Resident Evil 2 guide: How to get the machine gun and upgrades

So you've made it to the S.T.A.R.S Office and got to see that beautiful MQ 11 on the rack in the weapon's room. That gun is made for spraying bullets, killing enemies faster, and giving you an out when you find yourself stuck in a life-threatening situation. This gun is only available for Claire's story.

Note: This guide may contain location-based spoilers.

How to find Claire's MQ 11 machine gun in Resident Evil 2

Note: If you have not reached the parking garage of the Police Station and witnessed the cutscene at the door then you are not ready to get the machine gun.

  1. Trigger the cutscene by interacting with the Parking Garage Ticket Machine.
  2. Start by looking at the Parking Garage Door. Go right, down the steps, and through the door. (This door will not be unlocked until after the cutscene.)
  3. Grab the Map off of the wall to your right.
  4. Go back to the Parking Garage, go up the steps, make a left, and head out of the door towards the next hallway.

  1. Make a right and head towards the Kennell. (There are Lickers in this hallway AND in the Kennel, make sure you have what you need or run really fast.)
  2. Go through the kennel and out the door on the other side. Once you get into the Hallway make a left and enter the door directly ahead of you. This is the Morgue.

  1. Go to the left-hand side of the Morgue and open the chute that is 2 slots away from the wall. Open it up and remove the Diamond Key from the body. (All of the zombies in the room, including the ones inclosed, will now wake up.)

  1. Go back to the Elevator Control Room and use the Diamond Key to unlock the door on the left. Go inside, collect your loot, and pull the lever on the desk.
  2. Head out of the control room, make a left and take the elevator up. When you reach your destination follow the hallway and you'll end up in the Chief's Office.
  3. Go out the door to the right of the Heart Door. Make a right, follow the hallway, make a left, and go into the door directly ahead. This is the Private Collection Room.

  1. Walk all the way around the room by following the loop to the right. You'll see a desk with a picture on it, grab that picture.

  1. Examine the picture from your inventory and remove the Heart Key from the back of it.

  1. Head back to the Chief's Office use the Heart Key to unlock the Heart Door. There are steps directly in front of you. Take them down.
  2. Make a right and follow the hallway. The first door on the right is the Interrogation Room, go inside.

  1. Collect all the things inside of this room that you want BEFORE you grab the box. As soon as you grab the box a Licker will jump through the window.

  1. Go into your inventory and combine the jewel from the septer with the box and recieve the S.T.A.R.S. Badge. (Don't have the septer? There are instructions below!)

  1. Examine the badge from your inventory and press the button on the back to turn it into a USB Dongle Key.

  1. Leave the interrogation room, go down the hallway, and get back to the stairs. Take them up two flights and get to the Third Floor. Take the first door on your left to the Balcony.
  2. Once outside go left, head down the steps, go slightly right and all the way to the building directly ahead of you to find the lever on your left. Pull that lever.

  1. Go back up the steps that you came from and head back to the ladder you took from the balcony. There is a lever just to the left of that ladder. Pull that lever.
  2. Go into the door to the left of the Helicopter Crash. As soon as you loop around the Hallway the Tyrant will start chasing you. Lure him down to the first lever you pulled so you have more room to run around him. Do not waste bullets trying to attack him. Even if you "kill" him he will respawn. He's chasing you for the rest of your stay here at the Police Station so as you complete the next few steps make sure you're crafty about the paths you take and don't stop running.

  1. Follow the path in this map I've drawn. It's all areas you've been to so they should be unlocked. EVEN IF you've already solved the Library puzzle this is the safest route. Yeah, we're taking a long way.

  1. Continue onto the path I've drawn here to get through the Second Level. Once you make it to the stairs take them up to the second level. Follow this path to get to the S.T.A.R.S. Office.

  1. Go left and insert your USB Dongle Key into the computer. Then interact with the screen to unlock the door.

  1. Grab that beautiful gun.

There you have it! Go into the weapons cache and get your prize! Just a little note here: If you run fast and hard enough the Tyrant will not follow you to the S.T.A.R.S. office. If he does you can stun him with a significant amount of damage that will leave him "dead" for a little while, but he will always get back up. Try not to waste too many bullets.

How to get the Machine Gun upgrades in Resident Evil 2

  1. To grab the Suppressor (MQ11) for the machine gun, unlock the Goddess Statue, take the elevator down, and go all the way to the basement level of the steps.
  2. There's a display case that you unlock with your S.T.A.R.S. Badge. If it's still a USB Dongle Key all you have to do is re-examine the item and press the button on the back to turn it back into a badge.

  1. Insert that as a key to the display case to pick up the upgrade.

How to get the scepter in Resident Evil 2

To get the bejeweled box open you'll need the gem from the scepter. Without it, you can't get the S.T.A.R.S. Badge. No badge, no gun. I don't make the rules.

  1. Go up both sets of steps in the Main Hall and take the door on the left-hand side to get to the Library.

  1. As soon as you enter head for the first table on your right. You don't have to kill any zombies or freak out. Just grab the Red Book off of the table and go back into the Main Hall.
  2. Follow the path on the map I've provided to get to the Art Room. Once there make a right and grab the Statue Hand on the crate next to the statue.

  1. Combine the Hand and the book from inside of your inventory.
  2. Attach the newly combined item to the statue.
  3. Grab the Scepter out of the statue's hand.
  4. Examine the Scepter in your inventory to turn it into a red gemstone.

  1. Now you can use that gemstone with the bejeweled box to unlock the badge!

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