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As our devices become more powerful, packing more electronics into the tiny black slabs we've become so fond of; many of us are finding that we have to find creative ways to conserve our batteries in order to make it through the whole day without being force to recharge.

Freedom (the company) has given us several products that add functionality to our handhelds without adding limitations. Their keychain GPS solutions (Keychain GPS and Keychain GPS 2000) have both earned rave reviews. Freedom's Mobile Power ($49.95 from the WMExperts store) is a self contained power charger that features a 1800mAh battery and male and female mini USB ports. The idea is that the charger is something you can carry around with you and plug in if you need an extra boost through the day.

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This is really a flawless concept. I love having the ability to carry a charger in a backpack or pocket and be able to charge my phone wherever I am without having to be attached to a wall or car.


This charger packs an 1800mAh battery into a compact, lightweight aluminum case that is easy to fit into a pocket. A cap on one side reveals male and female mini USB ports for charging your phone and charging the charger itself. The charger is magnetized and allows the cap to be held on the bottom end, but not as securely as a lanyard or snap on type design would have permitted.


Freedom suggests that this charger should give you 2 full charges, but I would think between 1 and 2 would be more reasonable. Charging the charger's battery from a full discharge should take around 4 hours. Charging the charger and your phone at the same time is possible by “daisy chaining” the two devices together.

I did have some trouble getting this charger to work with my Tilt, although I tested with several other devices (including another Tilt) and everything else worked perfectly, so I don't believe that the problem was with the charger. My Tilt does work with other mini USB chargers however so it does give me reason to offer this word of caution.


I really like this little device because it's such a great concept; but there are a couple of things that make me hesitant. I would have liked to see the cap actually snap on to the back of the charger to prevent it getting lost. This charger to me is all about making it easy to use while mobile, and you shouldn't have to keep track of the cap so you don't lose it. The fact that this charger is more expensive than some of its competitors is a bummer, but I think it's worth the price.

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Ratings (out of 5)Concept: 4Design: 3Performance: 4Overall: ProsCompact designConsCap isn't retained very well when not in use
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