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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege soon locks in another annual content roadmap, with Year 5 expected to debut new playable Operators, maps, and more in the tactical shooter. The upcoming Six Invitational is the scheduled host for Ubisoft's full Year 5 unveiling, debriefing the first season of 2020, alongside a glimpse of yearly plans. The week-long event may also support the game's next mid-season event, with continued teasers alluding to a limited-time Olympic-themed mode.

Ubisoft has teased Greece as an upcoming location throughout 2019, currently the assumed host for Year 5 Season 1. Codenamed "Project R6 Vision," the studio has provided tease of ancient Greek landmarks and relics, alongside a floorplan for an unknown location. The first Rainbow Six Battle Pass only rekindled speculation, describing a stadium restoration, host to a "tournament of champions." The unveiling of Operation Shifting Tides wrapped with a brief clip of in-game Operators kitted in national attire, essentially confirming the existence of the event.

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That brings us to new details from reputable Rainbow Six leakster, RolyNoly1, unearthing in-game assets for an announced multiplayer map. The alleged map loading screen references the name "Stadium," remixing elements of existing maps, with a new Olympic theme.

Rainbow Six Siege Stadium Map Leak Loading ScreenSource: @RolyNoly1 on Twitter

Rainbow Six Siege Stadium Map LeakSource: @RolyNoly1 on Twitter

Rainbow Six Siege Stadium Map Leak OverviewSource: @RolyNoly1 on Twitter

The alleged leak talks of plans for an Invitational game mode and map, featuring a Pick and Ban phase, and select Operators spawning with mid-season skins. The pictured map is described as "new," including quotations, potentially building on the foundation of an existing Rainbow Six Siege arena. The artwork doesn't appear to align with the previously teased floor plan, although it features a "Kid Room" sign, potentially remixing existing map House.

Updated December 12, 2019: A follow-up video posted by @RolyNoly1 on Twitter showcases the first full gameplay of the upcoming Stadium map, themed around a competitive Operator training environment. The new map appears to use Oregon as its template, featuring remnants of the original map's landmarks, with heavily-modified interior and exterior spaces. Overseen by Rainbow Six leader, Harry, these close-quarters matches fall within the center of a large arena, decorated with themed scoreboards and banners. The full leaked gameplay video can be found embedded below.

As with any Rainbow Six Siege leak, take details lightly until formal confirmation from Ubisoft, as plans can and will change before launch. However, it only further backs current assumptions, representing a work-in-progress slice of Ubisoft's full-fledged mode for the Six Invitational in February 2020.

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