Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 Pass leaks, only includes 6 Operators

Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 Pass Leak
Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 Pass Leak (Image credit: /u/ignotusartifex on Reddit)

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Source: Ubisoft (Image credit: Source: Ubisoft)

What you need to know

  • The upcoming Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 Pass has leaked via in-game files, suggesting only 6 new Operators in the pipeline for 2020.
  • The premium membership also ties into the upcoming Rainbow Six Battle Pass, including discounts and progression boosts.
  • The Year 5 Pass is expected to hit PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in the coming weeks.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege soon secures its first Year 5 update, as Ubisoft steadily approaches half a decade of tri-monthly refreshes for its hit multiplayer shooter. Further pursuing the promise of 100 playable Operators, the tactical sandbox has clocked record-high active players, closing 2019 with over 50 million players since launch.

The Year 5 Pass was expected to complement the arrival of Year 5, Ubisoft's premium-tier membership inclusive of upcoming Operators, and bundled with exclusive skins and boosters. However, the usual December release window passed with no mention of an annual membership, followed with speculation on its status, and ties to the absent Battle Pass.

The first component of the puzzle has now surfaced online, with early references to the Year 5 Pass uncovered via PC game files. The recently-released Patch 4.2 stows assets in anticipation for launch, including an in-game notification highlighting Year 5 Pass benefits. And while confirming the membership's return, it also sheds light on unexpected Year 5 content shake-ups.

Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 Pass Leak

Source: /u/ignotusartifex on Reddit (Image credit: Source: /u/ignotusartifex on Reddit)

According to Patch 4.2 assets, posted to Reddit by /u/ignotusartifex, Year 5 returns with only six Operators, cut from the usual eight spread across four seasons. That's Ubisoft's first annual roadmap diverging from the typical template, likely to disappoint those anticipating the regular helping of recruits. That also follows the controversial presence of recycled weaponry and familiar gadgets throughout Year 4, expected to continue in Year 5 Season 1.

The Year 5 Pass also appears to grant a 30-percent discount on the upcoming Rainbow Six Battle Pass, alongside a 30-percent bonus on earned "Battle Points." While not included as some hoped, the rewards are a welcome gesture for Rainbow Six regulars, cutting the cost across the game's increasingly-monetized ecosystem.

Past rewards also return, including exclusive cosmetic gear, store discounts, alongside Renown and Alpha Pack drop boosts. However, the previously-included 600 R6 Credits have been sidelined, previously granting a small dose of complementary premium currency.

The Year 5 Pass appears to have seen notable cuts, reducing the included Operators and supplementary benefits. And while we assume this leak to be accurate, it's always safe to take details lightly until formal confirmation from Ubisoft in the weeks ahead. The official announcement should provide additional context around the changes, or even a price drop below the regular $30.

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