Readit for Reddit has hit Xbox One with session hand-offs between Windows 10 PC and Mobile

Developer Caleb Keith has ported the app to Xbox One bundled with some of the latest features that arrived in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. With the latest UWP version of Readit, you can easily transfer your entire session between different Windows 10 devices, whether it's your phone, your console or your PC.

Readit for Xbox One also allows you to remove the TV safe-zone border that some apps are currently using on the console. Here's a quick look at how it runs on Xbox One.

Readit on Xbox One is completely free without ads and supports the vast majority of the features it has on PC. Some of the features aren't available due to UWP restrictions on the console — a few missing capabilities include image saving, Live Tiles, wallpaper and lockscreen features. These are missing now, but should Microsoft allow for UWP support for these features in the future they could easily be enabled for Readit on the Xbox One.

For now, navigating Readit on Xbox One requires the use of a joystick cursor. Keith has discussed creating a bespoke UX for the Xbox One, with inputs optimized for controller use. Additionally, background audio support will be available in a future update for YouTube videos handled by the app.

Readit is one of the greatest examples of the power of the Universal Windows Platform. From the fact you can transfer the state of your app between devices with a single click, to the synchronizing of account information in the cloud. Readit is easily one of the most fully featured and intuitive Reddit solutions out there (and a major source of personal procrastination.)

If you haven't already, you can download Readit on Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile using the link below. On Xbox One, either search for Readit in the Xbox One's app store or if you've downloaded it previously, it should be in your 'Ready to install' tab under your Games & Apps.

Download Readit from the Windows Store

QR: Readit

Jez Corden
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