Rayman Fiesta Run

It was nearly a week ago when Rayman Fiesta run showed up for Windows Phone…in India.  Users who tried to download the game elsewhere were greeted with an error message, noting that it was not available in their region.

Luckily for us, it is now live, at least here in the US and UK and we’re guessing your region too. The game runs for $2.49 and there is no Trial listed. Lame! We’re buying it anyway, because it’s Rayman. Those games have always been awesome, so we’re taking a leap a faith here. Plus, Xbox Live, baby.

Update: The game quickly disappeared from the Store again and is no longer available to buy. Bummer!

Here’s what we’re getting with Rayman Fiesta Run for Windows Phone:

  • More than 75 new levels
  • New epic bosses
  • New amazing powers
  • And much more

We’ll look to maybe to a hands on video a bit later, it’s getting dark here now. If like us, you just want the link, then head here to the Store. There is no trial, so you’ll be parting with $2.49. And yes, this does work with 512 MB devices, so all of you Lumia 520 owners can join in as well.  The game is 81 MB in size. Windows Phone 8 only.

Thanks, @Micro_666, for the tip!

QR: Rayman