Rainbow Six Siege trials major Jackal nerf on test server

What you need to know

  • Ubisoft has outlined Jackal changes headed to Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege.
  • The change reduces the number of pings based on footprint age, while also shaking up how information is shared with teammates.
  • Jackal's new balancing tweaks are now live via the Technical Test Server (TTS) on PC.

Ubisoft is experimenting with a significant nerf headed to Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege affecting Jackal, the game's infamous footprint-tracking Operator. Amid growing frustration facing his intelligence capabilities, tweaks introduce new factors to his Eyenox visor, currently in testing via the Technical Test Server (TTS) on PC.

Introduced back in early 2017, Jackal brings unmatched intelligence to attackers, scanning defender footsteps and pinpointing current positioning. Simultaneously relayed to allies, his ability has often emerged frustrating to counter, banned on the regular in the Ranked playlist. While virtually untouched since his initial debut, Ubisoft looks to debut long-anticipated changes, aiming to shape "more effective and nuanced" gameplay, and "increase emphasis on cost-reward decision."

The latest TTS trial builds on Jackal's existing capabilities, with the same electronic visor, and point-and-scan operation. The age of footprints now directly influences the number of pings received, varying from the original five, down to two for older tracks. Jackal is also now presented with an option to share information among his team, and if activated, strips remaining footprints leading to the defender. Ubisoft has provided an in-depth breakdown of adjustments via the Rainbow Six TTS subreddit.

  • The number of pings Jackal receives from a scan now depends on the age of the footprint. 🐾
  • When eyenox is active, the color and the highlight around the target print will depict the age of the print. Highlighting and scanning a colored print will return a varying number of pings based on its age.
    • 🔴 Red print (<15s old): 5 Pings
    • 💛 Yellow print (16s-30s old): 4 Pings
    • 🍏 Green print (31s-60s old): 3 pings
    • 🔷 Blue print (61s-90s old): 2 Pings
  • Once the scan has completed, Jackal has to decide between keeping the information to himself, or sharing it with his teammates. If he chooses to keep the information to himself, he will be able to track the footsteps and trail of the scanned operator without using his scanning. If he chooses to share the information with his teammates, he and his teammates will receive a ping on the enemy and the footprints will disappear after the scan.
  • Jackal can no longer either see or scan prints from below.
  • Replaced Jackal's Breach Charges with a Claymore.
  • Added a highlight VFX to indicate which footstep is being scanned.
  • Added a scanning progress bar.

The latest changes headed to Jackal come as little surprise, with recent data suggesting a pick rate in nearly 70 percent of matches, far exceeding neighboring attackers. Once scanned underfoot, combatting Jackal proves challenging, with these latest changes alleviating the impact via reduced duration. While Jackal's nerf isn't final, due to the in-progress nature of the TTS, an initiative to adjust the Operator will be welcomed among players.

It's unclear if and when such changes will hit Xbox One and PlayStation 4, alongside the PC live build.

Matt Brown

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