Rainbow Six Siege headed to Xbox Game Pass, suggests teaser

Rainbow Six Siege Tachanka
Rainbow Six Siege Tachanka (Image credit: Ubisoft)

What you need to know

  • Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege appears to be headed to the Xbox Game Pass subscription service on Xbox One, according to a new tweet from the Xbox Game Pass Twitter account.
  • The title would further bolster its over 100-strong games library, with the hit multiplayer shooter still among the genre's most-played entries.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege appears to be headed to Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass subscription service — at least according to a recent post from the official Xbox Game Pass Twitter account. Ubisoft's tactical shooter has enjoyed almost half a decade of success since its late 2015 debut, with competitive foundations and consistent free updates drawing over 60 million players to date. And now following all-time peaks in player counts, it appears to be welcoming more on Xbox One.

The first teaser of its arrival comes via a cryptic tweet from the company, featuring an image of a castle siege, with six rainbows overhead. The deal could bring an influential new property to the Xbox Game Pass offering, which to this day, remains one of the most played shooters on the platform.

Rainbow Six Siege has enjoyed several years in the spotlight, with a unique attackers-versus-defenders dynamic, coupled with tri-monthly seasonal updates. Tactical gunplay, destructible environments, and a growing web of Operation synergies remain consistently rewarding, even if a steep learning curve for newcomers.

Its arrival looks to bundle Rainbow Six Siege within the $10 flat monthly fee, joining over 100 titles included with the Xbox Game Pass library. It would arrive just weeks ahead of its next-generation debut, with Xbox Smart Delivery support meaning free upgrades to its 4K, 120 FPS version on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. The title would also be among the few Ubisoft titles on Xbox Game Pass, although likely restricted exclusively to its Xbox One service, given the publisher's deep ties to its own Uplay platform on Windows PCs.

It's best to stay alert for a formal announcement from Microsoft, with its next round of Xbox Game Pass additions likely be announced over the days ahead.

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