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Cryptic puzzles and secret caches of goodies have long been a staple in the Resident Evil franchise, and Resident Evil Village is no exception. As you navigate Ethan Winters through the hostile environments of the game, you'll come across a series of padlocks that require six-digit codes. Here are the solutions to every lock combination in Resident Evil Village.

Village Workshop

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After leaving the castle and talking to Duke about your next objective, you'll be tasked with tracking down a house in the village with a red chimney. Unfortunately, the path to this building is blocked by a small tractor. A small way up the hill from this obstruction will be the village workshop where you'll find the tool needed to lift this tractor. Unfortunately, it's locked in a cabinet that requires a six-digit code. On one of the workbenches in this building you'll find a photograph with the text "look outside" written on the back. Here you'll find the three sets of numbers needed to open the cabinet and grab the lift handle. Be prepared for a good ol' fashioned jump scare as you're looking out the window though.

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House Beneviento

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Our next lock combination appears in the haunting halls of House Beneviento. After you've encountered Donna and had all of your weapons stripped away, you'll need to examine the Mia mannequin on the operating table in the center of this room. On the left hand of this mannequin you'll find a bloody wedding ring. Examine the hand and remove the ring. On the opposite shoulder you'll find a silver key hidden in a removeable compartment. Grab this key and make your way to room across from the mannequin's head to clean the wedding ring in the sink. Engraved on the inside of the ring will be the code needed for this lock combination.

Maestro's Collection

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The final lock combination in Resident Evil Village is also the only optional one in the game. When you were exploring the village searching for the red chimney, you may have come across a house that was locked with a distinctive violin shaped symbol next to the door. As you're leaving House Beneviento, you'll find the key with a violin hanging off it needed to unlock this building on the table of a structure on top of a hill on the left where you'll find a typewriter and the ball puzzle for this area. Grab this key and make your way back to the locked house. In the back corner of this building you'll find a locked cabinet. The solution for this combination is on a child's drawing hanging on the wall of the kitchen as you first enter.

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