Razer's Chroma lighting hits the streets on an electric skateboard

For Razer, transportation is the next big scene for Chroma lighting. Earlier this month, we learned that Chroma is headed to cars in China, and now it looks like it's coming to electric skateboards, too.

Arc Boards, a Singapore-based electric skateboard company, has teased that Razer Chroma lighting is coming to one of their products soon. Outside of a small teaser showing the lighting effects oscillating from the bottom of a board, there's not much else to go off of. Still, if you're looking for even more Chroma in your life, you'll want to keep an eye on the Arc Boards website for more.

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Chroma has come a long way. Originally powering the lighting effects on Razer's own mice and keyboards, Chroma has since expanded to speakers, laptops, lighting strips, and more. Lately, Razer has been licensing the tech out to build a broader Chroma ecosystem, leading to its inclusion on cars and, now, skateboards.

I'm still holding out for a Chrome Chroma-powered toaster. Here's to hoping.

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