Razer goes after game streamers with new Kiyo webcam and Seiren X mic

If you're looking to dip your toes into PC game streaming on Twitch or Mixer, you're going to need two things at the very least: a decent webcam and a good microphone. Razer, already known for its vast lineup of gaming accessories, is hoping it can help out with your streaming needs as well with its two latest products: the Kiyo webcam and Seiren X microphone.

Of the two, the Razer's new webcam is probably the most interesting. On its face, the $99.99 Kiyo is a standard 720p webcam capable of broadcasting at 60 frames per second (or 30 fps at 1080p). However, what makes the Kiyo stand out from the crowd is its integrated adjustable ring light. Provided it's bright enough, the integrated light should provide for a more professional look without the need for additional accessories. And twelve levels of brightness will mean you'll likely be able to adjust the light to suit most environments. Razer claims the Kiyo is the "world's first desktop camera" equipped with this handy perk.

The Seiren X, on the other hand, is another entry in Razer's Seiren line of microphones. Available at $99.99, the Seiren X is much cheaper than the $249.99 Seiren Pro, but it should still provide solid sound quality for streamers. Razer is billing the Seiren X as a professional USB condenser mic with the "world's first inbuilt shock mount." That should make the mic more portable thanks to its built-in ability to cut out vibrations while sitting on a desk.

The Serien X and Kiyo are both available directly from Razer for $99.99 each.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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