Review: Smartphone Experts Screen Protectors for HTC Touch Pro2

I’m one of those people that made sure I hit my local AT&T store on October 18th to make sure I got my AT&T Tilt 2. There are so many things that make HTC’s Touch Pro2 devices great that I had to have one. One of those things is the screen. It’s just amazing, especially coming from the original AT&T Tilt. The downside of having that 3.6” WVGA flush mounted screen is that it gets scratched very easily, even through normal daily use. The answer to this problem is of course a screen protector such as the ones offered by Smartphone Experts.

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Screen protectors for a device like the Touch Pro2 are almost a no-brainer. For a device that costs hundreds of dollars, has a large screen that is not recessed or protected in any way; a set of three screen protectors for $12.95 is just a good investment.

Ease of Use

Applying the screen protectors is extremely easy. The first step of the process is simply wiping the screen clean. There isn’t a cloth or anything provided for this step, but you should be able to find something around your house that will do the job. Something soft and clean that isn’t going to scratch your screen from the get-go is crucial. Step 2 is to peel the back off of the screen protector. The product itself has an adhesive backing that allows it to stay attached to your screen. The last step is to simply apply the protector to the screen and make sure to get all of the bubbles out from between the two.


The Screen protectors do not noticeably reduce the clarity of your screen, but they do reduce the glare that often affects how easy your display is to read. The protector itself is almost a perfect fit on the Touch Pro2 and actually covers everything except the buttons at the bottom and the earpiece and LEDs at the top. The other thing that is really cool about these screen protectors is that they are washable and re-usable. The adhesive doesn’t become gummy or leave a residue on your screen.


These screen protectors are almost a no-brainer to me. The Touch Pro2’s screen is one of its best features, but it is also one of the most fragile attributes. Having a set of reusable screen protectors is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to protect your investment. Make your way over to the WMExperts store and get yours now.

Note: This review is based off of using this product with the AT&T Tilt 2. I can’t guarantee the fit on other versions of the Touch Pro 2, though the packaging indicates that it is compatible with the Sprint and Verizon Models. If you’re using this product already, let us know in the comments!

Tim Ferrill
  • No where in this review did you mention the #1 reason people *don't* use screen protectors, and that does the screen protector affect the usability of the phone? Does it make the screen less responsive, and, is that detramental to the use of the phone?
  • I did mention that it doesn't affect the clarity, but didn't mention how it affects the sensitivity of the screen. There change is noticeable, but it doesn't make the screen unusable at all. You do have to push a little bit harder, but it's still perfectly usable with a stylus or finger.
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  • Feel free to buy some of your own and post a review in the forums!
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  • DOH! Fixed.
  • Is it me or does the final image make it look like there's a huge air-bubble seam all around the screen area? If so, I take it this picture was done right after installation; what does it look like 24-72hrs or more, later?
  • Good eye, this did not go away over time. It seems to be because there is a slight curve around the edge of the screen where it transitions into the bezel. I haven't had any issues with dust or debris getting under the edges, but I could see where this could be cause for alarm.
  • So I went with the more expensive "Clear Protector, Invisible Armour" purchased on ebay. It was $9.95 for 1 screen protector that, when installed correctly should last for the life of the device...we'll see about that. I will say that the installation, which required a mixture of water and dish soap, did go well. It took a few trys, but I got it into visually perfect position and used credit card and paper towel to remove the excess air and water. YOU DON'T NEED MUCH WATER...and there is cute little disclaimer after the instructions that says in effect, "mixing electronic devices with water can be BAD...we're not responsible if you drown your device"! But so far I'm impressed. Lets see what happens in a couple of weeks!
  • This is the perfect solution for Touch Pro 2 of the enemy. I installed with issues and not a plan to arrange another "just in case" as a back up. It would be great if this came in the package 3.