'Redstone' is the rumored code name for the next major Windows update in 2016 [Update]

A new report claims Microsoft is using the code name "Redstone" for the next major update to Windows. It says that it will be released sometime in 2016 but details about what will be included have yet to be revealed.

The story comes from Neowin, citing unnamed sources. It adds that the Redstone name is also used in the popular game Minecraft, which is now owned by Microsoft. In case you are not familiar with the sandbox-themed game, Redstone is a circuit that can be made in Minecraft to activate or control mechanisms.

Microsoft used the code name "Blue" internally while it developed Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 famously used the code name Threshold while it was being made before Microsoft revealed its official label in the fall of 2014. If the next big update for Windows does indeed come out in 2016, or about a year after the launch of Windows 10, it's likely that it will be a jump in features similar what Windows 8.1 was like.

Update: ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley has posted some additional information from her own unnamed sources about Microsoft's post-Windows 10 updates. She reports that the company will launch a minor Windows 10 feature update sometime in the fall of 2015 a few months after Windows 10's summer launch.

As far as the 2016 update, Foley says it won't change the numbering of Windows 10. She adds:

"Redstone will just be a larger update than the others and will provide new functionality and support for new classes of devices that aren't already part of Windows 10, so the supposed thinking goes""My sources say the Windows Insiders program will continue throughout the Threshold/Redstone development/delivery/deployment timeframe, meaning Microsoft will continue to provide early test builds of not just the monthly updates, but the larger updates to Windows 10, too, into next year, and possibly beyond."

Source: Neowin

John Callaham
  • And Redstone will be supposed to fix everything...
  • No, it's repeater's job
  • Comparator*
  • Damn it...here we are craving for the update of current TP version and they are thinking about the name for the future update :@
  • [Update] Windows Phone officially dead.
  • [Update] Sosan's breath stinks. So I guess you must be dead!
  • Yup. Developers are waiting for Redstone. That's when all the apps will come, you'll see.
  • Wtf hahahahahahahahahhaha XD windows 10 saviour of battles between technodevs and wplovers XD
  • Lol if I had a dollar for everytime I heard that.
  • Microsoft had Attention Deficit Disorder Syndrome, they are hyperactive but can't focus on one thing, the work that usually goes for fine-tuning the product is usually skipped and used to create another useless update.
  • & apparently unable to keep tight lipped. This seems to always be the cause of problems for our platform.
    Maybe this is their promised rt update instead?
  • Apple does the same thing. Even worse.
  • If you haven't noticed fine tuning is part of the update process. You don't even know what's in the update but you assume it will be useless. Are all the things they are adding to windows 10 useless as well? I suppose in your world only Apple and Android add useful features in their yearly updates and it ok for them to do it because their OS is perfect already. The OS that needs a lot of fine tuning is actually android.
  • No, it will fix some requested features that they didn't have time to add previously. That is the definition of an update. It fixes issues and improves on the previous version. You will never have a perfect OS. IOS, OSX, and certainly android are not close to being perfect. That's why they are constantly updated as well. 
  • At least they are giving us a heads up that Windows 10 will be flaud on arrival. So the update is planned for the following year which is along time. If Microsoft blows Windows 10 then they are headed for a breakup or a selling of some of it's divisions which I felt for sometime they are going to do, both Xbox and phone parts that were bought from Nokia. If I am wrong, no problem but it's been a gut feeling for sometime now. 
  • I don't think anyone in their right mind thought the first release would be 100% perfect. Every OS released a service pack, or 'update'  shortly after the first release. User Vocie and MS feedback hepbut unfortunately the only way to bring light to the most prevalent issues is to release it to the masses. 
  • Redstone is the release where they add back the tablet and touch features.
  • I hope so
  • Me too. Windows 10 is shaping up to be a shocker for tablets. Not sure they'll even be around still at this rate.
  • Why wouldn' those be done right when 10 launches?
  • Damn it MS. If Windows 10 is released and we hear that its not complete, universal apps wont be ready until 2016, im done with WP. And I probably wont have a choice as most will just throw their hands up with it all.
  • Okay, doesn't technology constantly evolve and change much cell devices change roughly every 8-12 months?
  • Wait, I'm bit confused, please someone enlighten me, they haven't yet finished 10 and they're already working on next update. Why divide resources?
  • They wont have time to finish everything and ONCE AGAIN they will deliver an unfinished OS.
  • Windows 10 will be continuously updated with features indefinitely. After the next update there will be another and another and another and another...
  • In case you haven't noticed, Windows has been continuously updated since Windows 1.0. The only difference is that before Windows 10 you had to pay for those updates.
  • No, it's free. They already said that 21January.
  • Which is exactly what I wrote... "BEFORE Windows 10 you had to pay".
  • Has software ever been finished?
  • Truth has been spoken.
  • So deep..
  • Nice Kaymd. Deep bro.
  • "once again released an unfinished OS" I don't think there will ever be a day when an OS is ever finished
  • Until the extended support date is passed, i.e xp - that is essentially a finished o/s.
  • No OS is ever finished. IOS didn't have cut & paste in the beginning. It took them several years to add a notification center that was available in android for many years. All software is in a constant update process. If software isn't updated, it dies.
  • Yes, but MS is playing catch up really hard with Android/ iOS. News like this doesn't do well that much.
  • People haven't a clue about software development. There are always features, changes, improvements, and more that developers, test, marketers, manager, customers, and all want to make. But you need to choose a date and feature set to ship. So you move things out to the next version. If they waited until every feature they wanted to implement was done, you would never get software. In the past Microsoft was criticized for shipping too fast - a new version is released and we need to pay the "Microsoft Tax." So then they wait longer to ship - Vista - and they are falling behind, they are letting the competition catch up. Just like how people are complaining that they are not getting updates to betas fast enough, and when there are bugs in those betas then they complain that they are shipping too fast and not taking their time to fix all the bugs. Meanwhile the competition ships every year to year and a half, and they are praised for their repeated updates (do you think that they worry about shipping a complete OS?) and when they slip then they are praised for doing the right thing and holding back until it is right. They ship beta software (maps), charge for it, it is completely useless in functionality and the common reply is that they tried really hard, so we should cut them a break. Windows 10 is free. The update will be free. Waaaah! I am not getting free stuff on my terms the way I want. Waaaaah!
  • Get out of here with your sense and logic! Those should play no part on the internet's comment sections!
  • You saved me time and keystrokes saying the same thing about "staged software development" and even used the Vista reference that came to mind. Bravo! :)
  • They will not stop working on Windows 10, it's that simple.
  • Technically they don't intend to create future Windows versions like in the days of old. Just keep upgrading Windows 10, and with partition stitching upgrades are more seamless. Redstone I guess is the first upgrade for Windows 10, one of many I presume.
  • They're always ahead. When Blizzard works on one Warcraft expansion, they have the next 10 in mind and they're already working on the next.  
  • This is standard project management. A core team has probably been deployed to outline features for Redstone and start with laying the foundation, while the rest focuses on finishing Threshold. When Threshold is published they're probably going to move most people to Redstone and keep a smaller group on maintaining Threshold. It's pipelining. Products would take decades to finish if they were worked on one at a time.
  • Now it seems logical. I thought I'll get some snarky comments instead of proper reply but you explained well.
  • You don't have to be "working" on something to be "thinking" on it... While they are working in Win10 they could be thinking in some features that will take a long time to develop and they could be writing this features in a "To-Do" list for another update...
  • I hope they have got better continuity features for WP in their to do list. :P
  • Think of it this way: you're planning on baking a cake. You are currently gathering ingredients [technical preview], and the cake will finish baking this summer [Windows 10]. But once it's finished, you can still frost it [Redstone] and add icing/sprinkles [update afte redstone?], and even put on some candles [update after that, maybe even Windows 11?]. So the process is like a roadmap: you know you want to make a cake with icing and frosting and candles, but you're still baking the cake right now. It's not a bad idea to plan what kind of cake or what color frosting... it's an ongoing process. It's better to have a plan for a cake [setting goals for what they want in "redstone"] than just throwing random things in the kitchen into a bowl and hoping it turns into a beautiful cake.
  • That was a delicious explanation :D, now it seems to be a logical thing to do.
    And, btw are you a chef or something like that? ;)
  • I'm guessing he's not a chef if he thinks it takes all summer for a cake to bake...
  • As long as the cake is Carrot and the frosting is Cream Cheese based...Windows 10 will be a huge success.
  • I don't know.. MAybe a better analogy would the cake recipe itself. You have a recipe for a simple cake (w10) that is already delicious but being perfected. Now, you know you want to add icing (redstone) but you don't have all the ingredients yet. So you have a pretty good idea what your next batch will be. Then there's stuff like sprinkles (smaller updates) that you know should be there but just know you don't have the time to get/apply for a certain batch (relese)... maybe in a few months/years there will be some sort of delicious edible candles that melt on the cake (future updates). Stuff that isn't already in existense but will be implemented as soon as they're out there =p I know that's not perfect either and now I'm jhungry for some cake =/  
  • So? Blue was also in development before 8 was finished, Threshold also before 8.1 was finished. Besides Redstone is just in planning stage.
  • Of course they've started planning features that won't make it in the initial release of Windows 10. I guess some people just do not understand software development.
  • You're assuming you can easily add more people to work on the OS. You can only have one person coding a certain section of code. Throwing in more people won't get the job done any faster. Micrsooft has already decided which features will make the cut in this update and features that got left out will be included in the next update. So, they assigned people to start working on those features. This always happens. I guarantee that when windows 8 was released, people were already working on 8.1 and 10.
  • It sounds like Vista's management which was released before even the OEMs were ready.
  • Windows 10.1 in progress... :D
  • 10.10.10
  • 10.1.1
  • **off topic** .. Are there any apps that can help me import IPL fixtures to my phone calendar.?.
  • Or they wont have time to finish everything and they will let some features for next big update, just like they did with 8.0 and 8.1.
  • Again, no. The people planning new features are not the ones currently writing code for Windows 10.
  • This myth that Windows 8 wasn't finished needs to go. It was done. It just wasn't what people wanted. The things put in 8.1 were the result of overwhelming feedback AFTER 8 was released. Every company looks ahead while working on their current projects. If they didn't we'd get O.S. Updates spaced 5-7 years apart
  • I 100% agree with this. I haven't seen a single complaint about the stability or functionality of Windows 8. The complaints are all about UI changes that people decided was too different from windows 7 and didn't wnat to learn. The core of windows 8 is very solid. Windows 10 will use that same core, include some updates, and make some more changes to the UI to make it easier for windows 7 users to transition. After that, they will yearly just keep adding features that many people request. This will keep the OS fresh and they won't have to deal with headache of releasing a major updated every 3 years and have to deal with the complaining that always happens. If they change the UI gradually through updates, the complaining will be dimminished and people will have a chance to adjust.  
  • Of course. Who doesn't do this. Some companies will leave out features on purpose and add them later so that people are more inclined to buy the new hardware that is released in the following year.
  • Not really. They're still adding new features. We already know about some of them (such as Xbox streaming). This is probably just stuff they weren't able to fit on 10.
  • You know that Microsoft is run by more then 1 guy right? There are people inside Microsoft whose jobs are to plan projects. These guys finish a plan, in this case windows 10/threshold and move on to the next, redstone.
  • @wpkevin, no it is not. Windows 10 as they stated will be getting frequent updates as the model of shipping an o/s every couple of years is now confined to the history books.
  • Well what you just said contradicts your early statement: "More importantly, this signals that development of W10 is pretty much completed". If it was completed there wouldn't be any updates or bug fixes. :P.
  • I kinda thought that too. Maybe they have finished it, and just bring builds and improve things until the final release.
  • Minecraft
  • Thought the same
  • So redstone in minecraft is used energy for mechanisms and switches? How is that relevant to Windows as a OS? I can understand threshold for windows 10. But, I'm a bit lost with "redstone."
  • Codenames don't have to make sense.
  • Let me ask, what has windows to do anything with a software/OS ? I think you get my point
  • Is this the one that brings back a true tablet interface? Cos Windows 10 certainly isn't it.
  • I haven't used windows 10 yet, but isn't the interface pretty much the same as window 8 when you expand the start menu to full screen? I know it adds a side menu and a task bar, but that was empty space in windows 8. Those the addition of those things make the interface not useable on tablets?
  • No, similat in some ways but with new features.
  • The start screen is worse (especially the "all apps" view, which is now a bit like Windows Phone), there is no more multitasking gesture (instead, swiping from the left opens task view, no matter which gesture you use) and a bunch of other features that have been removed.
  • No, it isn't. Because the taskbar is always visible (so no full-screen apps atm), and the translucent start menu background is plain horrible and not acceptable as such. The app list is a scrolling nightmare. Why can't we just pin our tiles to the desktop (the retention of which is a major design fault, IMO)? This would also allow easy convergence with the mobile version, which is currently not visible.
  • I guess that would be better than the hopelessness that we currently face. After all, waiting for the first Service Pack was already the rule of thumb. So waiting on a tablet update until 2016 can be forgiven, as long as that update makes the touch interface better than Windows 8. No, as good as Windows 8 is not enough if you delay the introduction of proper touch features for a year, and dedicate an entire patch to it.
  • Confusing! But the only thing I know is that i should give up my HTC 8x after windows 10. That's for sure!
  • The day after Windows 10 is released......
  • Windows 12?
  • 10 climbed 12 lol
  • 10.1
  • And so it begins...
  • Coming soon.
  • Microsoft should focus on what is near , not what isn't
    This shit will fuck things up!
  • Then you dont kow how development works.
  • Are u kidding me?
  • Why do you think that it is a joke? It is how development works.
  • Get the threshold done 1st
  • so we again write apps for new windows 
  • Why would an upgrade, similar to a service pack, require rewriting new apps? If you want to take advantage of new APIs you add code to existing apps, but if you don't want to use those APIs then you don't need to do anything - existing apps will run unmodified. You claim to be an ASP dev, if Microsoft adds a new control to a new version of ASP, does that mean you have to completely rewrite your app and throw away old code? No, you don't. But if you were a REAL dev you would know this. Also notice that two different posts so close to each other replying to one another with the same fallacy? Same person trying to scare people away?
  • How many times are we going to have to rewrite apps?   Windows is called "SPRUCE GOOSE"
  • What make's you think you will need to rewrite apps? THey are not changes the core OS. They might add new features that you will want to include in your app. This happens with IOS and android as well. They add new features and developers have to plug in the API to get their app to work with those new features. Why would you complain about a company trying to expand their feature set?
  • FYI with every release of windows we have to retarget and release ... so  as a developer its a frustration for us ... you will understand if you are REAL developer
  • As a REAL developer (not an ASP dev), what you wrote is completely wrong. 32bit Windows 8 still runs 16 bit applications written and compiled for Windows 3.1, an operating system released 23 years ago. No recompiling. No redeploying. No retargeting. User installs and it works. Applications written with .NET 1.0 runs on the 4.5 .NET framework. Windows Phone 7 apps run on Windows Phone 8.1. But you would understand, if you were a REAL developer.
  • you know what stfu ... you have no idea ... 16bit 32bit ... idiot
  • Ahh yes, the "stick my fingers in my ears, start screaming, and call names" defense. The argument of intellectuals and those who know what they are really talking about.
  • That is the stupidest come back ever. Give it up, guy knows his shit, duh.
  • Silverlight WP will no longer run
    XNA games will, no longer run on WP10
    So you are just plain wrong, Microsoft has been depreciating previous run times, less than 5years old.
  • well if that's the case ... time to drop app writing for windows ... 
  • Pure FUD. Trying to scare people away with unfounded claims.
  • I've not developed for Windows 8 but I made a Windows Phone 7.5 app which hasn't been updated in a year and still runs perfectly fine on Windows Phone 8.1. No need to rewrite anything.
  • may  be not rewriting ... requires retargetting and releasing ... which is pain
  • Nope. Wrong again. I like how you are claiming that people who have apps in the store, apps that are being downloaded and used by people on newer versions of the OS, do not know what they are talking about. How many WP or WinRT apps have you written to gain all this experience and knowledge that you have to make such claims? BTW, I have apps on the WP and Win8 stores. ahumeniy is correct.
  • enjoy ignorance :) 
  • If you want your app to be a Universal App, you need to do some work, such as merging common code into one library. But if you have one app that runs today on WP then it will run on a WP10, and another app that runs today on Win8 then it will run on Win10 without being rewritten. And when have you ever needed to rewrite an app? Sure, porting a pure desktop application to the WinRT model required you to rewrite code. Moving a desktop app to WP required a rewrite. But you never had to rewrite a WP7 app to run on WP8.1. You never had to rewrite a WinRT 8.0 app to run on WinRT 8.1. And I run apps written for WinRT 8.0 that run on WinRT 10, no rebuilding, no changes necessary. Based on your first post here, your alias does not imply anything you say should be trusted.
  • C'mon Microsoft, stop screwing around!! Finish up 10 THEN focus on something else! I don't wanna hear thins time that they didn't have time to finish the new OS, ill be pissed!! And that'll probably be the straw that broke the camels back!! Where's my technical preview for phones for my two 1520's!!
  • News flash, Apple are already planning iOS10 and iOS11 while working on iOS9. It's called a roadmap and is perfectly natural in software development.
  • I don't want to hear it
  • And Cortana is still available to just few region, denying all other English speaking regions!
    Why can't they remove this region restrictions condition. Do it like what HERE Drive has done for those areas/countries/regions not yet fully covered, we are given a warning such that one would be using it knowing that you would encounter some errors.
  • There will be a wide spread roll out for Cortana later this year, it was stated in the reuters article a few weeks. As usual most people didn't read it fully.
  • Why do people on this site not understand that MS has 100,000 employees and that the OS and subsequent updates are not being done by one dude in a basement? People here are so shortsighted. :-/
  • This! The problem is that these leaks create unwarranted speculation in people not wary of how software development works.
  • Probably people that a) dont know how the things works, or b) trolls.
  • And dramatic... I think that is people. They want chaos and pandemonium or something... Not every app developer is leaving Windows Phone and they have to plan updates way in advance.  Could it actually be that Microsoft knows more about what they are trying to do and wanting to do than the general forum/story watcher? Na... Windows 10 is done and incomplete. /s
  • I can kind of excuse the ignorance about software development but the drama is getting to be ridiculous. A fraction of apps out of hundreds of thousands have been pulled and now the whole of MS is crashing and burning. It's just crazy logic.
  • Kids these days.
    Redstone was the name of the US' first rockets used to send the first US satellite and US astronauts into space and also used for the first US nuclear missile. I wonder where Microsoft intended on taking the name from, if at all.
  • Also the name of a military installation in Alabama.
  • Wait for the next Episode...
  • Just 10 for phones ok?
  • So the codenames for the next two versions in 2017 and 2018, could be something with yellow and green in their names, so that we have all four (old) windows colors back together
  • Yup. Microsoft definitely owns Minecraft.
  • Way to use those 100,000 employees to make the OS the best and most popular in the world! Just get windows 10 done properly as they promised!
  • Wha makes you think that Windows 10 development is stopped? 
  • i have no clue what the problem with most commenters here is: of course there are intenal plans for whats coming after windows 10. especially there will be features who won't make it until rtm of win 10. so it makes absolutly sense to give the next windows version a name, so everyone nows what they are talking about. that easy! it doen't mean that there are big ressouces allocated to redstone yet.
  • Yeaah, John please state this in the article
  • I think that Windowscentral should make some explanation with this kind of news, mainly because the kind of people who read the site news.
  • Poor planning of resources!
    Don't give half cooked Dal- Chawal to eat,it tastes awful!
    Same with OS!
  • Why don't you lend some of your Gyaan to Microsoft? /s
  • Redstone "Minecraft" :)
  • Android offers a new os every year and so should Microsoft. I dont understand all the drama anyway. I'm perfectly content using whatever version comes with each device. Then buy a new phone get the latest software/ firmware preinstalled. Works great. Tech junkies are victims of obsessive/compulsive disorder and damned proud of it.
  • People here are so immature.  They are NOT DONE with Windows 10. ​As a business, they have to plan for the future.  Just like how Windows 10 was already in initial discussions before Windows 7.  A company has to prioritize.  Since Windows 10 launch is coming soon, any changes that are not part of Windows 10 scope will be in the next version.  There's still lots of time but also lots of progress to be made before release and Windows 10 is still their primary focus.   Just because there's a INTERNAL discussions of the next version, it just means they are prioritizing and prepparing for the future so Windows 10 is a high-quality OS and not delayed, especially since there's a lot hype riding on this release that they can't risk a bad release anymore.
  • If W10 needs any huge updates, it will get flamed in tech media. Which is the single worst thing that can happen. We need a killer OS, not a work in progress.
  • Every OS, all of them, are getting updates, OS X (do you know what Panther, Tiger, lion, Yosemite, etc mean?) linux, iOS (there are several updates for each new version), Android, etc. You are totally wrong with your comment.
  • You are not getting it. W10 is NOT ready, honestly I can't see how they want to fix the loose ends till end of summer. Not even talking about new features or cancelled features.
  • Well they sure haven't finished windows 10 yet. My tablet is mostly unusable at the moment due to the start menu not showing up.
  • And how is it relevant? Do you know how it works? What about the tech that will be released later and cant be added to Windows 10? Try to think before posting.
  • Yes we can use redstone torch and levers.
  • windows 10.1
  • As an IT admin whose using azure, I really hope we see windows as a service someday..  
  • I think you will appreciate this article then :) great read http://redmondmag.com/articles/2015/04/01/subscription-model.aspx
  • It means w10 is feature locked and they are just finishing on them. Any other features will appear in Redstone. Lets hope Build has more interesting features to offer because now it's kind of disappointing. Where are the interactive live tiles that are long promised. And we need calling and texting integration between phone and desktop.
  • I'm with you on the interactive live tiles.
  • what has shocked me the most is how well the interactive live tiles worked in that video! I mean it looked almost finished for the default windows apps, Its been like a year almost, I thought it would be held as a huge surprise for windows 10 and nope nothing yet -_-
  • Many developers in a company ate specialized in certain types of development and when their work on Windows 10 it's complete they need to start working on what's next. It's not like you should take a kernel developer and put them on apps since its a misuse of resource. Big companies always strive for parallel development, it's the only way to get out annual releases on something as complex as Windows and as importantly keep your developers always busy on something. Of the millions of pieces of feedback they have received some are prioritized for now and some will be next otherwise they couldn't ever ship a product on time
  • So when do want them to start work on the next big update? September? Nothing new here work on new updates start months in advance. To me this means they are fine tuning windows 10 for RTM
  • Redstone = brand new, usable tablet mode; we heard you a.s.o!
  • This thread epitomizes how ignorant humans are. You don't have any facts, yet you jump to wild, emotional conclusions about Windows 10. Read Mary Jo Foley's article, which has a lot more detail, and calm down: http://www.zdnet.com/article/microsofts-redstone-an-update-to-windows-10...  
  • Hey Microsoft can we fix the start menu back to the first version of the TP before proceeding with this? Thanks!
  • What else could we want in our os to be honest
  • There are always room for improvements, performance, usability, functionality, support for new standards etc. This is needed now more than ever given the velocity of change in the high tech world.
  • Support for new devices? New technology? Lol...
  • 'All these lazy app developers would be absolutely INSANE to ignore Windows once Redstone drops!!!!' Did I get that about right?  
  • Yeah pretty much, but that's what happens when you rush things like they have.
  • So kinda like 10.1 ?
  • Let windows 10 come first. Then we will see redstone or whatever color the stone be of
  • I think in this major version Microsoft should be replace BSOD screen on the  awseome picture like this http://lafozi.com/us-en/detail/microsoft-windows/
  • Let me just go hit myself on the head with a REDSTONE!!
    So win10 still pending official release & lots of bugs to fix & you say the next version for a supposed next year release is already in the works??
    & damn leaks, raising expectations only to be ultimately having them squished like a bug(insect not the computer version)
  • Lol!
  • Well where's w10 for phones for the majority of other devices?
  • Hopefully it will fix Windows 10 "tablet" mode
  • I'm really getting sick of this crap!... First its been TWO whole months since a wp10 tp build has been released, and now I fear that windows 10 as a whole won't be full featured OS as they promised! All this Redstone crap is an excuse for Microsoft to release ANOTHER version of windows that will be missing some key things then tell us all they they ran out of time just like they did with WP8. I've been there with Microsoft since the beginning, and this is officially the last chance they have in my book to make things right. I've convinced so many of my friends to switch to windows phone but some are still asking when are other features coming to the platform!? All I can say is "wait for 10"! Sheesh!! C'mon Microsoft, get your shit right! And gabe aul can go run into a wall!! Tired of waiting for him to tell us that there "isn't any build today"..... For two freakin months!!!
  • Sorty but your comment is so stupid, it is not a new windows version, re read the news, it will be an update.
  • True that!
  • So its like "denim" and "cyan" in windows phone 8.1
  • We are totally doomed
  • And that, kids, how I never met the developers. -____-
  • So, when Google announces the name of the next Android version do Android users get mad and say that the current version will be half-baked?
  • When Google announces the next Android iteration, the current iteration is considered feature complete. So does MSFT. The problem is: W10 is not ready and not sufficient, TBH. In the current form, it will not been rolled out with quite a lot business ITs I know, because of being incompatible with corporate policy (every search web search? Really?).
  • Why would they complain when their apps are being updated regularly and enjoying vast features not yet present in WP? Enlighten me.
  • So it's kind of like Service Pack? Except of every update in a pack, it's just one big one that takes just the same amount of time to install as a Service Pack? Neat....
  • Mango update, tango update , 8.0 its NT core .. Same build as windows 8 ground up.... , no its 8.1 Cortana , hang on it's wp10 universal apps, no its the Redstone .. That will change everything, it will be a game changer
  • Lol!
  • Meaning Redstone update may bring Windows 10 support for Windows RT?
  • Cool
  • Windows 10 service pack 1
  • Forget about the update codename for 2016.  I am dying to know the codename for the Windows update in 2018!!!   /s