Razer Core X is a lower-priced eGPU for laptop gaming

Razer Core X
Razer Core X (Image credit: Windows Central)

The Razer Core is a great product for folks who want the convenience of a laptop but also want a full-on gaming PC when they're at home. It doesn't just hook up a desktop graphics card to a Blade Stealth, but offers a plethora of connectivity.

But it comes at a price. However, if you only want it for its GPU capabilities, there's now another way. And it's a lot more affordable.

Say hello to the Razer Core X.

Razer Core X

Razer Core X

The price is the first noticeable change to the regular Razer Core, which, by the way, isn't going away. Razer will be selling the regular version alongside the X, because both offer a different proposition. But at $299 it's a much more attractive price for anyone who doesn't want the added functionality of the Core V2.

There's no Chroma lighting, though. The Core X is also a little bigger than the Core V2, happily accommodating three-slot graphics cards from NVIDIA or AMD now, so even the largest custom coolers should fit. There's a single large fan on the side of the Core X, and the unit comes with a standard sized 650W power supply, which is ample for whatever you're going to be throwing at it. 500W of that is reserved for the graphics card, with 100W allocated to charge your laptop over USB-C if it supports it.

The Core X should work with any laptop that has both Thunderbolt 3 and eGPU support enabled, so it's not limited to Razer laptop buyers, either. Visually it's very clean looking, and there's a neat design at the back that locks a handle in place to keep everything safe inside. Installing a graphics card takes seconds, hook the Thunderbolt 3 cable to your laptop and get to some serious PC gaming. Check out our best graphics card picks that will work great with this hardware.

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