Razer Blade Pro ad shows off desktop power being packed into a laptop

Razer just unveiled the new Blade Pro laptop, and the company has released an ad for the beast of a machine right on cue. With the new Blade Pro, Razer is adamant that it has managed to put a desktop in your laptop, and the ad below really hammers that idea home.

To recap, the insanely powerful Razer Blade Pro packs a GTX 1080 graphics chip, Core i7 processor and a full mechanical keyboard in its chassis. The laptop's full specs also include a 4K touch display, 32GB of RAM, and much, much more.

The Razer Blade Pro is set to go on sale in November for the hefty price of $3,700 in the U.S. and €4,200 in Europe. Will you be splurging on Razer's latest beast?

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • The battery power? Okay. I saw 99wh in another article. For a gaming device that is a juice guzzler, that may not last long per charge.
  • I actually just watched this video on Youtube. Did really understand the whole video but the Laptop looks fantastic (as usual) and the specs are top notch. if only the price was $1,000 lol. We can dream right?
  • I could shave it down to roughly $2,100, barring a keyboard and mouse. (note: Does include a 4k panel in this list, $-200 if you take it out). I would stay away from 4k, as they're still new panels and generally don't seem as refined as 1440p. Only 60hz too. (after experiencing 144+Hz, 60 makes you feel as though you are playing games underwater) http://pcpartpicker.com/list/jrdphq For a keyboard, I would go with the Corsair $99 STRAFE much keyboard. The wireless G602 is a high performance mouse, sturdy too. That's $60. Then you can get a 5.1 audio system for $69 in the form of the Logitech z506.
  • hahaha
  • $3700? Depending on the monitor, you can get this stuff for ~2500 all the same components. I know people will say stuff about being able to transport it, but the price you pay for a non-upgradable, small screen device is staggering. And probably much louder too...
  • Staggering? Not really. You said it yourself. The mere fact that it's portable makes the price difference worth it. I guess the only way that the price would be acceptable to you if it had the same equivalent (hardware as well) as a desktop PC down to the size of the monitor.
  • 3,700+. Unless you want to game with a trackpad. I dunno, for me, spending nearly $4,000 on a 15in laptop is crazy. I could save the 1,800 (after building the same configuration) to get something else, or that wicked 21:9 predator x34. Damn, haha. Hell, even get a Titan Xp instead. At the end of the day, it's your money. Considering you could build a PC the size of a shoebox, then fit a titan into it, I'd prefer that. But everyone is different.
  • I wanted to scream some colorful words when I saw this but they might be kids around. Wow what a beast