Rebranded Microsoft Store set to open in Malaysia on May 9

Recently we saw one of the first rebranded Microsoft Stores open in São Paulo, Brazil, and the next one is set to open on May 9 in Malaysia. These stores, which were previously Nokia Stores, brings physical presence to the Microsoft brand in new countries. Microsoft Malaysia has invited locals to come check out the new location on May 9, which will be located in City Center.

We already know Microsoft is preparing to launch its first large store outside of the US in Sydney, but who knows how many other Nokia Stores they will rebrand and launch around the world.

Source: Amanz

Jared DiPane

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  • Where is the Singapore Microsoft store then. Is the store mentioned in the article at Low Yat Plaza?
  • The one mentioned is in KLCC, not sure about other Nokia stores in Malaysia.
  • There is a Nokia store in the Marina Bay Sands, perhaps they will rebrand that store eventually... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Wow, I have been there several times and never realise there's a Nokia store there. I know the others have been renamed to Microsoft like the one inside Funan. I will check out the MBS one some time;)
  • Only one??
  • They should have opened another in penang
  • Awesome!! That's close enough from my home : )
  • Definitely should, having worked awhile in a Nokia reseller before, brand awareness here is nil!
  • I saw today that Microsoft have closed their store in Helsinki, Finland. :(
  • Where exactly at Malaysia? I'm so excited.
  • KLCC - (The Petronas Twin Tower shopping mall) Lot 317 & 318, Level 3,
  • Nice.. If I'm not mistaken it is beside the apple store. Will visit Microsoft store KLCC to check it out.
  • It's the same row as apple store. Right beside Samsung's store.
  • yes one shop away from both Samsung and Machines (Apple retailer)  
  • Awesome... I'm heading over to KL in 6 weeks and will take a look. Hope they will show some devices running Windows 10. I'm keen to see how well it runs on a 2 in 1 device. From memory they also have a dedicated Canon store in KLCC :-)
  • Where exactly?
  • Microsoft band perhaps?
  • Setuju..
  • Its in KLCC.
  • Wen in... Oh well never mind :P
  • Haha nice one : )
  • Hopefully Microsoft rebranding like Apple store. I'm will goto Microsoft KLCC branches support
  • What about Microsoft India.... Hope Nokia care will b replaced by Microsoft care.... Nokia priority as Microsoft priority...
  • The process has already started. Haven't you been keeping up with the news. They opened the first Microsoft Priority Reseller in Gurgaon and will do the rest by June or July this year
  • I'll be at the city center alright..
  • Nice..but i hope will open one store every state in Malaysia..
  • Yeah me too
  • Open in Penang and Kota Kinabalu pls..
  • Maybe they will rebrand all Nokia stores in Malaysia
  • Every state??even there is still no unifi subscription in kelantan..
  • We've one here in Riyadh, it would awesome to have one here!!
  • I don't know about others, but it's feeling to me like the sleeping giant is starting to stir. Let's go Microsoft!
  • Yea, from the build event, I can say Apple is very boring compared to Microsoft
  • Yup. I don't know how people didn't see this coming.
  • Wen in Indonesia
  • Soon
  • Will support if free.. ;)
  • Start from one 1st, but hopefully you guys got complete accessory support
  • Hell yeah! I hope this means that they will officially bring the Microsoft Band here in Malaysia (and in Asia Pacific).
  • Yay ! Malaysian here :D
  • Hopefully these stores also carries other Microsoft products such as Surface and Xbox.
  • Ya, would like to see BLU Win HD LTE, Microsoft Band, and other merchandise that is not available in Malaysia now
  • I never though Microsoft store wild be open in Malaysia (as all the time it is only available for few country in Europe)
    Definitely happy and excited to visit the shop.....
    Glad that Malaysia is the first Microsoft store in Asia Pacific :)
  • Yesssss finally in Malaysia :)
  • Perak, Please?!
  • That is indeed good news. When will Nokia stores in the Philippines be rebranded as Microsoft sttores and will these rebranded stores in the Philippines also sell tablets/hybrids such  as Microsoft Surface 3 (including Surface 2, together with their accessories,or bundled with typecovers, pens etc.) as well as other tablets aside from windows phones?
  • Indonesia is waitiny
  • As I understand t​hey will open "Microsoft Priority Reseller" store in many places around the world. It's more like the independent Apple stores you have may seen run by partners, but they look like the real Apple stores. That's a good thing because it will speed up the retail experience, the service etc..If you buy a Windows Phone or tablet. If you go to a ordinary store they will probably recommend customers to buy a Samsung or a iPhone even if they got Microsoft Lumias to. ​ ​ ​ ​
  • How many Nokia stores are there in the world and couldn't Microsoft catch up with Apple in terms of stores by the end of the year