Rainbow Six Siege's controversial Y5S1.2 update out today, patch notes live

Rainbow Six Siege Jager
Rainbow Six Siege Jager (Image credit: Ubisoft)

Ubisoft has outlined plans to release its next midseason patch for Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, introducing a variety of balancing adjustments and bug fixes following the release of Operation Void Edge. Update Y5S1.2 delivers the second wave of reforms following its Year 5 kick-off, featuring an extensive list of tweaks first proposed via the Test Server (TS) on PC. The deployment commences today with a scheduled PC launch, followed by console availability at a later date.

The proposed Y5S1.2 changes sparked controversy upon their TS introduction earlier this month, with many set to hit live servers under the new update. One of the most substantial impacts Jager, a speedy defender notorious for his high pick rate, far outpacing the popularity of fellow Operators. Ubisoft recently explored a change from three-speed, one-armor, now dropping to two-speed, two-armor, attempting to reduce his roaming potential.

Rainbow Six Siege Mozzie

Source: Ubisoft (Image credit: Source: Ubisoft)

Ubisoft is pushing forward with changes to Buck, removing his frag grenades in favor of claymores, but increasing the capacity of his Skeleton Key shotgun. Drone-swiping defender Mozzie loses his Super Shorty secondary, with Ubisoft seeing his counter-intelligence and roaming capabilities as overpowered within the current meta. Other adjustments include a buff to Ying, increasing her Candela count and T-95 LSW damage while providing a new sight for Caveira's M12 submachine gun.

Ubisoft first plans to release Y5S1.2 on PC, rolling out to copies purchased via Uplay, Steam, or the Epic Games Store. The update is scheduled to release at 9 AM ET / 6 AM PT / 2 PM UK / 3 PM CET on April 21, with 20 minutes of server downtime. While also headed to Xbox One and PlayStation 4, Ubisoft states the "date for console will be announced soon."

Rainbow Six Siege Void Edge Y5S1.2 Patch Notes

With Rainbow Six Siege's Y5S1.2 update around the corner, Ubisoft has outlined the full list of planned changes. Below follow the full Y5S1.2 patch notes, which offer additional context around what's new.



  • Frag Grenades replaced with Claymores.
  • Increased Skeleton Key Magazine Capacity:
  • Skeleton Key magazine capacity increased to 5 + 1
  • Skeleton Key max ammo count is now 25+1


  • Reduced number of Volcán shields to 2 (down from 3).


  • Now a 2-speed/2-armor operator.


  • Removed Super Shorty secondary.


  • Increased number of Candelas to 4 (up from 3).
  • Replaced Claymores with Smoke Grenades.
  • Increased T-95 LSW damage to 46 (up from 43).


  • Added a Razor Holographic Sight option to her M12.


  • Added an additional magazine to the TCSG12.
  • Reduced TCSG12 damage to 57 (down from 84).


  • FIXED – Barricade replication issues where the barricade is not destroyed for all players in game except the shooter.
  • FIXED – The Dynamic Play button does not update properly when last match was on an Event/Discovery playlist.
  • FIXED – Players can clip inside the excavator in EXT Construction Site of Oregon.
  • FIXED – Game boots with DX11 when players manually select the Vulkan executable in the steam installation folder.
  • FIXED – Minor menu/shop visual and cosmetic fixes.

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