas and breaks while the kart automatically steers its way through the course. Accelerator controls line the right side of the screen. Sounds too easy but if you accelerate too much into a turn, you'll crash into a wall.

Auto Throttle: You control the steering and brakes while the kart takes care of the throttle. Controls line the bottom with steering arrows on the either side of a large brake pedal.

Full Manual: You control everything. Controls line the bottom of the screen to allow you to take charge of the steering, braking and throttle.

Each control mode has it's own set of challenges with Full Manual being the most challenging of the three. You also have the option to turn on/off a directional arrow that can help guide you through each track.  The controls are responsive and laid out nice but it would have been nice to have seen tilt controls for steering come into play.

In just playing Red Bull Kart Fighter World Tour for a short time, it comes across as a very entertaining, challenging, well animated racing game for our Windows Phone. It may have one of the longest game titles in the Windows Phone Store but by no means is it short on entertainment value.

Red Bull Kart Fighter World Tour is a free game for your Windows Phone and you can find it here (opens in new tab) at the Windows Phone Store.

QR: Red Bull Kart Fighter World Tour

George Ponder

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  • Only pass and play, they couldnt add online multiplayer to this? Why is it still a problem now WP8 has been released supposedly with all the right networking included? This is where MS should be leading by example (still no Forza, really?) but nothing.
  • Halo (nova is meh), no epic games content, forza like you said, and lots of others.
  • A proper Forza game would be amazing. I really think they could do so much more with gaming on Windows Phone 8.
  • +1....more online multiplayer games would be a big step in that direction
  • Give the developers some time. The SDK has only been out for what, 2 months? Netcode and establishing a good multiplayer experience is extremely hard on ALL platforms, so it will take time.
  • Crashes when I press play. Lumia 920.
  • Crash. L920.
  • Works great on the 810
  • Works fine on my 920 (not portico)
  • 920 here and alrdy on my the united states map...no crashes yet
  • You'll crash less if you slow down and steer away from the walls hahah :P
  • Crashed multiple times in my 710. I never got past the track selection screen.
  • Achievements as in Xbox Live cheevos?
  • Seriously, MS needs to get serious about WP. For God's sake push out your key titles in a solid manner, e.g. Halo, Forza, etc. I am sure you'll grab customers from playing WP adds showing off Halo/Forza and others with great graphics, superb gameplay and lasting value. Vision doesn't come to these guys easily it seems.
  • @using
    Please stop using the term "achievement" in non-XBOX live enhanced games. Call them "goals" or something else. You incessant use of the term to describe non-XBOX games is confusing readers.
  • Xbox didn't invent the achievement system, and they are hardly exclusive in the use of them nowadays either. If it isn't an Xbox title, the achievements won't count towards your game score points, its as easy as that.
  • nobody really did achievements *not a universal system* before microsoft did it was a weird concept to put them in games and now all major game and non game playforms have it *expect nintendo*
  • They kinda did, for the reason Terrin described.
  • Bah I dunno why all these comments are so negative :P
    This game kept me occupied for at least an hour today! Not to mention, it's a name-brand that has shown interest in the platform. Nokia got the exclusive World of Redbull app awhile back and they're sticking on board with a catchy little game. Not to mention, unlike Draw my Thing and other "free" games, it's not a ridiculous marketing scheme to get you to buy add-ons. All tracks are available for free and this kind of publicity might attract other extreme sports genre games and apps. Also, I'm not the biggest fan of data hog multiplayer games...this game is a perfect timewaster that has addictive and replay value, plain and simple.
  • True that... Let's stay positive here everyone. Great little game. Love that you can race your kart in the White House... That's just cool!
  • *Draw Something*
  • i lik it fun game
  • Crashes as soon as I press play. Lumia 820
  • Works fine on my 8X.
  • Also crashes on my L920
  • Same here
  • Crashes on my 8X (after Portico) as I press Play.
  • RC PRO AM!
  • Works great for me on my 920 with Portico. Nice game that my kids will absolutely love.