Record more than just games with the Windows 10 Game DVR

Built into Windows 10 is an Xbox One-esque Game DVR function that can record your Windows gaming action in much the same way Microsoft's console does. Only it doesn't just record games. You can actually launch Game DVR and record your screen inside regular apps as well.

The folks at TechAU (linked at the bottom of this post) have posted some details about it but what they're saying is true. We've tried it out inside Microsoft Edge and it works just fine. While in an app you press the "Win + G" button combination to bring up the game bar seen up top. From here you can use the record controls to capture whatever you're doing on the screen.

Saved captures go to the Videos/Captures folder on your PC, but you can also access them through the Game DVR tab in the Xbox app for Windows 10. You won't be getting any crazy high-res recordings, as it looks limited to Full HD. But, it's a nifty little free way of capturing your screen without requiring any additional software.

You do need to be inside an app, though. You can't bring the game bar up on the desktop, but other than that it seems to work well. See the source link below for more information and let us know in the comments if you take it out for a spin!

Source: TechAU

Game DVR

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  • Mobile.
  • What about it?
  • He probably means they should bring this feature to mobile
  • I'm sure if it's possible it will be under consideration. It's potentially very resource intensive though.
  • It's possible for Android, so I hope MS brings it along
  • Now this will be very useful.
  • Pornhub is not fond of this new feature.
  • Lol
  • But this can only capture active window, you cannot customize any region you want to capture, or even record desktop screen. Guess that we still need to use more professional screen capture tools to record Windows 10 screen.
  • Hungry.
  • Technically, you can already do that by plugging your phone onto a pc and recording it via a tool microsoft provides (but I can't remember which one)
  • But we cant record sound, only the screen
  • Take an aux cord and plug one end into the headphone port and the other in the microphone port. Boom. Recording sound.
  • Very
  • Use a cable... Plug it into your 'headphone' jack on your phone and then plug it into your 'mic' or 'line in' jack on your PC.  Tada.  
  • The Mic port would have too much amplification... you'd want "line in"   Simple solutions are so good.   Nicely done, guys...
  • Microsoft expression encoder 4
  • Use project my screen and OBS. Works really well, and its sharp! (cant recall if sound worked)
  • All platforms pls
  • Very cool in my opinion :)
  • I know
  • I'd just like to know if this will eliminate the need for applications like Screenpresso our CamStudio. Are the features comparable when it comes to screen recording?
  • Yeah, this sounds great for making video tutorials.... Anyone know which codec/format they use? Mp4?
  • It's MP4... I just did a video recording of a game as experiment.
  • This was actually one of the first things I tried. It works really well. If only I could record my voice with it too.
  • Well, you could use the mic on your phone or PC to create an audio file and then merge them together in a video editor.
  • Super cool ... Just waiting for that since heard about Game DVR
  • Unfortunately I can't use it, I have a GeForce 560Ti and the feature is supported starting with series 600.
  • I use the built in ShadowPlay software in my GTX560 card all the time and it's great. Haven't tried to record desktop applications or anything other than gaming
  • Shadowplay requires GTX 600 or higher. However, some aftermarket GPU companies have released utilities that mimic ShadowPlay on lesser cards.
  • Bommer, it works with my Intel HD 4600
  • Works even on my old HD 4000. Integrated graphics card master race :p
  • Wow strange, I was able to record Hearthstone on my HP Stream 7.
  • In AMD, it supports starting 7000 series, my graphics is only 6670.
  • Should add the list of supported video cards to article, tried it this morning only to realize it requires a 7000 series ATI and i still rocking a 5000 series
  • What is a good software to record desktop audio?
  • Audacity
  • Yes, definitely Audacity. Great program and free too.
  • Weird I can use this feature with plain Intel hd graphics.
  • It works with Office?
  • no good on virtual installs either, at least not virtualbox. you need: AMD: Radeon HD 700 Series, HD 7000M Series, HD 8000 Series, HD 8000M Series, R9 series and R7 series. Nvidia: Geforce 600 series or later, Geforce 800M or later, Quadro Kxxx or later. Intel: HD Graphics 4000 or later, Iris 5100 or later.  
  • So no go for Baytrail tablets then?
  • Stream 7 can
  • Baytrail tablets use Intel HD graphics.
  • I've done this before with edge back when it was spartan in old builds. Then on the phone, for some reason, action center would never comedown and only had a tab on the browser as if the browser was a game.
  • I consider full HD high res. I would call 2K insane high res and 4K ludicrous high res.
  • 2K is essentially full HD, a.k.a. 1920x1080. Ludicrous is 8K, with 7680x4320 pixels.
  • I think you can record up to two hours on PC, so can I stream my Xbox game and record it?
  • This is really great. Another good addition.
  • So basically if they would allow recording of desktop, it would be the best recorder yet?
  • Can't you just make it record explorer.exe?
  • And another feature of windows 10 is its increase your pc vram.
  • Want it for Lumia phones.
  • Honestly I wish every desktop app and features makes it to phone
  • How does this work on tablets?
  • it does not XD need a keyboard
  • Use the virtual keyboard. Works the same as the PC.
  • this is the best surprise eva' . Screen recording on my laptop has been a challange least to say. This thing runs so fast at such good quality! Shame is limeted to one application only without multitasking but hope they enrich it in the future.
  • "limited" to full HD xD isn't that the standard? AFAIK 4K isn't really a standard yet.
  • QHD 2560*1600?
  • Eh, this is of limited usefulness because it automatically closes as soon as you switch apps. Couldn't really record anything like, say, Windows tutorials, which would necessitate switching between the desktop and many other windows.
  • Wouldn't integrating the recording app have been a better idea or am I mistaking or could this be that very app
  • This is pretty big deal. While it's still limited to Modern Apps, I believe this is the first time Windows has had screen recording software built in, without the need for a third-party applications. Very nice Microsoft, very nice.
  • Games are not modern apps and it works on them :D
  • It is not limited to just modern apps. Successfully recorded AfterEffects and WordPad lol
  • From Microsoft: What hardware do I need to record Xbox game clips on my PC? Your PC needs to have one of these video cards: AMD: AMD Radeon HD 7000 series, HD 7000M series, HD 8000 series, HD 8000M series, R9 series, and R7 series. NVIDIA: GeForce 600 series or later, GeForce 800M series or later, Quadro Kxxx series or later. Intel: Intel HD graphics 4000 or later, Intel Iris Graphics 5100 or later. To check which kind of video card you have, go to the search box on the taskbar and search for “Device Manager.” In Device Manager, expand Display adapters. You always have the option to take a screenshot of your game, even if you don’t have one of these video cards.  
  • This could be very useful as a business tool, too. We were recently looking for good options to record some video tutorials on Office365 features as we roll them out. Since those would all be within a browser, this could do the trick easily and for free.
  • This will be very useful recording tutorials for some of my server work, since I would remain in my remote desktop client throughout and would only be switching between things on a remote machine. This is great that it'll just be available to use without having to install anything. I had kinda hoped they would have added this to the good old Snipping Tool, which I use many times a day for still shots.
  • Should also add that this works instantly if you're using an Xbox 360 / One controller by pressing the Xbox button. It will bring up a notification asking "Bring up the game bar?" or something and at the bottom there's a checkbox says if the app or program (yes .exe not just app) is a game, so if you tick this and next time you're in that app it'll automatically bring up that game bar.
  • Could I record live tv from the TV app?
  • Thats pretty cool.
  • This is a great feature. 
  • And, let me guess, it is limited to 5 minutes?
  • Or you could, you know, not guess and look at the app to see that it records up to 2 hours per video clip.
  • Is it just me or does this actually work better with non-game stuff than with games? Most games I've tried don't work, hitting WIN+G does nothing... Is there a list somewhere of what games work with this?