Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege thrives on its consistent gunplay, laying the foundations for balanced, competitive multiplayer combat. Shaking weapon upgrades, unlockable abilities and other forms of vertical progression, players are rewarded with cosmetic in-game items instead.

While a majority of Rainbow Six Siege's cosmetic content can be earned in-game, Ubisoft also offers a range of premium paid "Elite Skins." Here's a complete breakdown all the Elite content available so far.

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Elite skins explained

Elite sets offer a collection of distinct cosmetic items tied to a specific Operator, detached from the common themes across most other skins. Every Elite set follows a similar item template, packing a uniform, headgear, weapon skins and a weapon charm. These bundles also provide a level of customization not possible with traditional skins, including a gadget skin, golden pre-match Operator card and final victory pose.

These sets are obtainable via Rainbow Six Siege's dedicated "Shop" tab, tied exclusively to the game's premium currency, R6 Credits. Sets are priced at 1,800 R6 Credits each, while the shop-wide discount offered to Year 3 Pass holders grants a reduction to 1,620.

Complete list of Elite skins for Rainbow Six Siege

With new skins regularly introduced, we've compiled a list of all the Elite sets available so far. Going forward, this post will be updated with new additions.

Doc – Trench Medic

Doc's Elite set embraces the blue medic uniform of French First World War forces. Notable highlights of this 11-piece set include a patriotic "They Shall Not Pass" pipe-smoking pose and a mustache fit for the era.

  • Elite Doc chibi weapon charm
  • Trench Medic headgear
  • Trench Medic uniform
  • Trench Medic unique Operator card
  • "They Shall Not Pass" victory animation
  • Vintage Medical gadget skin
  • No Man's Land for LFP586
  • No Man's Land for P9
  • No Man's Land for SQ-CQB
  • No Man's Land for MP5
  • No Man's Land for P90

Thatcher – Operation Nimrod

The Elite set for Thatcher departs from the line of throwback designs, embracing a more modern uniform for the Operator themed around the 1980 Iranian Embassy siege. This also serves as his first face reveal, after exclusively wearing a gas mask in the past.

  • Elite Thatcher chibi weapon charm
  • Operation Nimrod headgear
  • Operation Nimrod uniform
  • Operation Nimrod unique Operator card
  • "Fookin Smooth" victory animation
  • Screw Top gadget skin
  • Maggie's Resolve for AR33
  • Maggie's Resolve for L85A2
  • Maggie's Resolve for P226 MK 25
  • Maggie's Resolve for M590A1

Valkyrie – War Photographer '72

Valkyrie's Elite skin adds a range of cosmetic items based on her photography background. Alongside a retro military uniform, the skin switches out her shemagh in favor of a fabric headband.

  • Elite Valkyrie chibi weapon charm
  • War Photographer '72 headgear
  • War Photographer '72 uniform
  • War Photographer '72 unique Operator card
  • "Front Page News" victory animation
  • Black Eye gadget skin
  • Snapshot for D-50
  • Snapshot for SPAS-12
  • Snapshot for MPX

Mute – F Squadron Elite

The Mute Elite set offers a throwback to the Second World War, under "F Squadron" of the UK Royal Air Force. This collection contains nine items, including a 1940s-era uniform, worn weapon skins and a unique victory animation based on his disruptive jammer gadget.

  • Elite Mute chibi weapon charm
  • F Squadron headgear
  • F Squadron uniform
  • F Squadron unique Operator card
  • "Wanna Play?" victory animation
  • Overlord gadget skin
  • Royal Fusiliers for P226 MK25
  • Royal Fusiliers for M590A1
  • Royal Fusiliers for MP5K

Sledge – L Detachment Elite

Sledge's Elite set falls into the SAS "L Detachment" – a squad of ex-regular SAS regiment soldiers which helped combat terrorism during the Second World War. This collection embraces the Operator's Scottish heritage, wrapped in tartan with a gadget inspired by the Scottish Highland Games. Ten items are up for grabs here, including a unique victory pose full of frantic hammer swinging.

  • Elite Sledge chibi weapon charm
  • L Detachment headgear
  • L Detachment uniform
  • L Detachment unique Operator card
  • "Smashing" victory animation
  • Journey's End gadget skin
  • Ferrum for L85A2
  • Ferrum for SMG-11
  • Ferrum for P226 MK 25
  • Ferrum for M590A1

Pulse – Lucky Seventh Elite

Pulse gets an Elite set referencing the 7th Armored Division of the U.S. Army, nicknamed the "Lucky Seventh" during WWII. Alongside a uniform suited to the period, this collection brings a new wave of military green weapons and gadgets to the game. During Pulse's unique victory pose, keep an eye out for a comb for that sweet mohawk.

  • Elite Pulse chibi weapon charm
  • Lucky Seventh headgear
  • Lucky Seventh uniform
  • Lucky Seventh unique Operator card
  • "Slick" victory animation
  • Wavelength gadget skin
  • Oscillator for 5. 7 USG
  • Oscillator for M45 MEUSOC
  • Oscillator for M1014
  • Oscillator for UMP45

Thermite – Vintage Bureau Elite

This Elite set packs an old-school FBI uniform, while also embracing his chemistry skills with the "Texan Dynamite" gadget skin. You'll also get a fiery victory pose with this set, which is sure to leave a burn on defeated foes.

  • Elite Thermite chibi weapon charm
  • Vintage Bureau headgear
  • Vintage Bureau uniform
  • Vintage Bureau unique Operator card
  • "Ignition" victory animation
  • Texan Dynamite gadget skin
  • Retrofit for 556XI
  • Retrofit for 5. 7 USG
  • Retrofit for M45 MEUSOC
  • Retrofit for M1014

Rook – Gendarmerie

As a member of the Groupe d'intervention de la Gendarmerie Nationale (GIGN), Rook's Gendarmerie set brings a retro uniform from the tactical unit. This set's victory pose also highlights the Operator's heavy armor, as he pulls out bullets embedded in his vest.

  • Elite Rook chibi weapon charm
  • Gendarmerie headgear
  • Gendarmerie uniform
  • Gendarmerie unique Operator card
  • "Smug" victory animation
  • R1N ACIER gadget skin
  • Sang-froid for LFP586
  • Sang-froid for P9
  • Sang-froid for SG-CQB
  • Sang-froid for MP5
  • Sang-froid for P90

Twitch – Maquis

The Maquis Elite set references the guerrilla French resistance fighters which rose during the Second World War. Twitch's drone also makes a return with a fresh design, which ties into her final victory animation.

  • Elite Twitch chibi weapon charm
  • Maquis headgear
  • Maquis uniform
  • Maquis unique Operator card
  • "Laurels" victory animation
  • Combattant gadget skin
  • La Résistance for F2
  • La Résistance for 417
  • La Résistance for LFP586
  • La Résistance for P9
  • La Résistance for SG-CQB

Fuze – 2nd Shock Army

Fuze's Elite set takes inspiration from the "2nd Shock Army," which acts as the field army of the Soviet Union during the Second World War. His "Propaganda" victory pose is also one of the most unique, blasting music with an on-screen sepia filter.

  • Elite Fuze chibi weapon charm
  • 2nd Shock Army headgear
  • 2nd Shock Army uniform
  • 2nd Shock Army unique Operator card
  • "Propaganda" victory animation
  • Urra gadget skin
  • Arzamas-17 for AK-12
  • Motherland for the ballistic shield
  • Arzamas-17 for 6P41
  • Arzamas-17 for GSH-18
  • Arzamas-17 for PMM

Kapkan – Vympel

The Vympel set represents the special force group under the KGB, which organized a unit of specialized members for secretive missions. Kapkan's victory animation showcases these impressive combat skills with help of his trusty blade.

  • Elite Kapkan chibi weapon charm
  • Vympel headgear
  • Vympel uniform
  • Vympel unique Operator card
  • "Keen" victory animation
  • EDD MK 1 gadget skin
  • Soviet Steel for GSH-18
  • Soviet Steel for PMM
  • Soviet Steel for SASG-12
  • Soviet Steel for 9x19VSN

IQ – Reunification

IQ's reunification set departs from the tactical nature of many Elite variations, through a 1980's exercise theme. With a vibrant training outfit, neon guns and a gadget styled as a cassette player, you won't be missed on the battlefield.

  • Elite IQ chibi weapon charm
  • Reunification headgear
  • Reunification uniform
  • Reunification unique Operator card
  • "Training Montage" victory animation
  • Shutterbug gadget skin
  • New Wave Onslaught for P12
  • New Wave Onslaught for G8A1
  • New Wave Onslaught for AUG A2
  • New Wave Onslaught for 552 Commando

Jäger – Flying Ace

Rainbow Six lore explores Jäger background as a pilot, which serves as the basis for his throwback Elite set. Decked in pilot uniform with bright red weapon skins, this collection takes inspiration from the German Air Force.

  • Elite Jäger chibi weapon charm
  • Flying Ace headgear
  • Flying Ace uniform
  • Flying Ace unique Operator card
  • "Sharpshooter" victory animation
  • Ring-necked gadget skin
  • Red Devil for 416-C carbine
  • Red Devil for P12
  • Red Devil for M870

Blackbeard – Guerrilla

Blackbeard's Elite skin explores guerrilla warfare of the Vietnam war, draping the Operator in bullet belts and heavily camouflaged skins.

  • Elite Blackbeard chibi weapon charm
  • Guerrilla headgear
  • Guerrilla uniform
  • Guerrilla unique Operator card
  • "Commander" victory animation
  • Delta gadget skin
  • Lucky Spade for SR-25
  • Lucky Spade for D-50
  • Lucky Spade for MK17 CQB

Ash – Sidewinder

Introduced alongside Operation Chimera, the Ash Sidewinder Elite skin offers a desert-themed design tied into the limited-time Outbreak event. This set was provided for free to all existing players before March 6, 2018, in response to the controversy surrounding Outbreak Packs. For newer players, the Sidewinder skin is available for standalone purchase.

  • Elite Ash chibi weapon charm
  • Sidewinder headgear
  • Sidewinder uniform
  • Sidewinder unique Operator card
  • "Ain't Got Time for You" victory animation
  • Breaching Rounds skin
  • Sierra Serpent for R4-C
  • Sierra Serpent for G36C
  • Sierra Serpent for M45 MEUSOC
  • Sierra Serpent for 5.7 USG

Ash – Black Viper

The Black Viper Elite skin is an alternate configuration of the Sidewinder set, wrapped in a grey digital camo. This Elite set was released exclusively in the Outbreak Pack content pool, between March 6, 2018, and April 3, 2018. As a result, this skin is no longer accessible.

  • Elite Ash chibi weapon charm
  • Black Viper headgear
  • Black Viper uniform
  • Black Viper unique Operator card
  • "Ain't Got Time for You" victory animation
  • Breaching Rounds skin
  • Death Adder for R4-C
  • Death Adder for G36C
  • Death Adder for M45 MEUSOC
  • Death Adder for 5.7 USG

Which Operator do you hope to see with an Elite skin in Rainbow Six Siege next? Drop into the comments section with your thoughts.

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Updated July 10, 2018: Refreshed this article with the new Doc Trench Medic Elite skin.

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